Stop Puerto Rico Becoming 51st Welfare State!

Dear friends of Fellowship:
URGENT:  If you believe U.S. statehood should be approved by U.S. citizens,
T h e n  say “NO” to Puerto Rico as the 51st state! 
Urge Congress to VOTE “NO” ON H.R. 2499 – PUERTO RICO DEMOCRACY ACT!” scheduled for a House Vote  – TODAY – April 29, 2010!
To read more about this rigged bill and the disastrous implications for taxpayers, GO HERE.
This is a hugely misunderstood bill and an uphill battle for those against the Left’s Agenda –
Of the 181 co-sponsors, 58 are Republicans and 16 are (what we used to call) “Blue Dog” Democrats –  most are unaware of the implications of its passage!
we must FAX 74 Representatives to tell them “NO” to statehood for Puerto Rico
A woman in California has a great fax service and she has a fax already written on the House’s rigged bill to make Puerto Rico the 51st welfare state. She has identified the 74 Congress people who must vote “no” to stop this bill. The URL for the fax service is or CLICK HERE.  
It takes $9.00 and 3 minutes to make a difference!
Just press or CLICK HERE. I just did. You’ll be asked to pay your $9 with your PayPal account. You’ll also be asked to designate which organization you would like to receive 10% of your $9. My choice is the Arizona TEA Party group who supports the Immigration Law:
After you’ve paid, you’ll be redirected back to the Center for American Responsibility website to send off your faxes.

You must do this NOW because the House is voting on this TODAY.

Please do this for America.


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10 years ago

As I understand it, this silently passed! Not even discussed on CBS for example. There is no question that something this serious, even a resolution in its infant stages, must be placed as a vote for the American people. Once again, under the current regime, the American people do not matter.