Starbucks No Gun Policy Response

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Earlier this week, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said in an open letter that he would appreciate customers not bringing their weapons into their stores. (Smart move, advertise all your stores are gun free zones.)  They won’t enforce this request though, so responsible gun owners shouldn’t feel intimidated to practice their Second Amendment right.

Colion Noir, a gun enthusiast, has a good response to Mr. Schultz.


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0 responses to “Starbucks No Gun Policy Response

  1. Face it, starbucks is unAmerican. Remember when they refused to send coffee to our troops. Send a message to this idiot ceo and quit giving patronage to these stores.

  2. You’ll save a lot of money too. :~}

  3. They put a starbucks in my local Safeway store………….I laughed, and walked across the street to get coffee. Forevermore

  4. bill—-agree—-and also consider this: Is it possible they will bar ALL policemen/sheriff/border patrol/park service/justice of the peace/humane society enforcer and others who legally carry guns…. and private security personnel from the store with this new edict? Are they doing this (under the guise of political correctness) to avoid the appearance of being stingy about NOT offering our law-enforcement a free cup of joe (almost an American tradition!) now and then? Think of it: a couple of free cups a day times the thousands of outlets nation-wide. How much money is that? Follow the MONEY to find out people’s true motivations!

    Where are law-enforcement men/women getting coffee ?…THAT’S where I”m going to go! Personally, if I were a business owner with an open door and a cash register, I’d LOVE to have people with LEGALLY carried guns in my store…ie…esp law enforcement. A cup of coffee in exchange for an armed officer hanging out at my cash register…pretty cheap security force!

    My advice is…Starbucks: Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

  5. Open carry doesn’t bother me one bit. And the only reason i have to dislike concealed carry is that the required permit puts you on the gumamment radar for the coming confiscation. What scares me is all of the law abiding people that willingly disarm themselves and think they should disarm every other law abiding citizen. Crooks are most likely not going to walk around showing everybody they’re packing until they’re ready to start mowing people down. And the honest CCP holders are not likey to hold anybody up. And they would probably not stop to ask you if you’re a gun contol nut before they save your life.


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