SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre

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Adam (l); Nancy (r)

Adam (l) and Nancy (r) Lanza

More “make crazy” information on the Sandy Hook massacre.
On December 14, 2012, beginning at around 9:30 a.m., a lone gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, blasted past the security system of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 20 first-grade students and 6 adults.
Before his killing spree in the school, Lanza had first killed his 52-year-old mother by shooting her four times in the face as she was lying in bed in the family mansion on Yogonanda Street.
When Adam heard police arriving at the school, he turned a gun on himself and committed suicide.
Or so we’re told.
A sharp-eyed citizen journalist, “Space Command” on Prison Planet Forum, discovered something amazing: a Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for an Adam Lanza, born April 22, 1992, who died at age 20 on December 13, 2012! That’s a day BEFORE the Sandy Hook massacre.

Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven

Here’s a screenshot I just took of the SSDI record on the website, as a prophylactic in case the site scrubs the page:

Note that:

  • I took the screenshot at 2:29 pm, 1/20/2013 (see bottom right of image).
  • SSDI says “Confirmation” is “Proven.”
  • The State of Issue is New Hampshire. also has the SSDI record on Nancy Lanza, who died on the day of the massacre, December 14, 2012:

Nancy Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Nancy Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Tuesday September 06, 1960
Date of Death: Friday December 14, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 52 years, 3 months, 8 days
Confirmation: Proven

Here’s a screenshot I took of the page:

Nancy Lanza died 12-14-2012

The “State of Issue” being New Hampshire jogged my memory. I had seen New Hampshire in reference to Nancy Lanza before.
Indeed, I had.
On December 19, 2012, Rachel Quigley reports for the Daily Mail:
Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza was left home alone with an arsenal of weapons in the $1.4million mansion he lived in with his mother for three days while she went on vacation, it emerged today. […] According to Headline News, Nancy Lanza had left Adam alone while she went on a mini-break to Bretton Woods in New Hampshire – something she often did. […] The 52-year-old checked into the Omni Mount Washington Resort at 12:10pm on Tuesday, December 11, and checked out at 12:27pm on Thursday, [December 13].
H/t FOTM reader Tani
For our other posts on the massacre, see our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


SSDI’s “state of issue” refers to the state that originally issued the Social Security no. to the individual, not the state in which the death had occurred, although of course it can be the same state for some people.
According to this article in the Wall St. Journal, referring to Nancy’s marriage to Peter Lanza: “The troubles began shortly after Peter and Nancy Lanza moved in 1998 with their young sons to Newtown, Conn., from the New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts countryside where they both grew up.”
That suggests New Hampshire was the state that had issued Social Security numbers to both Nancy and her son, Adam, which would explain NH being the “state of issue” for their respective SSDI notices.
I did a search for “Adam Lanza” on (paid membership), these are the results (name, age, residence):

  1. Adam H. Lanza, age 47, Lake Ariel, PA
  2. Adam Lanza, age 24, Glen Cove, NY
  3. Adam N. Lanza, age 32, Oceanside, CA
  4. Adamo (or Adam) Lanza, age 90, Epping, NH and Seminole, FL
  5. Adam J. Lanza, age 35, Albany, NY
  6. Adam H. Lanza, no age, Waymart, PA
  7. Adam M. Lanza, age 27, Kissimmee, FL
  8. Adam Carmellobergma Lanza, 24, Hartford, CT
  9. Adam J. Lanza, 35, Georgetown, KY
  10. Adam Lanza, Honesdale, PA
A search for “Adam Lanza” on Zaba Free People Search (data from White Pages) obtained these results:

  1. Adam N. Lanza, Las Vegas, NV
  2. Adam Lanza, New Haven, CT
  3. Adam Lanza, Exeter, NH
  4. Adam Lanza, age 32, San Diego, CA (same person as no. 1; see Intelius)
  5. Adam Lanza, age 47, Hicksville, NY
  6. Adam Lanza, age 27, Kissimmee, FL
  7. Adam Lanza, age 47, Lake Ariel, PA (same person as no. 5; see Intelius)
  8. Adam Lanza, age 24, Hartford, CT
  9. Adam Lanza, Seminole, FL

I searched for “Adam Lanza, Exeter, NH” on Spokeo (paid membership), and found:

  • Adam Lanza, age 80s, who lives on North Rd., Exeter, NH (he appears to be the same Adam Lanza, age 80s, who lives on Main St., Epping, NH).

Note that no Adam Lanza in the above lists is age 20.
What are the chances (statistical probability) that a different and unknown Adam Lanza, also age 20 and also originally from the state of New Hampshire as Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook, died one day before the massacre?
Therefore, in all likelihood, SSDI’s Adam Lanza, age 20, who Social Security Death Index says died on Dec. 13, 2012, is the alleged Sandy Hook mass murderer, Adam Lanza of Newtown, CT.

