Stanford University fraternity told to remove American flag because it’s intimidating and aggressive

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The next time we find ourselves despairing about the future of America, remember the young people of Sigma Chi and the Stanford Review.

The Stanford Review is an independent newspaper staffed completely by Stanford University undergraduates. It describes itself as “a political magazine that promotes independent thought at Stanford. We aim to promote debate about campus and national issues that are otherwise not represented by traditional publications.”

Stanford Review‘s executive director Antigone Xenopoulos reports on Nov. 28, 2018, that the Sigma Chi fraternity was on probation last year. So the fraternity tried to improve its image with the university so that the probation would be lifted and the fraternity be allowed to continue.

According to senior Pablo Lozano, class of 2018, as well as other students who asked not to be named, a Stanford University administrator “encouraged” Sigma Chi to take down the American flag flown in front of its house in order to improve its image on campus.

The administrative – let’s call him Mr. Z – was assigned to serve as a liaison between Residential Education and Sigma Chi. At first, Mr. Z was supportive and helpful, explaining to the fraternity often obscure bureaucratic processes.

But his demeanor changed one night in Autumn 2017.

The fraternity had invited Mr. Z to dinner, during which he “offhandedly suggested” that the American flag flown in front of the Sigma Chi house be removed.

Mr. Z urged Sigma Chi to consider the image being presented to the rest of campus by flying the flag out front. Lozano understood the administrator to imply that the American flag was intimidating, aggressive or alienating, and made others uncomfortable, and that Mr. Z found the mere sight of the American flag to be offensive.

Lozano recounted that the more the house talked about Mr. Z’s suggestion, the more it bothered them. Many found his proposal to take down the flag “weird”. The remark was out of the blue and incongruent with the rapport the fraternity had shared with Mr. Z. Furthermore, the fraternity wondered since when is an American flag flown at an institution in the United States offensive?

In fact, American flags adorned buildings near Sigma Chi and on campus, including:

  • Stanford’s Post Office right down the road from Sigma Chi.
  • Green Library’s Bing Wing.
  • Memorial Auditorium, which commemorates fallen Stanford soldiers since WWI.

Furthermore, Lozano noted that Mr. Z raised no objections to the Dominican flag flown by a student from his bedroom window in Sigma Chi or to the Palestinian flag hung across the street at Columbae.

To Sigma Chi’s credit, the fraternity not only declined to remove the American flag from its house, they replaced it with an even bigger one — from a 3×5 ft. flag to a 4×6 ft. flag. The former flag was then framed and placed on display inside the house. In Lozano’s words, Sigma Chi’s decision was a “silent but visible protest” against the classification of the American flag as a potentially stigmatizing symbol by a member of the Stanford administration.

And the upshot?

Sigma Chi is gone. The fraternity was shut down last May and no longer exists at Stanford University. (Breitbart)

Stanford Reviews executive director Antigone Xenopoulos concludes:

This series of events, known to few, is concerning on multiple levels. One can imagine a justification for opposing a foreign flag being flown on one’s own soil, though I believe that such a condemnation would be ultra-nationalist and antagonistic. One could also reasonably consider the display of an authoritarian regime’s flag to be insulting and hostile – be it a flag representing Nazi Germany, The Confederacy, or Apartheid South Africa. One can likewise anticipate the classification of a sectarian flag as illegal – be it that of Catalonian or Chechen separatists. However, there is no reason why hoisting the American flag, on American soil, at an American institution, is offensive.

Every individual – American or not – has a right to take issue with any and all policies and actions that the U.S. government takes. I am not discouraging criticism of, protest against, or opposition to U.S. government policies. In fact, I encourage such scrutiny. To classify the American flag on American soil as offensive or jingoistic, however, is an entirely separate phenomenon which implies the condemnation of the United States at large.

There is an evident aversion amongst private institutions in the Bay Area to affiliate or partner with the American government. Be it Google employees protesting collaboration with the military on AI development, the absence of the national anthem at Stanford’s 2018 graduation ceremony, the elimination of the American flag from student organization logos, or Stanford’s framing itself as a global rather than American institution, the pattern is clear. Affiliation or partnership with the U.S. government is neither popular nor sexy. Patriotism in the Bay [San Francisco Bay Area] is not praised; indeed, at this rate of pariah-hood, it may soon perish.

However, the presently taboo nature of national pride is shortsighted. The distinction between our timeless political institutions (and their hallowed symbols) and the country’s leaders and policies at any given moment in history is elementary but crucial. Condemnations of patriotism fail to recognize that the United States’ institutions have and will continue to outlive unpopular leaders. This fact alone is cause for significant national pride. The vilification of our nation and its symbols is damning for the social fabric of American society. The current political climate has destroyed the last remnants of civic unity and patriotism.

But enough with the ominous platitudes. Next time you hear someone degrade a symbol of the United States – whether in the form of a flag, the Constitution, or the national anthem – you can defend the principles of this nation through oration or just go out and, like Sigma Chi, buy a bigger one.

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16 responses to “Stanford University fraternity told to remove American flag because it’s intimidating and aggressive

  1. This nation has been destroyed by eight years of the Obama hate machine and his complicit media. The United States is not perfect because its citizens are not perfect. But so far, I believe it’s the best we can get. The action of eliminating that fraternity over the flag of the United States warrants investigation. Mr. Z’s affiliations must be examined as it seems he’s a radical, perhaps affilliated with the Communists party or some anti-Israel group. Perhaps we should sic antifa on Stanford and burn the place down. We’ll just tell them the Milo or Coulter are invited. That should be enough.

