State Department discovers 'thousands' of previously undisclosed Clinton documents

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Shocker, not.
Hillary Clinton what difference does it make
The Department of State recently discovered “thousands” of previously unreviewed documents that relate to Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi attack, according to a watchdog group that has been suing the department to release public records from Clinton’s tenure.
Fox News reports that the State Department disclosed the existence of the additional records in a court filing on Friday and asked the judge for further time to search and review the documents.
As you know, the watchdog group Judicial Watch has been suing the State Department for years to turn over public records related to Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.
They are also looking at emails related to the Clinton Foundation, the employment arrangements of Clinton’s top aides, and her response to the Benghazi attack.
According to the State Department, the newly found records are likely to include information relevant to Judicial Watch’s requests. Officials said they would need until at least Feb. 1 to review the documents. “After State filed its motion for summary judgment in this case [on November 11, 2015], State located additional sources of documents that originated within the Office of the Secretary that are reasonably likely to contain records responsive to Plaintiff’s request,” said the State Department’s attorneys in a court filing.
A judge ordered the State Department to turn over public records after Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the department in September 2013. The case was reopened last year after it was reported that Clinton’s emails, which were sent over a personal email server, had not been searched.
obama and hillary

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0 responses to “State Department discovers 'thousands' of previously undisclosed Clinton documents

  1. Help me out here. I can’t make up my mind between “Prison” or “Hanging Her for Treason.” What do you think?

    • Prison would keep her alive to reflect on what she did to the US. Hanging would be an easy out,in MY opinion.

      • Actually, you have a GREAT POINT!

      • truckjunkie . . . can’t you just image that fat sow having to clean toilets, slop food for other inmates, work in the laundry washing other women’s dirty undies, swab floors. I would hope that she would do time in a real prison, not a country club prison, and I would hope that they would not allow her to spend her time acting as a lawyer for the other inmates as her primary job. Actually, it sounds better and better. Just imagine Chelsea coming to visit with the babies. I wonder how much of an attitude she would be able to display against the guards, you know the way she would tell secret service personnel to “F Off.” One question comes to mind, would she be afforded secret service detail — or perhaps they would have to put her in solidity confinement for 23/7. Under those circumstances I suppose I would rather be hung for treason.

  2. “chickens comin’ home to roost”

  3. how interesting!

  4. Bama and Hellary = Try em and Fry em, Problem solved! Semper Fi.

  5. In memory of Charlton Heston, these sentences are recommended: You will have to pry my emails out of my cold, dead hands! Molon Labe! Or not.

  6. I don’t believe for even a second that the State Department only just discovered these emails. They purposefully are dragging this investigation out, hoping and counting on Hillary being the Democratic nominee and, God forbid, elected president. Once she’s in the White House, she will control the DOJ (FBI and Attorney General), and NOTHING will come of the investigation.

    • Dr Eowyn . . . I think you have brought up an excellent point. Can’t you just imagine our country being lead by one of the most prolific female gangsters of all time. I hope somebody injects some Ex-Lax into this investigation to grease the skids of getting on with the investigatin’ and moving on to the indictment stage. This is a major blot on our history, and all the other countries on Earth know what a laughing stock we are to have people of this ilk as the leaders of our nation.

  7. Chop-chop!

  8. Don’t you ever get up some mornings and think about a whole “class” of people who think they are “more equal” than the rest of us poor, “average” suckers?
    Did you ever wonder why people whom we elect to office, most of whom make a modest, high-middle class income for their services….can start office with NOTHING in the bank, and retire as millionares/billionares after 30 years of “public service?” And, did you ever wonder WHY they got to serve an entire working lifetime in these offices—-this, in a government meant, by the Founders, to be run by citizens who serve from amongst us “regular people,” and whom finish their elected term and return to the ranks of the “regular people?”
    Despite our seeming proclivities of late—-didn’t you ever wonder why, in a nation founded to dispell forever the government by inherited monarchy, or even dynasitc overtones……we’re STILL dealing with “legacy” candidates?
    Just leafing through some of my “deep thoughts.”

    • CalGirl . . . I could not have said it better. Our government was designed to have citizen leaders, not these smucks who suck the rest of us dry by cutting special deals with other countries that work to the detriment of our country. Wealthy families do indeed think they are entitled, in perpetuity, to be in the top leadership roles in the land. That is the very reason why, even if I though Jeb Bush was a viable leader–I would not vote for him. That family has had two bites at the apple . . . and that is enough.

  9. Me thinks the FBI investigation’s heat is starting to be felt even at Foggy Bottom.

  10. Benghazi is not Hillary’s worst crime — she murdered John Kennedy, Jr, and the body count of the Clintons is more than 300 people — both of them should have been sent to the electric chair years ago.


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