Steven Crowder’s latest undercover video at Colorado late-term abortion clinic

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Not for the faint of heart…


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12 responses to “Steven Crowder’s latest undercover video at Colorado late-term abortion clinic

  1. Democrats are heartless, soul-less demons.

    • They are the ultimate joiners. They have no morals, and their fondest wish is to be cared for without any personal effort or responsibility. So they’ll sacrifice children to get patted on the head by their owners.

  2. Alvin Truthfinder

    Four years ago my granddaughter was stillborn. She died two weeks before her due date. Not a day goes by that I do not miss that baby, that precious child who is a dream, a reoccurring thought of all of the things that could have been.

    She was so incredibly wanted. Her death tore all of us irreparably to pieces.

    And these people just throw babies away.

    God is watching. And He will judge. That is the only comfort I get.

    Thank you Steven Crowder and the many brave souls who step into the fray to battle pure evil.

    • So sorry to hear of your loss. Yes, it is hard to find anything comparable in terms of evil. It is “inhumane” because humans have souls. Those with souls wouldn’t do this.

    • Alvin, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m praying for you and your family. May the God of all peace mend your broken hearts.💙

    • Sorry for your family’s loss.

    • All life is precious. The Left are no longer “just” pro-abort. They are now bent on infanticide, which is what late-term and post-birth abortion are. They are demonic.

  3. So sorry for your loss, Alvin. I truly feel your pain and will remember you and your family in our prayers. The same thing happened to us with our first-born grandchild, a boy. I still see him in my dreams and feel as though I “know” him, b/c as you have experienced yourself, we DID know them as we awaited them for months before birth. My reaction to all this Biblically-scaled slaughtering of the unborn, nearborn, and now, the just born… the same as your reaction. I believe I would volunteer eternity at the Gates of Hell myself just to monitor timely and proper reporting of “owed” entry tickets by these amoral hounds (and I did NOT say “immoral” b/c that implys that they have morals that are just bad….these hideous excuses for human beings are AMORAL…which means totally WITHOUT morals whatsoever, so many of them AKA “Demorats” and Democratic-Socialists, and so many of them so extreme that they would kill their own children, born and unborn—-but, not without, largely these days, the help and support of the US government…… which “we” elect and allow…..and THAT is another whole story…..)

  4. I did not watch the video, and I’m very fearful of watching it for this reason: I have seen videos and still photographs of aborted fetuses, including late-term ones, HUMAN INFANTS, and it has really begun to get at me.

    I’ve seen medical textbooks used by people training to be EMT’s and paramedics. It’s not for the squeamish, and someone has to do those grizzly jobs. So these things have to be published. And, so, also, do videos e.g., Crowder’s, have to be published to keep the public informed. So I’m not mad at Crowder.

    I have never married and I have no children. But I will tell you, this topic is beginning to get to me. I’ve come within an ace of getting killed in an accident, getting shot and drowning. And I’ve heard more than enough from my passengers over the years. But I’m lucky—I’m alive and others are not.

    I’m wondering just how much lower American society has to go, and how much worse some people are going to get. Seriously, those who promote abortion as a positive moral good are WORSE than cannibals in some place like Indonesia—at least they kill for food. And now we have at least EIGHT states that, for all practical purposes, allow for OUTRIGHT INFANTICIDE up to the moment of birth!

    • There’s no horrific scenes of aborted babies in the video. It’s mostly conversations about killing babies that are the horrific part.

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if Crowder is indicted for this as the makers of the Planned Parenthood “killing babies and selling them for parts” video were. What struck me was how alienated the young women in the video are from any human feelings; they are talking about killing a baby and every other word is “like” or “whatever”. There is a whole generation I fear that is lost, there is no reaching them. My sister-in-law used to book all the surgeries at the biggest hospital in this area and she told me that 8 and 9 month abortions were done regularly, that babies could be heard crying. This was twenty years ago. If anyone had the temerity to mention to the doctors that this was not exactly legal, their attitude was..whatever. They were untouchable. So I think the 800K/year figure is probably low. Perhaps someday in a more enlightened time there will be a solemn remembrance day for this authentic holocaust. But I doubt that we will get that far. Even God has his limits

  6. The so-called “right” hasn’t changed abortion either… Both sides (which is really one), have the same agenda…


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