Steven Crowder back on Texas Christian University campus, counseling now available for triggered snowflakes

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On October 2 Steven Crowder posted the above video. Crowder went to Texas Christian University (TCU) and set up his “Change My Mind” table. The goal was to have students discuss the myth of rape culture with him and convince him that “rape culture” does exist in this country.

The video is long yet offers a glimpse into the mindset of college students today. Some of my favorite statements from these young skulls of mush:

  • “I’m honestly not talking about empirical data at all, and I don’t think we should look at it. Empirical data is bullsh*t.
  • “I usually believe the woman until proven otherwise.” (Said by a male student who doesn’t believe that’s how our laws should work but we should believe her for the “most part.”)
  • Crowder later accuses said male student of an act and the male student says, “Where’s your evidence? Crowder: “Why does that matter?” Male student: “You have to have evidence.”
  • Later in this exchange Crowder tells male student:“You did say believe the women until otherwise.” The male student says you need to “disprove” the accusation.
  • Crowder explains due process. The male student then says, “I think I might have misspoken.”
  • Crowder has another discussion with a different male student who really doesn’t want to discuss rape culture. He would rather discuss the method of dialogue that Crowder chose.
  • This male student has a hard time “articulating” rape culture because it’s very complicated.
  • Crowder tries to get him to explain the nuances of rape culture and this male student eventually says,“I’m not going to be able to articulate it, I don’t have any facts, I don’t have figures, I don’t have anything.”
  • The male student later says, “My point was, I really didn’t want to talk about rape culture, because I’m not prepared, I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t know how to articulate that I think it’s an issue. I don’t even know how to tell you I came to think it’s an issue. It’s just something I learned along the way.

Keep in mind that these students voluntarily sat down with Crowder for a conversation. They made that choice.

Yet because of Crowder’s mere presence, the kids now might require counseling. TCU tweeted the following:

  • “Today, Steven Crowder chose to challenge our students on a public sidewalk in front of the university. While the Constitution gives him the right to express his views, the sentiments he expressed do not align with TCU’s values.”
  • His views adversely affected many members of our campus community. The health and safety of the Horned Frog Family is of utmost importance and we encourage individuals to contact campus resources for support.

Oh you precious snowflakes. It’s pathetic that TCU thinks students need counseling services over someone setting up a table asking for a discussion.

Think about this: These kids now might need counseling because they heard an opinion that’s different from theirs.

After watching this video, I think many can agree that the government indoctrination system has been a success.


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28 responses to “Steven Crowder back on Texas Christian University campus, counseling now available for triggered snowflakes

  1. TCU needs to remove “Christian” from their name because they clearly aren’t.

    I’m old enough to remember when young high schoolers could hold debates, and we didn’t require any counseling afterwards. We had debate teams that met outside of regular school classes to practice and even had fun doing it. The dumbing down of America has taken quite a toll on young people.

    • I took debate class in high school. By seeing the responses of these kids, it’s obvious they don’t teach that skill anymore…

  2. Wait till these college students enter the real world of work, and discover their employers will not treat them like delicate flowers and snowflakes.

    By the way, I have a pet peeve:

    I live in a college town. Young people no longer walk like young people. Instead, they walk s-l-o-w-l-y, especially in crosswalks. I’m decades older, but walk twice/thrice as fast as they do. If we’re walking in the same direction, I always overtake them, never vice versa.

    Nor do they look right and left before crossing. They just step into the crosswalk, sublimely confident that cars will stop for them. Many are looking down at their cell phones.

    • I notice the same thing when I’m at stores. They just wander down the aisles staring at their phones, not aware of the people around them and who they walk into.

      Like, it’s like, so ridiculous…

    • “I live in a college town. Young people no longer walk like young people. Instead, they walk s-l-o-w-l-y, especially in crosswalks. I’m decades older, but walk twice/thrice as fast as they do.”

      I live near a high school and have encountered the same phenomena. But I will tell you that in my experience it is not just the young people anymore. I find that in general when I am at the store or walking down the street people seem to be lollygagging about as if they have all the time in the world, and they are oblivious to those around them. I’m constatnly walking faster and trying to maneuver around people. People in general seem to be aimless. The same can be said about driving. I have never seen so many people so disinterested in getting anywhere and with so little courtesy. The fast lane used to be for passing. Trucks were to be in the right hand lane. Now you have some driver of a Prius going slow in the fast lane, and trucks in all lanes. Because there is no order and no courtesy, driving has become a huge aggravation as you become stuck behind a herd of people who act like a flock of sheep just baaaahing along all clumped together, and there is no way to get around them. People poke along sipping their Starbucks or eating food , or talking on their phones oblivious to the traffic flow, or that maybe someone behind them doesn’t want to get stuck at a light and waste another 3 minutes out of their day. When driving we often see many of the worst drivers being behind the wheel of a Prius. My husband will usually come out with a sarcastic comment like they are all waiting for Obama to tell them what to do, or did Obama say it was OK? Oh my…I guess you might have detected one of my peeves. Excuse the rant.

      • Well, they’re all high (low?) on Prosac and waiting for a call from Gawd. I completely agree. I see it every day. They are all just little observers (well only through their devices). They don’t initiate anything.

        But, isn’t that what we look for in cattle? Like Don Henley says, they stare like “…cows at a passing train”.

