State Dept Fifth Column Pro Open Borders

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There’s a simple reason why illegal immigration remains such an intractable problem, despite the majority will of the people. It’s because our government simply refuses to enforce the law on immigration and, in doing, enables and indulges the millions of illegal aliens who continue to pour in.

It’s not just the leaders of the two major parties, Dems and Repubs, who are complicit, albeit for different imagined self-serving reasons. Now we find out there’s a Fifth Column within the federal bureaucracy. They are the “Black Dragons” in the notoriously liberal State Department who, instead of enforcing the law, are pro open borders and work surreptiously to that end. 
In the old days when words still have meaning and this country still knew right from wrong, such people are called TRAITORS and what they are doing is a CONSPIRACY.
The entire federal government is corrupt from top to bottom. Tear it all down and start over!!!

The Hidden Immigration Decision-Makers: ‘Black Dragons’ Within State Dept.

By David North – March 9, 2010
In addition to the prominent immigration policy decision-makers – the president, the chairs of the congressional committees and the presidential appointees in the Executive Branch – there are many other sets of less obvious policy players, located deep in the federal bureaucracy.
Today I learned of a group whose leanings were known to me, but for whom I had no name. They are the quietly Open Borders officials within the State Department, termed the “Black Dragons” in a recent article.
On the other hand there are also what appear to be restrictionist-leaning outposts within the government, such as many units of Customs and Border Enforcement (CBP, drawn largely from the old INS Border Patrol and immigration inspectors, plus the Customs Service), and, apparently, within the U.S. Department of Labor, the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA), the subject of an earlier blog.
The role of the Black Dragons is described in an article by Fred Burton and Scott Stewart that appears in today’s Immigration Daily; its title is: “Visa Security: Getting Back to Basics.”
The authors discuss how terrorists, who once often used badly counterfeited travel documents, have moved on to harder-to-detect techniques, such as recruiting and indoctrinating European citizens who can travel with their own, perfectly genuine travel documents (such as the shoe bomber.)
In order to combat these more deeply hidden techniques, the State Department has been given more funds to hire more investigators.
But as Burton and Stewart point out: “… there is a powerful element within the State Department that is averse to security and does its best to thwart security programs. DSS [Diplomatic Security Service] agents refer to these people as Black Dragons… who consider security counter-productive for diplomacy and armed State Department special agents undiplomatic, [and who] use their bureaucratic power to cut off those [tighter security] programs.”
The authors cite a 2004 budget decision of Congress to give the State Department an extra 200 agents for security purposes, reporting that “only 50… agents have been assigned to posts abroad as of this writing, and a total of 123 …agents are supposed to be deployed by the end of 2011. The other … 77 positions were taken away from the … program by the Department and used to provide more secretarial positions.”
In other words, 77 positions were allocated to help make office life a little easier for senior diplomats, as opposed to helping to keep the nation safe from terrorists.
In future blogs we will examine more of these groups of hidden decision-makers.
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One response to “State Dept Fifth Column Pro Open Borders

