Steve Jobs' Intriguing Last Words

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In a touching eulogy at the memorial service for Steve Jobs at the Memorial Church of Stanford University on October 16, his sister Mona Simpson described her brother’s last moments and the enigmatic words he uttered before he died.
His last words were monosyllables, repeated three times.
Simpson told the group of mourners that as Jobs was dying, he seemed to be climbing.
“His breath indicated an arduous journey, some steep path, altitude,” Simpson said. His breaths were punctuated by long pauses, then he would a heave deep breath and begin “climbing” again.
Jobs then looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his wife, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them and uttered:
“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”
Whatever Jobs saw must have been amazing….
[Source: Daily Mail, Oct. 31, 2011]

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0 responses to “Steve Jobs' Intriguing Last Words

  1. Breathing with long pauses of not taking a breath is not uncommon for those dying. There’s a specific term for it yet can’t recall it right now. My grandmother did the same thing when she was dying.
    Hope he finally found peace.

    • I can’t think of it either DCG, but so did my mother when she finally passed with breast cancer. My sister thought it was merely all the medication she was on as, there at the end, she was on pretty strong stuff for pain.
      I too, hope he rests in peace.

      • Sage – We would probably be equally astounded to the number of those who have, and those who didn’t. There was a belief that at the end of his life, Darwin, too, gave a death-bed confession… Can’t say I truly buy it… I ‘hope’ so…but, then again, that’s the problem with unconfirmed reports.

  2. Yes apnea, that was it. Thanx G.

  3. From “Signs and Symptoms of Approaching Death“:
    “there are specific signs of approaching death which may be observed, and which do indicate that death is approaching nearer. Each individual patient is different. Not all individuals will show all of these signs, nor are all of the signs of approaching death always present in every case. There are two phases which arise prior to the actual time of death: the “pre-active phase of dying,” and the “active phase of dying.” On average, the preactive phase of dying may last approximately two weeks, while on average, the active phase of dying lasts about three days”
    One of the signs of the preactive phase of dying are “periods of pausing in the breathing (apnea) whether awake or sleeping.” One of the signs of the active phase of dying are “much longer periods of pausing in the breathing (apnea)” and “dramatic changes in the breathing pattern including apnea, but also including very rapid breathing or cyclic changes in the patterns of breathing (such as slow progressing to very fast and then slow again, or shallow progressing to very deep breathing while also changing rate of breathing to very fast and then slow).”
    “Always remember that your loved one can often hear you even up till the very end, even though he or she cannot respond by speaking. Your loving presence at the bedside can be a great expression of your love for your loved one and help him to feel calmer and more at peace at the time of death.”

  4. I suffered three cardiac arrests when I was 39 years old. To say “wow” is an understatement. I was brought back these times–God needed me to raise our four young children.

    • “Wow” – An understatement? Brought back? What do you mean by this? Your comment(s) infer that you were at or went to a place other than here, a reality I guess could be called a physical realm. And 3 times? Why? How?


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