Stand By Me

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A mellow song to start our weekend….
His name is Roger Ridley. He was discovered performing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA.

H/t beloved fellow Joseph Fasciani!

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0 responses to “Stand By Me

  1. ahhh….sweeeeettttt sounds..

  2. enjoyed this Eowyn,the little girl in the yellow could dance!

  3. Joseph E Fasciani

    Many thanks, Eowyn!
    My friend Nikolai and I just listened to this fellow, and discovered he’s quite good. Very kind of you, and a great boost to our sunny Fall day here in Victoria, BC!

    • No. I should thank you, always-gracious Joseph! — for sending me the YouTube of this talented singer. Perfect for a lovely Fall afternoon….

  4. Hello,
    An excellent song, sung and played well, we do have such amazing talent on our streets, shame it does not extend to the white house.
    Hi five to you for the site, interesting stuff and very good reading.


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