Update (Feb. 2, 2013):

1-2 days ago, SSDI changed the date of death for Adam Lanza to December 14, 2012! See “SSDI changed Adam Lanza’s date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012 !!!.”
Update (Feb. 5, 2013):
As of today, on another genealogy website,, SSDI still says Adam Lanza had died on Dec. 13, 2012. See “ still has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as a day before the Sandy Hook massacre.”

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0 responses to “SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre

  1. More incredible & terrifying info to add to the massive pile of evidence that shouldn’t be there! You have done, by far the most stellar job of investigating this thing I’ve seen anywhere.

  2. Now that I think about it, this ‘event’ looks more & more to be the same inside job as 9-11. VERY bad juju here!

  3. I hear conflicting reports on the gun he used in the school, have you details on what was used, and removed from his car and are there conflicts in the media and police reports that are questionable. What gun did he really use? Since most of these talking heads in the media are idiots anyway, i can understand the dates being screwed up, but they should have a front page, and the biggest jerk of the bunch, Mat Lauer, make a public correction to straighten out thier mess.

    • d..h.. There is a vid on here somewhere showing gun being removed from trunk. To me, I’m pretty sure that was a shotgun. I’ve read he used the
      Bushmaster/ AR .to shoot kids and one of the two pistols he was carrying to shoot himself. Kinda hard to shoot yourself in head with rifle.
      It would be nice if some info was released.

  4. Wow! This is a blockbuster find – as long as his birth date and SS number match. I say this because there cannot be only one young man named Adam Lanza in the US.
    Meanwhile, I found a YouTube of a Power Hour audio interview with high-level US Naval Officer Mike Powers – he says that he and his colleagues are onto all the serious discrepancies and are actively investigating them. It looks like they’re pretty serious about getting at the truth.
    This guy is a serious player. God bless the loyal military!
    The video is almost two hours long, and the interview begins eight minutes in after the commercials (there’s an edited version as well, but it apparently leaves out some of the interview as well – this one’s the straight-from-air recording).

    • David — agreed 100%, the powers interview is one of the best investigations. I’m eager to hear more from him.

    • David….excellent video. Thank you for posting this. I finally took the time tonight while laying in bed to listen to the interview. I wish it had been the very first when I started to open my eyes to the whole Sandy Hook Saga. It really contained a mindful amount of very valid information from somebody with actual knowledge. Another eye opener. I really wish there was some way to make this interview go viral. I was kind of disappointed that there were only 28,000 views so far. My phone didn’t allow me to keep listening without several stops but I went and found it directly off of YouTube.

      • Mr. Powers said there was no link and no valid information of Adam Lanza. No doctors visits or homeschool records….nothing that could link Adam Lanza to his residence or family.He wasn’t even in his mothers obituary. His brother was but not him. He also said that every photo they could find of Adam had been layered….also known as photoshopped.
        Another good point was that the school nurse was NOT registered as a nurse. At least not in that state. And that she claimed to hide in a closet for hours. Supposedly the school had already been swept by the swat team within an hour of the incident. Every single nook and crannie was checked but somehow they forgot a closet that had a big door attached to it? I think not!!!
        Plus…how in the world did Adam get in? Between the schools new security system of locks and cameras, the police said the door was not compromised and that they themselves had to shoot at the door to get in.

    Perhaps more fuel for the fire… Please look and let me know. It is a screen shot from I created. I did cover my account info. I am curious about the SSDI record for a James P. Lanza listed as having passed away in Oct. 2011. The photo record shown for Adam P. Lanza has either always been part of a private family tree, or it has been made private recently.

    • Lisa,
      That Adam P. Lanza was born in 1963, which makes him 48 when he died in 2011. The Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook was 20 years old.

      • No. Look carefully. It was 1992. The listing below the private photo for Adam Lanza born in 1992, shows James Lanza who was born in 1963. After further investigation, I was unable to connect him with Adam or Nancy Lanza. That said, it doesn’t mean he isn’t related, given the fact he lived in and passed away in Connecticut. Also important to note, Nancy Lanza has a brother named James, but it has been reported that his last name is “Champion”.

      • Also, I looked at the account link provided on for the private photo. It is an active genealogy account. The last log in for the account was four days prior to the date I posted the above screenshot. The link can also be used to contact that family tree account holder. Lastly, there are a number of additional family trees associated with the Adam Lanza private photo listing.

    • Sorry, Lisa, but what is the significance of this SSDI record for James P. Lanza? Please be clearer about what you’re suggesting/implying.

  6. So many discrepancies here. I guess that’s why Mrs Obama is going around incognito in her new wig. Or is it a Moochelle lookalike. If it were me with all this stuff hitting the fan I”d be out of Dodge in a New York second.

  7. Just tried to veiw the radio intervue and it seems it has been removed???

  8. No. This is just a “clerical error,” just like every document pertaining to Obama.
    Move along now.

  9. Very good interview by Joyce Riley with Mike Powers……..try to take time to listen to it.

  10. LibertyJusticeForAll

    How did you see the info without logging in? I get the standard “sign up for a free trial” line. Care to provide a video? I am skeptical at something that could be so easily faked.

