Stolen Valor: Prince Charles and his fake military service and medals

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The term “stolen valor” refers to military imposters — individuals who lie about their military service.

In the United States, the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it a crime for a person to fraudulently claim military service or military awards and medals specified in the Act, with the intention of obtaining money, property, or other tangible benefit. The awards include the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon or Medal, and more.

If Prince Charles, 69, were an American, he would be arrested for stolen valor — pretending to military service, ranks and awards that he had not earned.

Prince Charles’ 2008 official portrait to mark his 60th birthday, (Photo by Hugo Burnand/Anwar Hussein Collection/WireImage)

According to Wikipedia, this is Prince Charles’ military service:

  • Royal Air Force training as a jet pilot in 1971.
  • After a 6-week course in the Royal Naval College Dartmouth, he served on the guided missile destroyer HMS Norfolk (1971–1972) and the frigates HMS Minerva (1972–1973) and HMS Jupiter (1974).
  • In 1974, he joined 845 Naval Air Squadron, operating from HMS Hermes.
  • In 1976, he took command of the coastal minehunter HMS Bronington as captain for his last 10 months of active service in the navy.

Altogether, Prince Charles served in two branches of the UK military: the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. His entire military service lasted just five years, from 1971 to 1976. The highest rank he attained was Captain of the coastal mine-sweeper HMS Bronington. He never saw war and never served in combat.

And yet, as you can see in his pic above, the future king of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms (including Canada, Australia and New Zealand), sports a chestful of distinguished and combat medals on his military uniform, including:

  • Five-star ranks in all three services: Army Field Marshall, Admiral of the Fleet, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force.
  • The Order of the Garter, Britain’s highest medal of chilvary.
  • The Order of Merit, for distinguished service in the armed forces.
  • The Order of the Bath, usually given to senior military officers.
  • Medals celebrating his mom, Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, and her Silver, Golden, and Diamond Jubilees, which have nothing to do with the military or combat.

In a blistering article on October 15, 2018, the National Enquirer quotes an unnamed “insider”:

“Charles is making a mockery of every soldier, sailor and airman who did go into battle for their country, many of whom paid the ultimate price with their lives. His own father, Prince Philip, served in World War II and his brother, Prince Andrew, saw combat in the Falklands War. But Charles is a joke. He’s nothing but a clown prince. He should be ashamed of himself chatting to real veterans while he steals their valor with fake medals.

But the truth is he was promoted to those [five-star] ranks by his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in 2012. She previously elevated to four-star ranks for his 58th birthday in 2006. Clearly, Mommy had to give him lots of medals because he never won any. He’s a pathetic imposter.”

Why the Brits put up with Prince Charles and the corrupt monarchy is a mystery. They must like being useful idiots.

See also “UK news site: dying Mi5 agent admits to killing Princess Di“.


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20 responses to “Stolen Valor: Prince Charles and his fake military service and medals

  1. Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump awarded the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major John L. Canley, United States Marine Corps (Retired), for conspicuous gallantry. Mr. Canley is a humble 80 year old man who fought in Vietnam. Prince Charles (last name ?) the only war he fought was to get Camilla’s pedigree accepted by the “ queen mother” and make her “du(sh)es of Cornholeo”

  2. Maybe he got some of those medals for smelling Lord Mountbatten’s farts… That is as close as Charles got to real battle. He did serve but not as gloriously as those medals portray…. Order of the Bath sounds suspicious…. Don’t the cops raid those places for lewd and lascivious behavior? Perhaps one is for the riding crop welts Camilla bestows on his ass…

  3. Well, take a look at Sparky Bush. For that matter, look at his dad. While we’re at it, let’s take a look at “gramps”. They are every bit as phony as Charles. It goes with the occupation…….; “parasite”.

    People have had a parasite class since the beginning of recorded history. I have only recently come to believe that people “need” leaders. I don’t, but I’ll concede that most do.

    I actually think its a form of extreme laziness coupled with fear and dependency. All of the European monarchy sported military honors they did not “earn”. They are, essentially, “honorary”.

    Without getting too deeply into this, there is a lot to be said for monarchy. They serve as good examples for the masses and they are able to accomplish things very quickly. If you have a good monarch life is good.

    To be honest, any government is only as good as those who lead it. The form doesn’t much matter. Witness our situation. Do we really have say over who is in power? I don’t think so.

    So, around the time of the Magna Carta the royals came to realize that it would be wise to rule by stealth rather than claim entitlement openly. That came to apply here as well.

    That’s not an excuse for Charles, just reality.

  4. Not a fan of the Windsors though in all fairness the sovereign and heir are always leading members of the medieval “Order of the Garter” and also inducted into the “Order of the Bath,” another ancient brotherhood of nobility and their closest friends.

  5. Bet those ears are real though.

  6. Ok so he’s a poser-but he’s a Brit, what about an American who actually committed this crime of stolen valor for personal gain who is running amok in our Senate-One Richard Blumenthal…
    Please would someone (POTUS/DOJ) charge him with this crime.

    • Good point!

    • Well, he’s a classic example. Anyone else WOULD be charged. Do you think that Hillary should be charged for her crimes? I do. Do I think that will ever happen? NO!

      If he had a name like “Smith” or “McChristian” he might get charged (maybe). I’m sure I don’t have to point out that they are very happy letting us banter about what a free and fair place we live in. The problem is, it’s neither.

      Talk is cheap and actions speak much louder. The fact that Sessions is still there, playing interference for the Brock, Obongo/Soros team pretty much says it all. Nobody’s getting charged without proper approval from “above”. I DO believe that Trump would like to charge some of them. But he doesn’t.

