State of Arizona Investigating City of Quartzsite

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While matters are deteriorating in the United States, there is still an institutionalized political framework and procedure, wherein no government unit can simply turn tyrannical and be unaccountable.
The City Council of Quartzsite, Arizona, are finding that out.
On June 28, 2011, the Quartzsite City Council had a nonviolent citizen (Jennifer Jones) forcibly removed from a public meeting. When news about that went national, instead of amending its ways, the city council became enraged and declared a state of emergency, closing all its meetings to the public, shunted to the side the city’s elected mayor, and put the police chief in charge.
Joe Kovacs of WorldNetDaily reports, July 20, 2011, that the state of Arizona is now investigating allegations of massive corruption among government officials in Quartzsite.
WND contacted the office of Gov. Jan Brewer to see what, if anything, it was doing about the ongoing situation, and received a brief response from Tasya Peterson, the deputy press secretary:

“Mayor Foster of Quartzsite visited with the governor’s Office of Constituent Services about this matter. One of the roles of Constituent Services is to help guide individuals to the proper place for assistance. In this instance, based upon the mayor’s allegations, Constituent Services suggested that he address his concerns with the attorney general’s office and AZPOST [Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board]. Constituent Services understands that this did occur and these offices will decide if and how to proceed.”

A spokeswoman for Attorney General Tom Horne confirmed that the case “is under investigation.”
Quartzsite’s stalwart Mayor Ed Foster also confirms that “the investigation is now underway,” and that state legislators and state police are als0 now involved.
But Foster, the elected head of Quartzsite, also says that he’s no longer getting paid as mayor, “That’s not a big deal, but it’s in the town code that I get a stipend of $400. If they made a decision to withdraw my stipend, they have to do it in public, so just the decision to do it in private is another violation of the open-meeting law. It’s just idiocy.”
Foster has been at war with his own council and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert whom he has called corrupt and “a Nazi.” The mayor believes potentially millions of dollars of taxpayer money is being illegally funneled through secret checks to unnamed councilmembers.
He also asserts that the majority of officers on the town’s small police force are in the process of being let go merely because they don’t support the actions of Chief Gilbert. The town has placed nine officers on “paid, administrative leave until such time that you are told otherwise or until your employment is terminated,” according to a letter it delivered to the officers today. The officers, in turn, are filing a formal complaint about this to the U.S. attorney’s office.
Read the rest of the WND article here.
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  1. lowtechgrannie

    Eowyn, thanks for posting. I really appreciate the follow-ups. I find it fascinating how many town councils, regardless of the size of the municipality, are in fierce opposition to the mayors.

  2. It is about time some heads start rolling.

  3. Good, get rid of all the corrupt commies!

  4. Like this? Vote Demo-rat!

  5. Governor Brewer has passed the buck to the Attorney General Tom Horne to investigate Quartzsite. I spoke on the phone a couple of days ago to Mayor Foster, and I believe he is a good man. He told me that he will not quit fighting the police chief, the town manager, and the town council. He appreciates all of the support that people from all over the country have given him. Tom Horne needs to act quickly, because the situation in Quartzsite is just getting worse by the day.


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