    • I clicked the URL I’d embedded in my post ( and I got in right away, with no pop-up sign-up notice.
      Why should I provide a video? A video of what? when anyone can go directly to the site?
      As for “easily faked,” that’s why I took a screenshot. Don’t you know what a screenshot is?

      • LibertyJusticeForAll

        Yes, very good, sorry I was attempting to get to that location myself, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the links. It does seem you’re onto something here.
        I was suggesting a video to prove the screenshot wasn’t faked. Faking a screenshot is quite simple, I am just doing my part and being a skeptic, don’t worry, I believe you.

    • What is ‘fake?’
      They are faking this? For WHAT?

    • I have an ancestry account. You are not at risk at all by signing up for the 30 day free trial on, in order to see for yourself. I don’t have time for BS and/or faking stuff. There is plenty of that already out there. Sign up for the free trial. Make sure you cancel it within the 30 days. Go to the main search page and enter Adam Lanza’s name and birth year (1992). If memory serves, that is all I had to enter for the info I found to come up. Then, you will see for yourself.

  11. FYI – “State Issued” represents the state that the Social Security numbered was issued, not where the death happened. While the date issue is an interesting inconsistency, the State Issued portion of the post is irrelevant given that it has to do with birth, not death.

    • Exactly. And I believe it is accepted fact that Newtown’s Adam Lanza was indeed born in NH.
      As for the date of death, I find it amazing – I swear when ‘They’ plan events such as 911 or this murder, they intentionally leave seemingly silly clues in plain sight. I believe the date of death for A Lanza is another one of these clues – left out in the open almost as a dare to those of us who are awake enough to recognize such obvious errors.

  12. I have been wondering if the ariel footage from 12/14/2012 was prerecorded from a drill??? there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency on the part of law/fire/rescue/emt’s…. where are 600+ kids/parents? why was the nurse in her supply closet until 1:15pm?

    • That is an excellent OBIT link, Allie, re Nancy Lanza, & I can’t imagine why anyone gave it a thumbs down. I stand corrected (by that link) that Nancy was actually born in Salem, Massachusetts, but GREW UP in Kingston, NH.
      And her mother’s full name is Dorothy Huse Champion Hanson (maiden name, 1st hubbie, 2nd hubbie).
      And Nancy’s former Kingston police chief brother (1 of 2 brothers) is James M. Champion (not Chapman).

      • If she was born in Massachusetts, why does her SSDI report say New Hampshire as well?

        • It’s referencing where she lived when she applied for her SSN. Most people never got an SSN until they started their first job. That all ended in the 80s when the IRS started requiring them for all dependents.

    • Moving piece. Increasingly, I’ve realized that the Lanzas are the biggest victims of this. The writer minced his or her words very carefully, and wisely so, in light of the information in this thread. Mentioning Adam would have created a quandary. He was not a “survivor,” so he could not be mentioned in that paragraph. If they stated he “predeceased” his mother by a day, it would have dropped a bombshell and endorsed the information discovered here. If they stated he died later that day, it would have been an endorsement of the official story, which I think they also wanted to avoid. I don’t think the date in the SSDI is a typo. Someone can mistype a single digit, but when the day of the week is also involved, “Friday” can’t accidentally become “Thursday.” Even with a drop-down box form, you would have to be really careless. Whether Adam did die on the 13th or not, that information was deliberately entered there, either by a clerk, a hacker, or a hack. I hope that with further investigation, the date pans out.

  13. Great job! Let’s hope Adam’s DOD sticks because THAT would be the cherry on the cake to blow this case wide open.
    Just a few background add-ons re SSDI:
    Sites like Ancestry & GenealogyBank obviously buy copies of the OFFICIAL “DEATH MASTER FILE” (DMF) which is sold through the Dept. of Commerce site called Then GenealogyBank, et al, try to RESELL the info to family-tree hunters & “media fakery conspiracy theorists” like us 🙂 (but you can stop your browser from fully loading to keep GenealogyBank’s “popup window” from appearing asking you to join/register/pay, etc.)
    Once you buy at a subscription to access SSA’s Official DMF, the site you would use to log in is here: In their left menu is a section called “Mandatory Requirements” that says anybody that buys, uses, &/or resells the DMF MUST let people know that SSA is constantly making corrections/amendments to their DMF so the “resold” info may not always be correct. It also says subscribers should always get the frequent updates from SSA.
    The point of all that is to say (for the naysayers & just in case), that a “correction” could have been made but it has not yet trickled down the pipe to the resellers yet.
    Personally, my guess is the 12/13/12 date is correct & not a “typo” (unless it’s part of the “mind game psyop” being purposefully perpetrated, in order to send us on another goose chase which the MSM will eventually pick up on from Alternative Media & blow it up all out of proportion, interviewing on Good Morning America a now-fired [fake] SSA-DMF data-entry slob who made the “typo” & “how terrible” they feel about it, etc., ad nauseam, all for the purpose to make “conspiracy theorists” look like idiots for having believed the 12/13/12 date.
    So if anyone has the wherewithal, I would check Adam’s DOD every day or week for awhile to see if it gets “corrected” by SSA to DMF to NTIS to SSDMF to GenealogyBank, et al. –& ESPECIALLY check it frequently if we hear the MSM has picked up on it.
    Lastly, the site says if anyone finds errors they have to go to the LOCAL SSA office “with PROOF” of the error, & NOT to contact nor who merely SELLS the info for SSA. also says the best place “for the public” to get death info (besides their fee-based DMF) is from local STATES’ Vital Statistics Offices as that is supposedly the most reliable “entry point” of all death info.
    As for New Hampshire, Nancy & Adam were born in Kingston, NH, per MSM. Nancy supposedly grew up in a 1740 antique family home. Later she & her family (Peter & Adam) lived in Kingston next door to her cop/brother before they moved to Newtown in 1996-1998 (I’ve seen both years in MSM articles). The cop/brother still lives in Kingston & supposedly was the former Kingston NH police chief. His name is Chapman, per some MSM, or Champion, which suposedly he & Nancy’s mother’s name is Champion or Chapman Hanson (remarried but 2nd hubbie deceased as “Grandma” was called a widow by MSM who goes South to Tampa area for the winters & stays in a mobile home community).
    Having a cop in the family makes it all more suspicious, imho.

