Stop blaming racism for your own bad behavior!

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On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous speech, I Have a Dream, in which he said:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Sadly, half a century later, Dr. King’s dream remains an aspiration to be fulfilled. Too many black Americans and their allies on the Left are still relying on the “color of their skin,” scapegoating anyone who judges “the content of their character” with the noxious label of “racist.”

My bud Mark S. McGrew sent me this outstanding essay by Rev. Sam Sewell. He urges that y’all send this post to:

That’s the special email address that Eric Holder and the Department of Injustice so thoughtfully set up for all patriotic Americans to send in their “tips” on George Zimmerman, whom a jury acquitted last Saturday. DOJ wants your “tips” so that the Obama regime can sic him with federal civil rights charges — even though the DOJ’s own FBI has found no evidence that Zimmerman is racist.



No Matter What Color You Are

By Rev. Sam Sewell

We need to begin accepting that there is an underclass of people who are racist, criminal, use more than they produce, feed at the public trough, produce fatherless children, see themselves as victims, use dangerous drugs, promote prostitution, whose speech is full of vulgarities and reeks of ignorance, and hate white Americans. Gee, who could that class of people be? Do we have a name for them? Or is the name unspeakable?

Quote from a Psychology Professor I once had;  “People are not who you think they are. People are not who they think they are. People are what they do. That is why this is called the behavioral science”. Forget the labels. They are all misleading. Pay attention to the behavior. Describe these people according to their behavior and all the racist politics dissolve into the nothingness from which they came. The word “racist” was invented by democrats to buy votes.

No Matter What Color You Are:

If you participate in criminal behavior you are a criminal and you don’t deserve to be treated as an equal with law abiding citizens.

If your demographic group commits more crime than other demographic groups you will be looked upon with suspicion even if you personally are not a criminal.

If your demographic group has a large number of dysfunctional families your children will not be well adjusted nor do well in school or the workplace.

If your demographic group has a large percentage of “fatherless” children your culture is sick and does not deserve equality.

If your demographic group has a high drop-out rate for high school you are not the equal of educated people.

If your demographic group uses illegal drugs and abuses alcohol you will not be the equal of sober responsible people.

If you cannot properly read, write, and speak the language of your country do not expect equal treatment when you apply for a job or interact with those who are fluent with the primary language.

If you behave hatefully toward other demographic groups you will not be respected.

If you use more than you produce or accept handouts you are of no value to your society and cannot expect to be treated as an equal.

If your demographic group makes up 12% of the population and accounts for 49% of all homicides, and if  93%  of those murders a committed by other people in  the same demographic group, your group is pathologically violent and should not be seen as equal to other less violent groups.

If it is safer to be in the military than in your neighborhood, enlist now.  If you get through boot camp you will be treated as an equal.

If you are blaming other people for your dysfunctional behavior you have serious psychological problems and don’t deserve to be treated as an equal.

Equity doesn’t come to you because of your color, no matter what it is.  Laws cannot bestow equality, no matter how much politicians will lie to you to get your vote.  You will be respected because of your behavior.  You will be equal when your behavior is equal to other people in the nation.

There are dozens of demographic studies that have not been cited above, but make the same point.  Don’t blame your color for your lack of equality.  Blame your own behavior.

The good news is that there is a way out.  You do have equal opportunity.  Change your behavior and you will leave your demographic group behind and become an equal.

You may be right that “simple will power” is not adequate to reverse decades of social pathology. But I do know that validating pathology and subsidizing it will prevent any tactic from being efficacious. The sub culture we are discussing is sick to its core. However, the solution is available within this very same demographic group. Not everybody is sick. One of the most valuable areas of research for epidemiologists is studying those who don’t get sick. How are the functional people in this demographic group behaving?  Mostly they succeed because of hard work, good values, and responsible living. And that is a universal recipe for success and is not confined to any demographic group. Those are the nongovernmental solutions that can heal a sick society.

Blaming the pathology on other people is not a solution.

Blaming the pathology on history is not a solution.


Rev. Sam Sewell is Director of Best Self USA, a Pastoral Psychotherapist who serves on the faculty of Naples Community Hospital as an instructor for Clinical Pastoral Education; President of the Theological Centeer in Naples; a member of Mensa where he serves as Gifted Youth Coordinator; a U.S. Navy Veteran; and a Member of the Association For Intelligence Officers. He is a frequent commentator on mental health and religious issues. His award winning research on family issues is published in several languages. Member of Sigma Delta Chi Honor Society.

First Counseling help is available in the privacy of your own home: Best Self USA

Nationwide 800-850-1987;  Local (Naples, FL) 239-591-4565

The staff at the Best Self USA can help you become the best you can be!

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0 responses to “Stop blaming racism for your own bad behavior!

  1. Great post, Dr. Eowyn!

    We could all look for something to blame for our circumstances. Maybe it’s our age, or weight, or sex, or religion… and of course the grand daddy of them all, our race.

    All these things come into play. I’m not born into the Rockefeller family, so it’s my humble start. I think I’ll join the Occupy Wall Street organization, and protest against the rich man!

    Oh… What’s that you say? Really? John Rockefeller was born into a poor family, with an absentee father?

    Okay, what else can I use? Yes! I’m Irish, and my people came here to escape starvation, and were oppressed by the Americans of English descent!!!