      Technically, he could fire Sessions and Rosenstein anytime he likes. But he doesn’t. It really doesn’t help that he complains about it publicly. I think its more interesting that he doesn’t fire them. It tells me a lot.

  7. I posted these 2 articles on the link “Dying MI5 Agent”. It is obvious both Mother and Son have no conscious and are frauds.

    The Queen does not occupy her throne at all. Three days after her Coronation, she stepped down from the actual Throne, occupied The Chair of Estates, and has remained there doing the dirty work and ruling over the dead realm ever since.
    This is why all the murders and child sacrifices and other dirty business always occurs underground.
    This is why Princess Di was killed in a tunnel. This is the “Royal Secret”. This is how Elizabeth could take The Coronation Oath with her living breath and promise to honor the Public Law and all the other good things that The Coronation Oath requires, and then, three days later, turn around and break it all.
    READ MORE #1061

  8. England has had no Queen since 1953 and all actions undertaken since then are in doubt, as are the
    actions and authorities of her predecessors back to the 1860’s.

    The secretive abdication of the Christian throne and occupation of the pagan Chair of the Estates is
    an act of purposeful, criminal fraud against the people of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the
    British Territories and the Commonwealths worldwide– including the British Territorial United States.

    Elizabeth II’s secret abdication is the single most virulent source of the criminality which has infested
    government services corporations worldwide, created the Matrix of Corporate Feudalism, and
    reduced governance to the level of modern day Robber Barons.

    We have the right, the responsibility, and the power to require an end to this circumstance—-
    bankers, kings, and queens be damned.

    By Operation of Law, The Throne of The United Kingdom stands vacant. The Queen is “civilly” dead,
    murdered by her own hand 65 years ago. The Parliament was adequately informed of this
    circumstance and has done nothing. It is time for international intervention or there shall be no Rule
    of Law and no safety for anyone anywhere on this planet.

    READ MORE #1252

    • Zip, couldn’t get your links to work. I haven’t heard before what you are trying to explain above about the Queens abdication, but it sounds to me like more of the illusions and fraud the elite perpetrate. Knowing about it I dare say, won’t change anything, just like the nothing has changed with other frauds like the Federal Reserve that is neither Federal, or a Reserve. I agree with you, we have the right to end these things, however it is a minority of people who seem to care about truth or even learning about how things are REALLY run, and the rest look on in glazed quizzical expressions if one tries to enlighten them. A minority who try to change this abomination only manage to get themselves killed, or thrown in the loony bin like Ezra Pound.

      • Lana, I’m puzzled. I just clicked both links and they worked.

        Try this: Go to
        Scroll down to Article #1061 Published 6/1/2018
        The Queen of The Chair of Estates and The King of “Persons”

        and scroll down again to
        Article #1252 Published 9/16/2018
        The Queen Found Guilty

        Let me know if the above doesn’t work.

  9. The communist/liberals traitors in the US State Dept barred highly decorated WWII veteran, fighter pilot Ian Smith from visiting the US Lincoln & Washington memorials.
    Why? Because he lead his nation Rhodesia into fighting and resisting the communist/liberal global agenda for 14 years.
    Yet communist racist war criminals like the knighted liberal beloved Robert Mugabe, are treated like royalty. I’ve been waiting for the so called “Day Of The Rope” for decades.

    • I suspect we’ll be waiting a while longer. I think we can find lots of parallels right here in the USA. Consistency has never been the elite’s long suit. It is always either situational or a “who thing”. So, one man’s terrorist is another’s “hero”.

      That ability to hold two or more conflicting opinions, sometimes simultaneously is what sets some apart. Lesser people like myself see it as dishonesty. They see it as “creativity”.

    • That one story tells you all you need to know about who and how our gov is run. Pretty damn depressing, but thanks for sharing.

  10. The British Monarchy is the most appalling and disgusting monarchy in all history: They succeeded in destroying every other monarchy in all history in Europe; Their latest score is the defunct Hapsburg monarchy, which died out around 2010.

    I remember Alex Jones from around 2009 or so. He was having a discussion with Webster Tarpley, if I remember it correctly. (I’m at the mercy of my memory, people!) Charles was told, in no uncertain terms, that he would NEVER become king. Could be true, could be B.S. But the word on Charles and his real ability (NOT his loyalties or allegiances) is that he would NEVER be allowed to be king.

    Time will tell.

    In the meantime, isn’t it time that HISTORY let go of this old withered tit of a monarchy? I think so! They’re PARASITES, Folks!

  11. I’m not defending this at all…in fact, I view the entire concept of royalty to be patently absurd. However…isn’t this “fraudulent” wearing of military uniforms and medals really part-and-parcel with being a Royal? Don’t they get to choose from a multitude of titles and jurisdictions and uniforms? I know its a sham…but it isn’t anything new…

  12. Don’t care about the pretended service of a pretended Prince of pretended “kingdom” of a present-day country that allows/financially supports a medieval pretended “kingdom” b/c if they don’t….they have to figure out how to reclaim the legal ownership of most of the acreage of the landmass of the “kingdom” that is retained in the hands of the former German-based family who changed their name during WW II so they wouldn’t be rounded up and jailed due to their familial ties….and who also, refused to stand up for their own families who were in the sights of the assassins bullets (think Romanovs) when they were begging to provide safety…..HISTORY HAS A CRUEL AND NEUTRAL EYE……read it….then put this poor human being in his place on this time line of history…….

  13. Who cares! The duchess – a biracial, divorced and self-described feminist – is pregnant! All hail the modern and inclusive image! Yeah!!

    Obvious sarc…

    • Add “yachter” or expensive prostitute to the list. According to Crazy Days and Nights, that’s how Meghan Markle met Prince Charles in the first place.


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