    • Thanks, TPR. I’m sure the page will either be scrubbed or the date of death changed. Which is why I took a screenshot yesterday.
      I’m also sure “they” will attribute the Dec. 13 death date to “clerical error.” But, added to the other anomalies about the Sandy Hook massacre, these “clerical errors” take on a PATTERN of recurring “mistakes.” By now, a thinking person should seriously question all these “coincidences.” [snark]

      • Totally agree! & you’re welcome.
        To give us a little timeline-tracker, I just found this at CluesForum. This person says they checked SSDI on 1/12/13 & there was no entry yet for Adam Lanza. So within the past 8-days (1/12-20/13), the death was finally registered/entered into SSA-DMF aka SSDI:
        As of 1/12/13 there was not yet an SSDI listing for Adam Lanza, per this short post at CluesForum:
        Re: Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting 14 dec. 2012
        by Sisterlover on January 12th, 2013, 3:42 am
        Strange… The SSDI shows many of the ‘victims’ of Sandy Hook, but contains no entry for Adam Lanza!?
        End Quote.

  14. The gun they removed from his trunk was a shot gun. This whole thing was set up to give obummer ammo for gun confiscation.

  15. Heavy stuff Dr. Eowyn as always. I am glad therr are people like u in the world and those who are on FOTM in general. It is good to know that there are more people like myself, who don’t stay in the Dark on issues, or aren’t programmed like robots to believe everything that we hear and see. Great job FOTM subscribers and followers, keep up the good work.

  16. I dont believe there was a shooting or a dead adam lanza…..I believe the entire event was a wag the dog….that town has gotten so much funding for “beautification program” for the past 10 years and the new school was empty and at one time they considered destroying the building but instead they upgraded it and made it the new sandy hook elementary school…it was Chalk School at one time and was a high school. Any town that gets $$$ from government always get a new school….this school was built in 1969 original school was built in 1935….so….as the new sandy hook school was already there I suspect that is where all the children were while this false flag operation was being carried out because as we know….there were only about 10 child actors coming out of the school in a line at the old sandy hook school.

  17. YouTube seems to now have a dedicated Sandy Hook reported FRAUD channel.
    01. it is physically impossible to insert the AR-15 / M-16 .223 ammo into a 9MM handgun. Initially reported, 2 9MMs found inside the school.
    02. IDIOT, allegedly claimed CT Medical Examiner states on video, that he’s a firearms expert and that all victims were shot with the “rifle”. As .223 and 9MM brass casings are easily, visually identified, as different sizes, this likely CRISISACTORS contractor / employee obviously doesn’t know his brass from his own A**.
    03. Reported that alleged murderer, Adam Lanza, didn’t leave building, YET, alleged AR-15 is later found in his mother’s car trunk. Video showing its removal, clearly shows it to be a shotgun, perhaps a unscoped Mossberg 500 / 590. NOTE: An AR-15’s upper receiver is distinctively unique. From my knowledge / experience, the upper was not AR-15.
    04. The website application requires that one be PREVIOUSLY TRAINED BY HOMELAND SECURITY ( DHS ).
    05. Alleged Aurora, CO., murderer, Holmes, photo shows him sitting beside an attractive brunette woman, stated to be his attorney. THE SAME woman is videoed in CT, claiming to be a grieving parent.
    06. Alleged murfdered on 12-14, 6 yo. Emilie, wearing a red and black dress, is videoed and photoed on 12-16, sitting on obama’s lap WEQARING THE SAME DRESS.
    07. Check YouTube for nearly daily FRAUD revelations.

