St. Conrad of Placenza

St. Conrad

On February 19th, the universal Church honored St. Conrad of Placenza.  I apologize to this saint for being tardy with his post.

Conrad belonged to the Third Order of St. Francis, but his actual birth date is unknown.  He belonged to a noble and prominent family in Placenza.  He married at a young age and tried to live a virtuous life.

One day, while he was engaged in hunting, he told his attendants to fire some brushwood nearby so that the game would flee.  But prevailing winds caused the flames to spread quickly which damaged the fields and forest.  A mendicant who was found nearby this “crime scene” was interrogated for this event and later sentenced to death, denying that he had any complicity in the crime.  Conrad told the truth, sold his possessions to pay for the damage and was reduced to poverty.  He apologized for his behavior with great remorse.

Conrad then went to a hermitage while his wife entered the Order of Poor Clares.  Subsequently, he went to Rome and then to Sicily, where for 30 years he lived a hard life in penance.  Various miracles are attributed to Conrad.

He died on February 19, 1351.  In 1515, Pope Leo X allowed the town of Noto to celebrate his feast, and Pope Urban VIII extended permission to celebrate Conrad for the entire Order of St. Francis.  Nevertheless, Conrad was never formally canonized.  His feast day is honored in the Franciscan Order on February 19th.

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