Stand With Arizona Today

A pro-illegal immigration protester threatens police with violence, Phoenix, AZ

Today – Thursday, July 29, 2010 – would have been the first day of the implementation of Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070. But because of the ruling of Clinton-appointee Judge Susan Bolton, today instead is the continuation of the state of Arizona’s misery, forced by a liberal activist judge to endure being invaded by illegal aliens and Mexican armed drug cartels.
Tea Party Patriots is asking the American people to show our support for Arizona and for the sovereignty of the United States of America, by waving or showing this sign:

Tea Party Patriots is holding sign waving events for 1 hour today.  If you cannot hold an event they ask that you put the sign in your car, truck, lawn, windows, or wherever you can to show your support for Arizona.  
If you plan to stand at an intersection waving signs, please be sure to list it on so that other people near you can use the search zip by code feature to meet up with you.  After logging to the site, from the homepage, click Submit an Event (in the right hand upper corner), fill out the form and click Submit Event. 
H/t beloved Fellowship member Tina and co-founder Steve!

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9 years ago

Judge strikes down parts of AZ immigration law:
This is a serious blow to AZ since the federal gubmint doesn’t care a whit about illegal immigration and will do nothing to enforce the federal law.
Pray for Arizona.

9 years ago

Clinton appointed stooge Susan Bolton just gutted the Az law.
This was nothing short of judicial tyranny.
Elections have consequences, even years after they occur.

9 years ago

I thought the Obama and the feds were suing Arizona to have that law outlawed.

9 years ago
Reply to  microserf

Well, yes.