  18. Bruce, check this link from top of our page. We have many stories on just about all the points you bring up.

  19. man o man. the shit just keeps getting piled higher and deeper. when this event first occurred i had a gut instinct that boy this really doesn’t sound right. and with all the evidence that eowyn and team have uncovered recently well it doesn’t add up does it the facts point to obama and his clowns striking out at a school just to promote gun confiscation messures

  20. This is so frightening on so many levels! Thank you Eowyn. There were so many inconsistencies during the first couple of days after this, that I knew there had to be more to it. If it’s a lie the details keep changing. Pray for our country….

  21. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this superior post, and most especially for your impeccable, thorough and sterling research which raises more questions about what we have been told by the major media. Also, notice we haven’t heard a thing from the major media about this alleged major tragic event. It is clear that the king has used this alleged event to back up his most recent executive order regarding gun control. Indeed and in fact, we have a king in office and Congress is in name only. I ask God again for His justice and to save and help His people in this great country.

  22. Ditto joandarc.. Only God can save us from this tyranny

  23. Help me out here. If this whole thing was a setup, creepy as hell…then what happened that day at the school? Were children really murdered by someone? If not Adam Lanza then who? A whole town couldnt be in on this. If those interviewed parents were crisis actors and not real, the real citizens of Sandy Hook there would know it right? I mean if some guy showed up on the news saying he was the father of one of the kids, if that were not true then there would be people saying wtf. I hope Im making sense it just really bothers me all this talk of faking, there has to be someone who knows the truth, many someones. Why are they not coming forward and saying so.

    • You all need help

      It did happen I live in Newtown. These families are really grieving, there is no alien in Parker Picture, you would have to have hundred of thousands in on it this if it were fake. try getting one kid to lie let alone thousands. Just think for a second if you were Peter or Ryan Lanza would you want to be known as a killers father/ brother? Why would they be in on it. the news reports sucked. they also reported wrong on the texas shooting yesterday.,does that one know become a hoax? The only real conspiracy is why are you all so upset with the families? What did they do to you. I have answered so many questions. My fingers hurt.

      • Why are you upset with people who ask questions? And what makes you think we are “all so upset with the families”? I’m not upset with any family, in Newtown or elsewhere. Nor have I made any assertions about a conspiracy, nor do I claim to know what “really” happened. My posts simply report and analyze anomalies — oddities for which the official version of the Sandy Hook massacre does not account.
        Also, if you live in Newtown, as you say you do, then why does your IP address say you’re in Ellington, CT, which is 67 miles northeast of Newtown?
        But then both your alias, You all need help, and your fake e-mail address that begins with “Yourstupid” reek of contempt and tell me all I need to know about you.
        P.S. It’s “you’re stupid,” not “your stupid.” Who’s stupid now?

    • With large groups of people, each parent/child may see a man claiming to be a parent, but assume it must be of a child in another class that they do not know. These “parents” never stated who their kids were, whose class they were in, etc. Scary to think what actually happened. None of the survivors are saying, that I have seen, what they saw as they exited the school. Kids had their eyes closed. Kids that are harder to keep quiet, harder to make lie. Perhaps those they could not convince or those who saw something amiss were the ones who did not come out of that school. How better to force gun control on a population than to parade photos of children said to be dead. Anyone who questions it is an insufferable, vile, and immediately discredited conspiracy theorist. Where is the surveillance video shots of adam entering the school? Where are the shots of a courageous principal fighting him off? Why would a madman who had no problem killing other children kill a teacher, but allow children to run past him and out of the school to safety? Why would he have an automatic rifle and choose to go and shoot just 26 people, killing each, but not blindly open fire striking dozens more? Columbine really happened in my opinion. We watched it unfold. We watched tears. We watched bloody children jumping out of windows. We saw terror. This school shooting either did not occur, was perpetrated by more than one person intent on using it for political fodder, or it is a community that has an unnatural control over all its people. Not one member of the community took a photo and released it. Not one reporter videotaped more than that one line of students exiting the school. Not one member of the faculty took a photo and released it. I am glad to see that there are a group of people not just spouting out suspicions, but doing what they can to prove or disprove theories. The photo of the devil-horned man behind the teacher – Goldman?? – has anyone blown up the photo of him with his daughter to see the date on the computer screen behind them? I am curious as to what that screen says.

  24. Just thinking out loud here, nothing earth shattering: That CBS Channel 2 Breaking News photo of Ryan Lanza which says 7:43 (AM?) must have come from a station in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones. The school shooting occurred approx. 9:40 AM Eastern Time, so to have a time stamp of 7:43, I’d guess it had to be from a Pacific Time Zone station (there are numerous CBS2’s across the country):
    9:40 AM – EST = CT Shooting =
    8:40 AM – CST
    7:40 AM – MST
    6:40 AM – PST

  25. Reblogged this on YouViewed/Editorial and commented:
    The Conspiracy Grows … False Flag Anyone ?

  26. TK, the thing about conspiracies is that you will never hear the truth from those in power who commit malicious acts. We still haven’t heard the truth about the JFK assasination in 1963, and almost everyone knows that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone.

