Stellar Wind – What You NEED to KNOW

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As follow-up on two prior articles, “Stellar Wind – The Program That Tracks You,” and “2013: The End of Privacy in America,”  here is NSA-whistleblower, William Binney, explaining the full extent of citizen surveillance authorized in The Patriot Act and what the privacy and legal ramifications truly are.  

The Orwellian nightmare — right here in “the home of the free”!

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0 responses to “Stellar Wind – What You NEED to KNOW

  1. This policy is already in effect in the UK …we need to fight this insanity..

  2. No government has any right to collect this much information on its people.. they use it for control of the tyranny

  3. Too bad the House repubs have abdicated.

    They could stop a lot of this tyrannical BS simply by turning off the money tap, and there isn’t a damn thing the dem-controlled Senate could do about it.

    I had hoped the voters in the worthless John Bonehead’s district would give him something to really cry about in November, but it appears they are as dumb as he is, as his repub challenger went down in flames.


    • I agree. Plenty of Republicans voted for the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Truman created the National Security Agency at the beginning fo the Cold War after WWII to monitor foreign enemies. 60 years later, we’re all under surveillance!

  4. Kathy I have no doubt we are already on some type of list as political Enemies of the communists,I have been posting on blogs for years.


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