Standing Guard

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On a misty June morning, an American bald eagle proudly stands guard atop a headstone in Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN.

This photo, by Frank Glick, was first published in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune.

H/t beloved Wendy


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0 responses to “Standing Guard

  1. Hand Salute…

  2. lowtechgrannie

    I’m so glad Ben Franklin’s suggestion was vetoed and we chose the eagle. It just wouldn’t be the same to see a turkey perched on the headstone in that photo.

  3. One of the nicer National Cemeteries..i haven’t visited
    since my last FCC test . It’s not far from the river and a bird
    refuge….or the airport . I try to visit the fallen patriots just to
    show my appreciation for those who gave all….and to put
    things into perspective. Memorial Day used to be set aside to
    honor their sacrifice and to contemplate the terrible price of war….
    and to decorate the graves with the flag that represents those
    they loved and were willing to lay down their personal freedom ,
    and when called , their young lives ….the eagle because when we
    fight together we’re as tough and fearless as turkeys , but
    on our final flight…we soar alone….proud and free.

  4. POW/MIA ? Rolling Thunder ? I hope I can get
    back on the bike so I can go visit The Wall in DC.
    Two that surprised me were the Little Big Horn
    (most miss it because of the Monument/Battlefield)
    and right outside of Sturgis and Ft. Meade. I’d also
    like to go to the Punchbowl , Normandy and Arlington.
    Civil War sites are must visits ,too. I’ll be slowing down
    for a better look next time I come through Pensacola
    and the ‘pan handle’ on my way to St.Pete 🙂
    Loved the Museum on Mobile Bay….snooped ALL over
    that battleship and got to TOUCH the SR71/Blackbird.


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