  27. You buy a piece of fish. You’re not really sure about the fishmonger, he seems shady to you. Do you:
    1: Eat the fish and confirm that it is rotten by your being rushed to the hospital?
    2. Smell the fish, and if the smell is not quite right, throw that fish away, not even feeding it to your dog?
    Just saying.

  28. I don’t think any children died that day.

  29. Great investigating. this is new information to me. You will also find some excellent films and reports in my facebook group TRUTH JOURNAL. we’ve got nearly 600 members, many of which do a fine job in finding the truth in this and many other stories. you got a fine group here also. keep up the excellent work guys.

  30. Right from the start the lies were obvious.They changed the story several times.Live witnesses were telling reporters that the police have a guy in the car who kept yelling at the people saying he didn’t do the actual shooting.The reporters never turned to even look at the car where the man was in.he was never mentioned other then that time.You have live police radio communication between police who were in fact seeing and chasing 3 subjects and live video of catching one in the woods.these individuals were in fact running from the school.
    endless facts that have not been explained to anyone.Truth is.this family was killed and that boys body was dumped on the scene.The Government had it’s agenda and killed those kids just like they killed all those people in the twin towers.Endless evidence proves the towers were a inside Job.Non sheeple Know that this Government is pure evil and will stop at nothing to get what they want.They kill children world wide on a daily bases,why in the hell would they care about children here.They wouldn’t.Stay awake my friends and know who the real enemy is.Know they will kill you if they have a reason.Stand up spread the word via internet,street corner,coffee shop,the water tank at work.Talk talk talk.spread everything you can and plant the seeds of free thought.
    Fight back anyway you can…that’s all we have.

    • I found a forum that discussed the guy saying he “Didnt do it” I’ll post link when I find it. It said that he was a parent, and he was there to make a ginger bread house with his daughter

    • Chris Manfredonia was the guy saying “he didn’t do it”
      A friend of his ( or someone pretending to know him) posted on a forum that he was at the school to make a ginger bread house with his daughter. That he either seen or heard the shots and ran around the building towards his daughters classroom and that te police arrested him . It also stated that he had seen the broken glass where Adam Lanza “entered”

  31. David J. Kaplan, Ph.D

    I,m having a hard time believing this kid (adam ) did this thing (at least by himself). This whole episode is more than riddled with full 180 degree turned around inconsistencies from the norm. The main problem is three fold: First there is a 90 day gag order (how smart of them) on many of the witnesses which includes surviving children. Second : Where are the interviews with Peter and Ryan Lanza. Things are so secretive. Third: Most people by far whom I’ve talked to have no idea other from what is presented to them through the media of whats really going on. Can I call them Sheeple?

    • Hi David,
      I was thinking when people ask why this has been kept under wraps for this long, they should read what you wrote here. I expect we as usual, will never have a definitive answer for what exactly happened in Newtown. Thanks!

  32. summerchea
    problem with Chris Manfredonia is wrong time,
    ginger bread houses should start at 14:00, why Mr. Manfredonia was so early and why we do nor hear from him?
    no tv interview? could Mr. Manfredonia be a part of a drill?
    just look at this video


  33. spot Gene Rosen
    Shadow Direction analysis for Time of Day, at the 00:20 mark into the “Chopper 12 News” helicopter video coverage at 10:25am EST on December 14, 2012.

    • Tak, Umm am I missing something? Is Rosen supposed to be @ :20 mark
      somewhere? A little help pls.

      • Ditto! I’m scratching my head too.

        • OK, at least I’m in good company.LOL

        • Gene Rosen is wearing a purple jacket,,the same one he wore on many interviews.
          Gene Rosen @ 2:04 left side edge of screen talking to a guy north west of ambulance +@ 4:28 walking out of back stage area +@ 7:52 & 8:16 wandering around corner of building +@ 8:28 wipes his head to express “stress” just like he does in his interviews to news channels +@ 10:18 enters the view from top left of screen – you can make out a bearded guy – just walking to and fro

        • get stronger specs doc.make sure you watch the video in high D
          here are some screen shots of Gene

          • “get stronger specs doc”
            I really can do without your condescending sarcasm.