    What a minute… How many American Presidents claim Irish heritage?

    Okay… think, think, think,

    BLACK IRISH!!! That’s it!!! I’m not a blue eyed, Swedish looking descendant of the “old sod”. I’m an olive skinned, dark eyed Irishman, likely connected to the survivors of the Spanish Armada that sank in a storm off the Irish coast!

    No, that won’t do. I don’t have brown eyes. They’re hazel, and 2 of my siblings have grey eyes and light hair.

    Gee Wizzzzz!!! Trying to find a free ride on the backs of the tax payer is really hard work!!! 😀

    • Thanks, TD!

      Maybe the wind is changing. Many white and even some black Americans are sick of the Left’s reflexive, default-mode accusations of racism. According to a recent Rasmussen survey, more Americans view blacks — instead of whites or Hispanics — as racist. Even liberals (21%) see most black Americans as racist. Even Democrats (29%) see most black Americans as racist. Even black Americans (1 out of every 3!) think most blacks are racist. In fact more blacks (31%) think most blacks are racist than blacks (24%) who think most whites are racist.

      Crying “Wolf! Racism!” does have a shelf life.

      • blowing nose

        But I like my pet excuses! They’re my friends!

      • That was wonderful! I have been reading from a book called “White Slaves.” It is the story of Irish nationals, who were removed from Ireland and sent by the British, to become slaves of plantation owners, before the importation of African slaves. Our school books say these folks were “indentured servants,” but according to many historical records this was not true–they were slaves, who lived in slavery their entire lives after arriving in America. After the importation of Africans to work on plantations, the Africans were more highly valued than the Irish–because of the high cost of Africans. You could purchase an Irish slave for perhaps 10 to 15% of what an African slave cost a plantation owner. This book cites a passenger who was to sail on a ship, he noticed black slaves loading bales of hay into the hold of a ship. They were hap-hazardly throwing the bales into the hold. The passenger asked the ship’s captain why these men were working in a manner than put at risk the workers (slaves) that were down in the hold on the “receiving end” of the bales. The captains reply, “It’s okay, it’s just Irish–If we loose a few of those it’s not a great loss!” (I am paraphrasing here.) It’s interesting to note that blacks were not the only slaves in the American colonies. I myself, was always taught that the only other slaves were “indentured servants” who had a much better life here in America!

  2. Bad people do bad things… despite what the politically correct say. Judge people individually by the content of their character.

  3. Reverend Sewell has made one of the most reasonable statements on the human condition that I have seen. This is America. We all have opportunities. If a person doesn’t like the town he lives in or the people he is around he can leave.
    If the readers agree with what he says, please send it to everyone you know.

  4. and now…. the president will speak… and fan those poor black racist flames!

  5. Martin Luther King’s dream HAS come true. His people ARE judged by their character, and it stinks. Rev. Sewell’s statements should be a mandatory first class of the day in school lesson for all black students. They need to know they will never be accepted anywhere as long as they are acting like wild crazed savages. Black politicians need Rev. Sewell’s message too.

  6. White people no longer believe that they are guilty of oppressing blacks. Many whites believe that blacks should be grateful that white people stopped slavery.
    Ultra short history lesson on slavery in America –

    Of all 1,515,605 families in the 15 slave states in 1860, nearly 400,000 held slaves (roughly one in four),[3] amounting to 8% of all American families. So at the apex of slavery in the United States only 8% of American families owned staves and some of those slaves were owned by black Americans.
    So why do modern day blacks blame the entire white race for slavery when in fact it was white Americans who stopped slavery? Gee, maybe they have been brainwashed by liberal politicians for political advantage.
    Black chieftains sold black slaves to Arabs. Arab traders also raided European villages along the Western coast of Europe all the way up to Ireland and wiped out those entire villages, taking the people as slaves. They also gained white slaves from piracy. Arabs sold those slaves to slave traders. Slavery was a fact of life in world history until white people fought and died to stop slavery. Even free black Americans owned black slaves.
    Black Africans and Arabs made slavery possible. White Americans stopped slavery. Where is the gratitude on the part of blacks toward white abolitionists and the white Union soldiers who died to stop slavery?
    Editors note: I received email challenging the fact that black Americans owned black slaves. Here is a research source:

    • Thank you, Rev. Sewell, for taking the time to comment on FOTM — and, most importantly, for writing this exceptional and exceptionally truthful essay, “No Matter What Color You Are.” God bless you!

  7. “No Matter What Color You Are” – PLEASE SHARE!

    Or : Stop Blaming Racism For Your Own Bad Behavior


    “Reverend Sewell has made one of the most reasonable statements on the human condition that I have seen.”

    “You just clearly and accurately defined this as no other. Amazing!”

    “Above excellent Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By far, the best thing anyone has said yet.”

    I am really trying hard to get the word out. It is also here:

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  9. Reverend Sewell, thank you for such a well written and intelligent article! I’m going to print it out!

    Dr. Eowyn, thank you for posting this!

  10. Black antagonists know that once they lose the fear factor, whites will no longer feel enslaved to hide from the racist label. I for one stopped being afraid a few years ago. Now I am just angry!

  11. Yup. That is the new paradigm in race relations.


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