      • I totally agree, Prius drivers are pretentious snobs for the most part. Ford Windstar minivan drivers are even worse – they’ll ALL slow & stupid.

        One time I had to get a rental car, and all they had left was a Prius – my daughter laughed at me and I told her, “I feel like such a fag!”

        • I thought you had to be lesbian to drive one.

        • “Prius drivers are pretentious snobs for the most part.”

          Well they are policing the roads for Obama you know. Now that’s prestige! Truly, they drive at 50 miles and hours get mad if you try to pass them if you can manage to get around them. They remind me of the hall monitors, and playground rat finks in grammar school.

    • It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine, too. What gets me is the use of paid crossing guards. I understand some drivers are jerks and they don’t allow for pedestrians to cross. But I’ve seen more than my share of crossing guards who have no idea that they add to traffic jams because they’re stopping traffic for kids 50 feet away, or stopping for EVERY ADULT! If people are too stupid to look up & see the “DON’T WALK” sign flashing, they deserve to be hit.

      I once had a cop come to my door because some crossing guard (who was dating some jailbird), told him that I turned right on red (with kids already across the intersection).

      Bicyclists that disregard traffic laws are another – I’ll pull out in front of one if one runs a stop sign, just to see if they make a mess in their pants.

      • That’s why you need one of those propane-powered blasters that South Africans use to send flames up the sides of their cars. It works great for windshield washers to. You can have them regular or extra crispy.

  3. If there were a rape culture, we would see it, rather than needing to be told about it.

    • … especially by ugly (inside and out) women and pathetic little soyboys, both of whom secretly wish they could find sex partners of any variety

  4. The girl (woman?) in the video is now the new “poster child” of snowflakes.

  5. I love Louder with Crowder. He is always polite has his facts down and tries to have a “conversation” which is what these snowflakes are constantly parroting to us.
    Yet when given the opportunity they act like the spoiled, coddled (helicopter parents & trophies for everyone) fools/children that they are.
    Rape culture – lol, another manufactured crisis courtesy of the radical feminists. I despise these women.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I’ve enjoyed a few of Crowder’s videos also. What I notice in his, as in other “confrontation” type video blogs, is that the moderate or right-leaning person presents FACTS and tries to REASON, while on the other hand, the person on the left (usually far- to batty-) just chants some silly thing like “hey hey, ho ho, someone named Sue has got to go!” (Seriously? That’s the best y’all can come up with?), or they resort to SCREAMING at their “opponent”…

      It’s almost as if they were FOLLOWING A MANUAL (“Rules for Radicals”, maybe?) and are just GOADING their opponent into…. HITTING them to knock some sense into them, which I believe is their ultimate goal. NOT to gain their senses back (at least not while they’re high or stoned), but to get us to strike out so they can then have us arrested. It would be hard for me not to slap some of the idiots I’ve seen on TV lately… even in the Senate hearings.

      So be careful out there. I recommend maybe coughing in their faces, or sneezing, or belching. Or releasing a bit of SBD gas if you’re able, lol. Of course, each of those can also result in a charge of A&B, but I don’t think the court would hold you to account for a natural bodily response. (“I’ve got allergies to idiots, your honor!”) And for the record, cops DO make me gassy.

  6. It is certainly true that the indoctrination is a success. They simply don’t care that they are illogical and misinformed. What “matters” is that they are “accepted”.

    They are like packs of monkeys. You can rile them up, get them doing the ape dance, and turn them loose. When someone tries to appeal to their common sense or logic they need counseling.

    Now, consider how many took out loans and saved thousands of dollars to send their little darlings away to be indoctrinated like someone in one of Chairman Mao’s work camps. Consider too that many of the professors and other educators buy into this whole non-ideology.

    Imagine white guys teaching that it would be better if all of the other white guys were exterminated. How long would you survive if you said “black” guys instead? Why? What’s the difference?

    These “schools” are not schools in the classic sense. They are simply indoctrination centers where students are sent to perfect their mental enslavement. The joke is that they get them to pay for it.

  7. This is what makes up a lynch mob. In this shrill environment, to be accused is to be found guilty. Rape is a crime, not a culture.

    • TrailDust you said it in a a nutshell. Key word- lynch mob.

      It was pretty hard to take listening to that shrill young lady. She really got on my nerves. This idea of rape ” culture” at is absurd. They should be looking to the Middle East, Africa, and India to see what real rape culture looks like. BUT NOOO, those are wonderful brown skinned people that are so much more moral than all those evil White men.
      The poison these professors have placed in these young minds in criminal. It looks to me like these generations are gone, just completely gone. They do not even know how to have a coherent, logical thought process. Sad and frightening. The relationships between men and women have become so twisted in these kids. I read a book by Colleen Carol Campbell a few years ago. For those not familiar, she is a Catholic writer and journalist. In her book she described her own experiences with the hook- up culture in the college. It was really creepy and pathetic. No one goes on dates anymore. They all just hang out together, get drunk and then it you like someone, you are supposed to want to “”get together” with them. No romance, no getting to know one another, no courtesies, just drink and —–. If there are a lot of mixed messages going on in these colleges, who would be surprised? The guys are raised on web porn which is reportedly getting more and more violent, and the girls are all taught that they are entitled to act like young men without any consequences. What could possibility go wrong?


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