0 responses to “Starbucks in Louisiana served coffee with satanic symbols

  1. How disgusting! Almost as bad as their over-roasted, bitter coffee.

  2. This is a business that celebrities frequent as a status, socialite wannabes, and the me, me, me generation. ALL selfish, self centered and unaware of the rights that they no longer have.
    Starbucks made a feeble attempt to show American Sprit but unless it is spoken from the heart, it’s never real.

  3. I stopped patronizing Starbucks ever since the CEO made the comment about folks who don’t support homosexual marriage should sell their stocks…plenty of other coffee companies out there

  4. Did they fire the guy or are they still just “taking the complaint seriously”?

    If the barista put “John 3:16” on there, you’d bet they’d have told EVERYONE they fired him for being “intolerant” at the first opportunity.

  5. You shall know them by their fruits.

    • You shall know them by their foam.


      Seriously, pathetic weasle of an employee. I wonder if the punk targeted her on purpose, knowing she was a Catholic? He might be a disgruntled back pew sitter in her local church who had seen her there before… (just guessing).

      If she couldn’t bring herself to speak, too bad she didn’t take out her smartphone & snap a photo of the jerk to send to StarSucks execs.

    • traildustfotm

      So true Mike. And their ruined coffee beans are BAD fruit. 😀

  6. Did she actually drink the coffee and if so why?

  7. Sigh….this IS Louisianna, after all……


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