  1. Like any computer function it takes time to remove the bugs. Nationally known PC products have problems? Even the greatest programs have inconsistencies with new versions appearing as they are revised and upgraded. Same is with E-Verify that is undergoing a continuous revision. I make no excuses that I have bombarded the internet with my blogs. To keep the American people aware that the open border extremists, use there pressures to demonize or at the least compromise E-Verify. Unlike wealthy parasite corporate owners the shrinking middle class doesn’t have the resources to fight back against this incredible decades-long sedition. Those who wish to destroy E-Verify use are well financed by a huge compendium of organizations that have many reasons to remove it from immigration enforcement. It’s a repeat performance in announcing that the ordinary people who gain an advantage of making E-Verify as a permanent tool. Do not let these adverse organizations demoralize you. Already Homeland Security is working on the fraudulent ID glitch. Photo identification is being added, with other advanced tools.
    It is against dark forces who not only want the free movement of cheap labor settled in America, but they also want the US population to pay for corporate welfare it represents. Corporate welfare being that many of our politicians are complicit in, to keeping the borders open no matter what? If decades of administrations wanted to halt the unceasing invasion of illegal immigrants, why have they not made illegal entry a criminal offense? Why is it not a felony? Illegal immigration would never have grown on this massive scale that is negatively connected with job loss for Americans. Another quest why the preposterous lie that any woman who crosses the border with intent to have their baby here. That was originally meant for the emancipation of the civil war slaves. As yet hasn’t been rescinded, but distorted by the Liberal bench? Same with the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act that always faltered?
    WHY MAKE IT THE LAW OF THE LAND–IF IT’S NOT GOING TO BE FULLY ENFORCED? These are the questions demanding answers from every federal and state representative of the people at 202-224-3121? Have any of us considered, that the US taxpayer would possibly paying less taxes, if states like the SANCTUARY STATE OF CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK were not emptying our pockets with entitlement programs for illegal alien families? Take for instance the document you pass to the immigration/customs agent as a tourist, student or any other visitor. Why bother when there is no way to detect, who has left this nation or have just disappeared into the landscape? Most of the time, the airport staff, ferry, passenger forget to ask or don’t even care? You will only find these answers at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH or by surfing the Internet?
    There is not enough room in this commentary to list the benefits to illegal aliens, including the child income tax reimbursement? Just ask Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich of Los Angeles, who according to him $50 million in welfare benefits (CALWORKS + Food Stamp’s) for the month of January 2010 alone. Yes! And that just the very tip of the financial iceberg, extracted from your income. Hundreds of pro-sovereignty groups will relay the information, of the billions of dollars given to illegal immigrant families. Now they want to further the outrage, by giving millions of illegal families a free ride to citizenship? Should a new amnesty past, what makes you think that future administrations will hold back the next tidal wave of people? How much more money do you think this Amnesty or following waves of illegal immigration will cost you?
    THINK! Can anybody offer a reason why they haven’t stationed the Nation Guard along the border, especially now with the incessant criminal drug war taking more lives of American citizens? The US Border Patrol has limited personnel and even the border Sheriff’s has limited deputies to keep the national line safe? Every day it gets worse and our government seem almost nonchalant to the battles raging on both sides. The National Guard should be armed and have the right to protect US citizens, who live along the border and terrorized by the criminal as well as illegal aliens crossing their land. My question how come we pour massive resources into Iraq and Afghanistan, when our border remains easy access to anybody?
    Returning to E-Verify will be shortly a 99.9 percent effective and we shouldn’t listen to Sen. Schumer, Sen. Graham, or others who are blemished, such as Sen. Reid, Majority speaker Reid, Sen. McCain, Dick Armey and a large obnoxious grab-bag of others.Many are now hesitating because they have been caught red-handed, as being the puppets of corporate welfare. Hearth Care reform could be distributed to millions of Americans, if only our legislators denied any government entitlements to (ANCHOR BABIES) with instant citizenship, who are the “Anchor” for the whole family to reside here. New legitimized immigrants could sponsor, millions of direct family members including those who are already medical patients? They will become the American taxpayer’s extra financial baggage.
    If you cannot see a silent conspiracy to keep importing desperately poor people, when we should instead demand from Washington only those of superior skills, who will not become a taxpayers extra mouth to feed. The real criminal is the business man, protected by corrupt Washington insiders, who refuse to fully fund such programs as REAL ID ACT, THE SAVE ACT, which contain E-Verify, the local police 287 (g) and the dwindling ICE raids. A 24 hour hot-line should be implemented for law abiding citizens to report irregularities in work and tax records, with perhaps a small reward. Just as the bridge to nowhere, the fence was compromised from the start of construction. Just as the federal government have ignored states, counties and cities that have proclaimed they are refuge for illegal aliens.
    Not only are they breaking government law, but as Los Angeles Order 40, has allowed criminal aliens to maim and kill innocent citizens. Even in the rural neighborhoods that once didn’t have to lock their doors, find they are no longer defended from foreign nationals who are now a large percentage of cell-block inmates. We have our own citizen habitual criminal population. Why are states like California spending money they don’t have on an expanding crime rate from illegal aliens? We can all bury our heads in the sand and listen to the repetitive lies of open border politicians, who have cheated their oath to protect the principles of the US Constitution? It is “THE PEOPLES” obligation and right, to stop this travesty of immigration laws?
    Like most ordinary Americans today, I have a mortgage up-in the air, car payment and feeding my family from my pensions. How much money does the IRS take from my family to educate foreign children, incarcerate their parents or all the other welfare programs that are intentionally hidden from US citizens and residents? This is not a multilingual nation; it is a nation under one flag that has flourished through many wars, downturns and the allowance of welcoming–LEGAL–immigration. We do not need millions of illegal immigrants brandishing foreign flags, demanding their rights to stay here in national rallies, when they violated our sovereign laws to begin with?
    GET THE MESSAGE OUT. Immediate news: Get ready for the 100.000 illegal immigrant rally to Washington this weekend. WHERE’S ICE?
    No Copyright. Copy & Paste Deliver freely to every law abiding citizen


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