Stop Demonizing Conservatives!

For us, CNN Anderson Cooper’s interview badgering of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the last straw. We’ve had it with the left-wing biased MSM. They are part of the problem. By refusing to investigate Obama’s questionable opaque background, they helped elect the Punk.
Here’s one thing we can do. Sign the Media Research Center’s petition.
~Eowyn & Steve

Media Research Center Petition

Demand the Media End Their Attack Campaign Against Conservatives …
With the war of ideas lost, the Left and their propaganda arm – the liberal media – are now waging a relentless war against conservatives and conservative ideas. Unable to ignore the growing number of Americans that describe themselves as conservative, the liberal media are now trying to demonize and discredit all freedom-loving Americans that oppose their leftist policies. Void of any journalistic ethics and free from any accountability, the liberal media have been ruthlessly attacking conservatives as violent, racist hate-mongers in order to help the President and Congress push through their big-government agenda.
In recent weeks, the liberal media have targeted …

  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Sean Hannity
  • Sarah Palin
  • Glenn Beck
  • Tea Party protestors
  • Citizens of Arizona opposed to illegal immigration

Over the last year, the Media Research Center has been monitoring and painstakingly tracking these and other attacks on conservatives, and we’ve noticed a startling increase in both the number and savagery of these liberal character assaults.
In an effort to confront and counter these assaults, the MRC has launched a national grassroots petition to mobilize citizens eager to put the liberal media on notice – demanding an end to these vicious smears. Over the next 30 days the MRC expects to rally at least 50,000 conservatives who are offended by these attacks and the lack of accountability by the left-wing media. Gathered petitions will be delivered directly to media outlets pointing out the bias and calling for a public apology and an immediate end to the attacks.

The Petition States:

I am greatly offended by the behavior and actions of the liberal media, and find it reprehensible that conservatives are being relentlessly attacked by a media that are expected to cover the news in a fair and impartial manner.
I am signing this petition to express my outrage at the liberal media for their flagrant efforts to demonize and marginalize conservatives and conservative ideas. Such efforts reveal a blatant and dangerous bias against conservative citizens that cannot be tolerated.
I have added my name to this petition calling for:


  • An end to hate-inspired character attacks against conservatives.
  • A philosophical change from propagandizing to actually offering balanced
    and fair coverage of the facts.
  • Formal apologies to those who have been targeted unfairly by these attacks.


To sign the petition, CLICK HERE.


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