            • 8:40AM
              Sandy Hook resident Gene Rosen comes forth with story that he encountered six first grade children from Sandy Hook Elementary in his front lawn while feeding his cats. “I thought they were practicing for a play or Cub Scouts, and I went and approached them and it became clear that they were so distressed,” Rosen told CBS News. “And I took them into my house, and they were crying and talking, and I got them into my house, and they were crying and talking [sic], and I got them some stuffed animals.” “Neighbor Found Terrified Children on Front Lawn after School Massacre,” CBS New York, December 15, 2012.
              shadow analysis of the HD video shot on the 14 Dec estimates the time at the start of the video to be around 8.20am
              At 00:20 into the video clip, shadow direction analysis indicates that a Time of Day of 10 : 25am might be the starting point of this video clip. I am uploading the Time of Day analysis based on shadow direction analysis at this time, 12:06am, (midnight) … please check my most recent upload for the Time of Day analysis. I need your assistance and critical observations of the work I have done, please.
              Is GENE ROSEN … at the firehouse this early?
              We think we see Gene Rosen in this video clip, did he leave those poor kids at his house while he went to hobnob at the Firehouse? Or perhaps he was just earning his pay.
              Sandy Hook Helicopter, Chopper Footage – Crystal Clear – HD and Zooms see anybody you know?
              @0:15 it’s about 11 : 15am EST.
              @0:4:59 we see the policeman with the dog, his shadow passes perfectly, crisply over the “Parent Drop Off” parking lot lettering. The angle of the camera is off only be a few degrees to the direction of his shadow, not that it would matter in the type of analysis I’m doing.
              The direction of the K9 officer’s shadow can be plotted in google Earth with a line segment and a Time of Day can be made that is accurate to within 5 minutes.
              @05:13 the utility pole shadow. Extending the line on this shadow in Photoshop on a screen grab of this frame, and then transferring that to google Earth, and making an analysis of the direction of that shadow will yield a Time of Day accurate to within ONE MINUTE.
              @09:09 there are the WHITE CHAIRS, that some were saying were corpses on the Medical Tarps, notice, there is a large person, and lady, rocking forwards and backwards in the front row middle chair.
              To really drive the validity of this type of “Time of Day” shadow direction and length analysis home, take a good shadow as early as possible in the beginning of this unedited, seamless video clip, analyze it, then take a shadow in the last part of the clip, analyze it, the results will be very concurrent with the timestamps on the video. If it is a seamless, unedited, continuous live footage clip.

              • The doc is only after compliments on the info he has provided on this page. He is not going to look seriously at any of the legitimate info provided by others, including me. Unfortunate…

  34. Is it possible Adam Lanza and his mother were murdered the day before the Sandy Hook incident? If so, it would seem the perps were cleaning the scene in advance to prevent Lanza and his mom from being interviewed.

  35. Check this out .Real or fake!??
    Adam Lanza with Peter Lanza?

    • This photo is significant ONLY if we know when it was taken, i.e., before or after Dec. 14, 2012.

      • I have seen it reported that there have been no undoctored photos of adam lanza released. If this is him, he looks VERY different than the overly obvious mentally ill young man in the bug eyed photo of a skinny faced boy we have all become accustomed to seeing.

        • It may also be Ryan Lanza, Adam’s older brother, with Peter Lanza.
          I agree about the ghoulish pic of Adam the media are using. We also haven’t seen any pic of Adam the adult. He was 20 years old when he died.
          He lived for 20 years; his family was upper-middle class. And yet there is only a handful of photos of Adam Lanza which the media have released. Not a single family portrait (Peter, Nancy, Ryan, Adam).

  36. Maybe so.Its a photo that has slipped the net doc.It may even be fake.I cannot find any info on it.sorry.

  37. Has anyone checked to see if the SSDI has Adam Lanza’a mother date of death listed as the 13th?? Or is her’s on the 14th, the day of the Sandy Hook shooting?

  38. This is confirmed photoshop… Zoom in on his middle finger.. Super long. Also zoom in on feet. They are slightly hovering with no shadows. Also a touch up prob in his hair where it touches the window in background.

  39. I agree. Even without zooming in, there’s something about this that’s “off.” Looks like a paste-in.

    • I disagree about the photo being photoshopped. The lighting throughout is consistent with a bright, camera mounted flash, including the “red eye”. The color is consistent. The angle of the light source would cause the shadows on both people to fall exactly behind them, obscured from the camera view, almost giving a cut-out appearance. There is nothing unusual about the edges of the figures. The only anomaly is the fingers on Adam’s right hand, which I find inconclusive because of the JPEG artifacts and the fact that length of most hands is almost enough to span the face from chin to forehead.
      You guys may be right, but I’m not convinced this photo was tampered with in an image editor, even so much as to remove “red eye”.

  40. Thank you for writing this very informative article.. I knew something wasn’t adding up when I first heard of it, then when I read that each body had been shot at least 7 times, I knew it had to be another false flag in order to “change the hearts of Americans.” I know a person that has always been very pro-gun but after hearing of this tragedy, they all of a sudden thought we don’t really need guns! I’m set on changing their mind back & waking them up. This article, along with other articles like this on here, will help wake them up. Thanks again for this informative article!

  41. I am really trying to get this message to people! There is a reason why so much of this stuff is obvious, and why they are “hiding” it in plain sight! If the government was going to pull a conspiracy like this on us, and didn’t want us to know, then we wouldn’t know. They are trying to villanize the truthers, make anyone who speaks out against the government look like loonies to all the people that don’t question. this is their way of dividing and conquerering. Watch this video, it will truly put quite a bit of end to frustration as to why all this stuff is in plain view!


  43. Agents provocateur Dave VonKleist and Joyce Riley. I’ve followed these two for years, best known for their 9-11 diversion and plagerizing Peter Kawajas gulf war syndrome work.

