Stop the presses! Moochelle says THIS is the greatest threat to national security

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Forget about Muslims rampaging, burning American flags, attacking our embassies and consulates, and torturing/killing our diplomats in countries across the Middle East and now the world. Those are not the greatest threats to America’s national security!

America’s First Lady knows what’s the greatest threat to our national security!

Moochie walks Bo on the South Lawn of the White House, June 14, 2009. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

In December 2010, quoting Pentagon leaders that “more than one in four young people are unqualified for military service because of their weight,” Moochie said, “Childhood obesity isn’t just a public health issue, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well.”

On September 12, 2012, the day after a Muslim horde of 2,000 attacked the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Dr. Oz on his daytime TV talk show asked Moochie if she really meant it when she said obesity is the greatest threat to U.S. national security.

She said: “Absolutely. Shocking information, I do a lot of work with military families, and spend a lot of time on military bases and the the number one thing that prevents young people from the ages of 17 to 24 qualifying for the military is obesity.”

H/t The Blaze


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0 responses to “Stop the presses! Moochelle says THIS is the greatest threat to national security

  1. The last time I saw anything like that, I was hunting in the Adirondacks and some dogs were chasing a garbage dump bear.

  2. Has she looked in a mirrow lately? She’s no Twiggy!

  3. No Moochie …. the greatest threat to national security is you and your husband.

  4. Obesity? How about when a high percentage can’t even pass the intelligence tests?

  5. Tell that to the NATO soldiers killed in the sandbox today.

    That’s all I can say at this point without using many bad words…

  6. I think she ought to get on a scale!

  7. This fat pig does not care about kids The reason she started with the kids was to indoctrinate them into Socialism. Wonder how long it took the painters to spray paint those pants on that huge FAT rear of hers. She has her nerve discussing obesity, just ask Paula Deen about Moo’s eating habits. LOL


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