Stop the Reckless Spending, Obama!

From GrassfireNation:
We have reached the tipping point. With our nation perilously hanging on the very edge of financial ruin President Obama is endorsing a budget that dramatically increases government spending, adds an additional $2 trillion in tax increases over the next decade, and pushes our national debt to a sobering and almost incomprehensible $18.57 trillion in just the next ten years!
Even more troubling is the grim reality that our nation is being swallowed up by an ever-rising tide of interest — from $188 billion in interest in 2010, to an unsustainable $840 billion in 2020.
The newest numbers from the Treasury on the fiscal year 2010 federal budget deficit are staggering:

  • A record $220.9 billion deficit in February alone.
  • For every dollar in taxes and other revenues the federal government took in, the government SPENT $3.05.
  • Five-month deficit total: $651.6 billion, more than 10% higher than last year’s record.
  • The five-month total is larger than any YEAR in American history prior to 2009.
  • The FY2010 budget deficit is now projected to be $1.56 trillion AFTER stealing from the Social Security Trust fund.
  • The Congressional Budget Office projects that interest payments on the debt will total $916 BILLION annually by the end of the decade.

Without swift action, this reckless spending will almost certainly lead to radicalized government policy that includes hyper-inflation, hyper-taxation, and hyper-statism. If you are concerned about government spending, please consider signing the “Stop the Spending” petition by going HERE.

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10 years ago

I can’t remember if I posted this here before or not, but it applies, I think:

10 years ago

This government is completely out of control.
We have to get these commies out of power, and soon, or we’ve had it.
It might be too late already, given the Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid train wreck that is looming, and an economy that is failing, not recovering as is being reported by the SCM morons.
We’re in seriously deep doo-doo, and it’s getting deeper with each passing day.