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Lady Gaga: If Romney Wins, Let’s Move to New Planet

by  Breitbart News7 Sep 2012, 11:48 AM PDT

It’s usually about this time in the election cycle when a self-important star will vow to flee the country should the GOP take the White House.

For Lady Gaga, leaving the country isn’t good enough.

Is the singer mocking the tired promise of leaving the U.S. should someone’s preferred candidate lose? Or is she so sure a Mitt Romney presidency will set the globe afire that she’s looking for a pretty radical Plan B?

I volunteer to strap her to a rocket booster and blast her grotesque, talentless ass into the cosmos.

In the immortal  words of Alan Shepard:

“Lets light this candle!”

Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Start The Countdown

  1. I’ll light the fuse.

  2. This is possibly one of the best reasons I can think of to vote for Romney!

  3. They always say that; and then they never do.

  4. As if we need any more incentive to win this election 😀

  5. I’ll help her pack. And, she can take Alec Baldwin, etc. with her.

    • They’re all talk. Both Alec Baldwin and Barbra Streisand threatened they’d leave America for Europe (I vaguely recall it’s France) if Kerry were to lose to Bush the Younger, but they’re both still here. They’re limousine liberals, otherwise called HYPOCRITES.

  6. I’m gonna have nightmares about that picture. It reminds me of the world’s longest, grossest projectile vomiting scene in Monty Pythons “The Meaning of Life”. (But zee meent…..she eez, ‘ow you say – wafer-theen!)

  7. Johnny Depp is returning to the US after the Frenchies were going to tax him as a permanent resident. Maybe he can swat Lady Gag Gag on the ass as they pass each other.

  8. And may the door hit her in the arse on her way out. 😀


  9. Paris Jackson said she was moving to Africa if Romney won. I tweeted her and said “Bye, have fun.” Don’t care if she is only 14.

  10. All the more reason to vote for Romney,,,,Can we send Roseanne Barr with her?

  11. Dang, Grouchy, you must be older than me, lol. I don’t know a lot of these ‘lil whippersnappers’ but even I know that Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson’s daughter. Just had to give ya a hard time 🙂

  12. One would have thought she had that gag reflex thing
    all worked out. Guess she needs more practice.
    I’m sure she’ll get it.

  13. Seriously, what is that in the back of her throat?

  14. May the dead rise to vote her off the planet!!


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