Starbucks disallows amputee veteran’s service dog

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If Starbucks’s anti-Christian and anti-gun policies aren’t enough to convince you to boycott their over-priced coffee, here’s another reason.

A Starbucks in Houston, Texas, won’t allow an Iraq war veteran to bring in his service dog. The veteran is an amputee.

Yancy-Baer-and-VerbenaYancy Baer and his best friend, Verbena reports (via LibertyUnyielding) that while serving in Iraq in 2009, Yancy Baer learned he had bone cancer after undergoing treatment for a leg injury. His left leg from the knee down had to be amputated.

A high point came about 14 weeks ago when he met his new best friend, Verbena, a physical service dog that had come to him through a national organization called Canine Companions for Independence (CCFI).

But a low point came when Baer traveled to Houston from San Antonio to share his experience on behalf of CCFI. He had arranged to meet his contact at a Stabucks. But before he could enter the store, he was confronted by an employee who told him the store had a no-dogs policy.

When Baer explained that Verbena was his service dog, the employee countered, “You’re not blind.”

Baer was wearing pants at the time.

But Baer says he harbors no hard feelings or ill toward Starbucks and that if he had been wearing shorts, the Starbucks staffer wouldn’t have made such a fuss: “People with disabilities, you can’t always see those disabilities. You never know what a service dog is for.”

Starbucks corporate spokeswoman Laurel Harper released the following statement to KHOU:

Starbucks always welcomes service animals to our stores, and this customer’s experience is not consistent with the welcoming and friendly environment we strive to create for everyone. We have spoken with this customer to apologize for his experience, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve him again. We have also spoken with our store partner about this situation and used this as a coaching opportunity for the future.


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0 responses to “Starbucks disallows amputee veteran’s service dog

  1. Starbucks has a nasty history of hatred for our military and refusing to send them coffee and such. We spend zero there.

  2. Coaching Opportunity? What ever happened to “learning lesson?” Those Libs can put a spin on anything and people suck it up.Haven’t stepped foot in a Starbucks in 8 yrs.Have no plans to ever again Thank You.

  3. Harriet, too true. And whatever happened to training one’s employees to treat everyone with respect . The idiot embarrassed this vet unecessarily.
    Makes me that much angrier because the poor guy was a vet.

    • I’ll bet if he said he lost his leg trying to stop whale hunting with Greenpeace they’d have been good about things.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. I am absolutely aghast! I must tell my husband, as he loves the coffee there.

  5. Anybody notice all the nice p.c.(b.s.) lingo in Mzzzzzzzzz Harper’s statement….I do believe they are in c.y.a.mode !

  6. They should offer this American Vet–free coffee for life! After all, even if their employee was stupid or incompetent, they could be sued for this misadventure. I don’t frequent Starbucks, and don’t think I will start at this late date.

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  8. “But Baer says he harbors no hard feelings or ill toward Starbucks”…spoken like a true soldier, taking the high road. Classy.
    Stupid employee. I don’t drink coffee so never go to Starbuck’s.

  9. All that, and—-besides, their coffee is flagrantly overpriced. Gives me the creeps to stand in line w/those California Cool dudes (Look at Me, I’m at Starbucks ready to order my double latte giganticus with marmalade and creme whipped into a frenzy and sprinkled with fortified prestige …..). So, I don’t.

    • Have you ever noticed that even the very “poor” can afford to go to Starbucks for their coffee. I have seen more than once a person checking out their groceries, using food stamps; all the while blissfully shopping with a Starbuck’s in their hand. I say, if you can afford Starbucks, you can afford to purchase your own food without the government’s help.

  10. No matter how many times they apologize, they still have no respect for our troops and veterans. They are only apologizing not to lose the almighty dollar. I have never stepped foot in starbucks and never will. I will not give patronage to a company that is unAmerican. Support our men and women of the armed services and boycott starbucks.

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  12. “you don’t look handicapped”
    “You don’t look stupid”
    Guess you can’t tell by looking.


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