  2. Congratulations

    You are critical thinkers. You wish to stand as a distinct independent organization. The current popular dogma should never stop an individual or organization from standing up and stating freely their views. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  3. Good for Sigma Chi for putting up a larger flag! Anyone disrespecting the American Flag in my presence will find out they did it in front of the wrong man. I am proud of Our Flag and what it stands for. I have sailed under it and proudly raised it. I have had friends and relatives buried under the American Flag…. Disrespecting the Flag is dishonoring their Service… That I will not tolerate…

  4. Antigone says Stanford is framing itself as a globalist rather than an American institution, that affiliation with the US government at Stanford is neither popular nor sexy, and that in the Bay Area American patriots are like pariahs. She’s a brave (and pretty) young woman. Stanford, however, is financially tied at the hip to the US government like few other research universities are, whether students like it or not, yet this isn’t inconsistent with its using its clout to supplant American institutions with globalist compliance regimes using unopposed force and economic repression to regulate every aspect of our lives—because that’s also the deep state’s objective publicly announced by GHWB himself twenty-five years ago at the UN.

    Patriots are likewise and every bit as much pariahs in DC, to the extent the FBI aligned itself with the SPLC for the purpose of framing and criminalizing what just yesterday was considered patriotic, while the Stasi-modeled DHS adopted a list denouncing vets, orthodox Christians, pro-2A’s, constitutionalists, and Ron Paul supporters as “domestic terrorists.” What is kept hidden about the deep state is made manifest by the anti-White globalism celebrated at Stanford. You’d think Euro-American studs in the effed up federal government would recognize that what’s going on at Stanford is what’s in store for their children and grand children, where genocidal minorities are given unmerited priority at every turn and the former hounded like pariahs.

  5. Remove ALL American flags from California. It’s not a part of our country.

  6. Yeah, this is all part of the meme. They are pushing (successfully) hatred of America in favor of an Internationale. Tactics such as those herein described are more recognizable among Mafia types than school administrators.

    Also, flags are symbols. People relate to them different ways. Just because a symbol irritates someone does not convey a right to censor it. I saw Obongo number stickers from time to time, I didn’t remove any bumpers.

    Eight years of Obongo has totally ruined a whole generation. Just look at the role model for these SJW’s. I’m afraid I’m still ornery enough to respond negatively to any such suggestion. Nobody is going to tell me what I can put in front of my house or what I can say.

  7. The U.S flag does not represent any one individual in the country. It represents perfection in society. Love of country, individual God granted rights, pursuit of happiness. It does not represent hate and division, It doesn’t represent oppressive government. Many seem to have forgotten these ideals and waiting for the gumment to instill them doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  8. I would guess Mr Z is a hoot at the Olympics,where every single country entered proudly, marches in being led by their countries flag. No one takes an offense.
    I think the history of Mr. Z needs to be investigated and just where does he stand on all American issues. We also need to know how was a fraternity so easily erased and why.
    Our American flag is a symbol of freedom, it seems trying to shut our flag down has become a challenge for those that really don’t believe in free speech of any kind. They are hypocrites is the worse way.

  9. The appearing of the American flag in so many places in the world for more than a century has meant relief, freedom from tyranny, freedom from fear (many times of your own oppressive government) and even sometimes, freedom from starvation and/or death from a slew of situations. The American flag flies over a country that welcomes a million legal immigrants every year….and handles at least an equal amount of illegal entrants for whom this flag represents more or less the “North Star” in a journey that they profess is for seeking a “better life” for themselves and their children. These liberal HACKS can’t have it both ways….they can’t have it be intimidating, and at the same time beakoning…….did they get their degrees out of a CrackerJax box? If so….they FLUNKED their Social Geography courses, their Philosophy courses, and probably Psychology. They don’t “get it” that, increasingly, WE have their “number” and modus operendi, as well as their end goal of globalism and open borders…..

  10. Americans should never tolerate traitors. The Marxist jew media and their cultural change agents in Universities and pulpits have preached both the “tolerance” and the “fashionable” anti-Americanism for so long that many people have difficulty understanding that anti-Americans are traitors.

    When we finally remove the anti-Americans from our nation, the appropriately named Mr. “Z” will be one of the very first to go.

  11. What does Marxist jewry give to Americans for Christmas?

    “Facebook [A jew intelligence-gathering site] censors image of Santa kneeling before baby Jesus, calls it ‘violent content’

    “December 5, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Facebook has covered over a posting of a picture of Santa Claus kneeling before the Baby Jesus, warning viewers that the photo “may show violent or graphic content.”

    A second warning beneath the obscured image of Santa on bended knee, reverentially adoring the Christ Child states, “This photo was automatically covered so you can decide if you want to see it.”

    Users can click on a button to uncover the photo.

    Facebook explains on its site what it means by “Violence and graphic content:” [More]

  12. “Church” Puts Baby Jesus in Cage For ‘Immigration Themed’ Nativity Scene”

    [Citing a CBS Boston report] – “A Dedham Massachusetts church is receiving mixed reaction over its ‘controversial’ nativity scene wherein baby Jesus is in a cage, separated from Mary and Joseph.

    St. Susanna Parish says its goal was to spark up a conversation about how poorly illegal aliens are treated at the US-Mexico border.

    Last year, the same church turned its nativity scene into a cry for gun control by posting the worst mass shootings in US history along with the death toll above Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.”

  13. I think it’s time to tell tho Left regressives to leave the US for another country that matches their political beliefs. They are no longer welcome here.

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