Stoopidism: Alive and Well in Amerika

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Ever wondered why so many Americans continue to support a long discredited ideology that has left nothing but death, destruction, poverty, and misery everywhere it has ever been?
I have wondered about it for years, and the only conclusion I have reached is that there are some people living among us that are, frankly, just too stupid to exist in a truly free society – which is why are are not really a free society any longer.
In fact, we are becoming less free as each day passes, and I see nothing on the horizon that is going to reverse this very disturbing, not to mention rapidly accelerating trend.
I find it not a little frightening that, given what we have seen unfold since January 20, 2009, nearly half of the voters in this country appear to be poised to reelect the most radical left-wing president this nation has ever had – assuming the polls are even close to accurate.
May 1, 2012
America’s Useful Idiots
By Steve McCann
Many years ago, a phrase was coined by the leaders of the Soviet Union to describe those in the West who naively promoted the cause of Russian Communism when in reality they were held in contempt and were being cynically used by the Soviet hierarchy. The term “useful idiot” more than ever applies to a vast swath of citizens in the United States who have been cynically used by the hardcore left for a cause they are unwilling to understand.
Among the mysteries confronting those of us who have immigrated to the United States from countries that have experienced the devastating outcome of socialist/Marxist ideology is why seemingly successful and educated people could be so easily swayed to support those whose end-game is to transform the country into a socialist “utopia” and to control the day-to-day lives of all Americans. Among these “useful idiots” are a seeming majority of the Jewish population as well as many in business, and nearly all in entertainment and the media.
The answer appears to be that despite the hardcore left accounting for less than 20% of the population, their influence extends far beyond thanks to the apparent inability of their peripheral supporters to use any modicum of reasoning — as the left in the United States has been able to identify and manipulate those susceptible to emotional arguments.
Traditionally, the age-old Marxist strategy of fomenting class warfare and demonizing capitalism has been an effective tactic with those in the lower-income and education strata, who can be easily swayed to blame others for their perceived misfortune. However, in a nation, such as the United States, which has experienced great peace and prosperity for nearly seven decades and whose population is overwhelmingly middle-class, this argument alone cannot sway a sufficient number to support the ascension of those dedicated to socialist/Marxist ideology.
The tactic of fomenting guilt for one’s success is a codicil to overt class warfare. The argument begins with the benign assertion that in a nation this wealthy, surely everyone can be guaranteed a minimal level of support at the taxpayers’ expense. Particularly wealthy taxpayers should be willing to part with a “fair share” of their income (as defined by the left) in order to assuage their guilt for living in a country that “facilitated” their becoming rich. Not desiring to be branded as insensitive or evil, many simply acquiesced to this not-so-subtle extortion. Further, in an attempt to buy peace, many contributed vast sums of money to the Democratic Party — now dominated by the far left.
You will find the rest of McCann’s article at this link.

As I have often said, this nation might actually survive an Obama presidency.
The question is, will it survive an electorate that would vote to put such a person into the highest office in the land?
I think not.

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0 responses to “Stoopidism: Alive and Well in Amerika

  1. …only half,eh….that explains the morons but consider that
    the next 25% are below ‘average ‘ or acceptable proficiency….
    and they all vote , drive and procreate….
    I’m going to go participate in the National Day of Prayer,now.

  2. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president.”
    Baron Bodissey “Gates of Vienna”
    It’s ironic (euphemism) that patriots, patronizingly referred to as “The Folks” by O’Reilly and “The Enemy” by the POS, have to rely on foreign sources for the truth; the Czechs (Bodissey/Gates of Vienna) Russians? and Canadians (à la and Canada Free Press) outside of the (thankfully) growing and excellent U.S. conservative/activist websites like FOTM. You probably all read this damning truth by Pravda (not a supporter) almost exactly three years ago >
    I suppose if you find yourself in a snake pit you have to get along with your fellow snakes and somehow justify them but if you are above the ground you see it for what it truly is. Maybe that’s the edge that some foreign commentators have in the absence of a conservative and patriotic U.S. News Media?

  3. The reason for this is something that virtually no political commentator or pundit is able to articulate, let alone accept. The only one I know who “gets it” is Dennis Prager.
    We are seeing the full blooming of 2-3 generations educated from and within a Marxist view of reality. “Marxism” is simply a Materialist view of the universe, a total rejection of any transcendant reality like a Personal God who reveals Himself in history (The Old Test. covenant with Israel), in nature (Romans 1) and the Conscience (Romans 2).
    Unless one attends a bible college or other school which takes seriously a literal interpretation of Genesis chapters 1-11, a materialist, evolutionary worldview is the foundation for all that is presented.
    So, without a God, the State becomes the “transcendant” god, the source of Law (never ending regulation on every facet of life), of Benevolence (SOCIAL Justice) based on the State Doctrine (Political Correctness); Society (The Collective) is the new “church,” and evangelism gives way to Activism.
    It’s not by chance that America happened, and it’s not by chance that it’s being destroyed. There’s alot more to say.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Ted, we started having “cultural, technical and educational exchanges” with the Soviets starting under Eisenhower in 1958. Under Reagan in 1985, Ed Feulner of the so-called conservative Heritage Foundation negotiated representing the United States on another one in 1985. The Carnegie Corporation negotiated for the Soviets. We exchanged our technology for their “slobbering dog” Pavlovian teaching methods to train a compliant dumbed-down workforce.
      Charlotte Iserbyt wrote “Soviets in the Classroom” in 1985 as a warning and was fired from her position as Senior Policy Advisor at the Dept of Education.

  4. have been saying for years we have made the place safe for idiots, how many times have you seen some knucklehead try and cross a road covered by eight foot of water then yell for help we should let nature take it’s course

  5. What the STUPID American People CAN’T understand is that the CORRUPT is the master in propaganda and it is owned by the Socialist and the Communist and they (the people) believe EVERYTHING that the Boob Tube tells them. They are too Goddamnn dumb and lazy to find out the truth! They think our “Royality” in Congress and the Senate, would NEVER lie to us, when in fact they lie even more than Bama, that’s why we are in debt 16 Trillon dollars! If they had cared they would have STOPPED this BULLSHIT. It will take the people to STOP this CORRUPT government and it won’t be without bloodshed. Don’t bitch, because it is the people’s fault! They could have stopped this in the 60s, but everyone thought it was better to get high and get laid, so this it what we have now, and our grandchildren will have to pay for our stupidity! Semper Fi.

  6. “It’s not an endlessly expanding list of rights– the ‘right’ to education, the ‘right’ to health care, the ‘right’ to food and housing. That’s not freedom, that’s dependency. Those aren’t rights, those are the rations of slavery– hay and a barn for human cattle.” –P.J. O’Rourke

  7. Ever wondered why so many Americans continue to support a long discredited ideology that has left nothing but death, destruction, poverty, and misery everywhere it has ever been?
    In my experience, if it doesn’t directly affect them, they don’t care. Massive debt loaded onto grandkids? My lib mom doesn’t care. She’s just happy to continue getting that SS check every month.
    Same with some other lib friends….they still take their multitude of vacays, buy new cars, all the while moaning about not making enough money.
    Little do they realize how screwed their future generations are going to be.


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