  44. so if he was dead and somehow managed to kill these children he must have been a zombie or he did not do it.

  45. Any chance they made an honest mistake by typing or entering Thursday 13th instead of Friday 14th???? Is that impossible to believe? Seems like that’s what happened….which would make you and everyone else who thinks newtown didn’t happen an absolute maniac, yes? Yes. Despicable.

    • Sure is funny how not once did I, in my post, hurl insults like “absolute maniac” and “despicable,” or any insult. And yet YOU, Matt, come onto this blog and call us these vile names. All because I had the temerity to point out SSDI’s curious date-of-death for Adam Lanza. No doubt, if you Leftists had your way, you would put me in a concentration camp for exercising my Constitutional right of free speech and my God-given right of critical thinking.
      You’re utterly despicable.

  46. CNN news

    This is the ONLY record they could find on him……

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  49. As a genealogist, I use the SSDI extensively. I find information that is incomplete, missing, or wrong. I don’t see a conspiracy here.
    If you feel the coincidence is too convenient, there is no way to prove otherwise.

    • jimmy,
      Well, of course, to err is human. But SSDI never admitted nor explained its “clerical error” about Adam Lanza’s curious Dec. 13, 2012 date-of-death. Nor should their “clerical error” stop us from pointing out or asking questions about the “mistake”.
      And how super nice of you to declare with 100% confidence that you don’t see a conspiracy here. You know this for a fact — How?
      I don’t even have 100% certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow. But then I’m just a lowly blogger and retired professor, not a GENEALOGIST like you. Boo!

    • Thank you for adding your insight, jimmy.
      With each new anomaly in this case, our suspicions grow. If there is nothing to hide, then there is no need to demand secrecy. There is something very wrong here.

  50. On the very day the crew is tearing down the elementary school in Sandy Hook, a teacher was a hero, Michael T. Landsberry.

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  52. This is a fucked up website. Do you people not have any compassion for the people who died. I bet you all think everything is a conspiracy. Why don’t you spend more energy on focusing on positive things in your own lives than this bull shit.

    • And yet, Sophie in Australia, not only did you visit this “fucked up website” (that’s had 10.3 million views), you actually took the time and trouble to write a comment to people you dismiss as tinfoil hatters full of “bullshit.” What does that make you? Cheers! 😀

    • jackball johnson

      You are a fucked up person for not at least researching the facts to see for yourself. You just accept what is spoon fed to you from your media.
      You are a disgusting individual.

  53. The SSDI is neither a master list of all deceased persons, nor is it to be relied upon as 100% accurate.
    My own fathers date of death is misreported, by more than one day, on the SSDI. Trust me there was nothing suspicious about his hospital death from lung cancer.
    My husbands first wife isn’t even listed, she was young and no one reported it.

  54. I’m just not sure what all of this means!? Surely a government agency can ( and does often) make a clerical mistake. Is this clerical mistake THE evidence of…..what, some conspiracy? Does anyone believe that the shootings never happened…….that there was no Sandy Hook massacre? If the massacre DID occur, who was responsible for killing all those kids? Does anyone believe that some liberal/government/secret society killed them? For what? To mobilize opposition to gun ownership!? I’m sorry, none of that makes ANY sense…… least to me it doesn’t.

  55. Ellsworth Adair

    To this day there is only one thing I’m certain of about Sandy Hook. Conspiracy or no conspiracy, by chance or by God, the choreography was absolutely flawless as a catalyst against the pro gun movement in the United States. An upper middle class responsible woman with legally owned firearms in a safe (where they should be). A young son who is autistic; in my experience with autistic folks they are some of the most gentle people I’ve ever been around. And, of all places for such a horrific incident…a school full of small children. It is unbelievable.

  56. wow today, 7/7/14, and nothing concrete. no evidence that anyone was murdered. what i do see, are parents throwing out first pitches at major league baseball games. Several television interviews being conducted. Now I listened to the interview by Mike Powers, one thing that struck me was that if google the Rio School shooting, you’ll see what a real school shooting is compared to sandy hook.

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  59. I agree with the auhor that Adam Lanza is probably a fictional character.
    But I also agree with his critics that the facts above don’t prove anything even when considered in combination with other facts.
    There are 2 possible explanations
    A) the SSDI record is a forgery, and for some reason the date in the forgery doesn’t correspond to the date we hear in the media.
    B) the SSDI is legitimate but contains an error
    If you don’t know Adam Lanza exists or not, both explanations are plausible. In the absence of other facts I would say B is more plausible because it is simpeler and it explains more.
    So it can’t be a proof for the non-existence of Adam.
    An exception would be if it would somehow be very unlikely that the SSDI contains an error in the absence of forgery. But then you have to show why this is so. I would think a forger would have a bigger incentive to make no mistakes then an honest clerk.
    If you could prove the SSDI already existed at that earlier date that would be something else.
    The other evidence on this site is better.

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