SSDI changed Adam Lanza's date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012 !!!

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The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a database of death records created from the federal government Social Security Administration’s Death Master File Extract. SSDI data are available free-of-charge on genealogy websites, including
On January 20, 2013, I did a post on the curious discovery that, according to SSDI, alleged Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza had died on December 13, 2012 — one day BEFORE the massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This was the information was on the website

Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven

I took a screenshot of that page on Adam Lanza, as a prophylactic in case the site scrubs or alters the page. As you can see (bottom right of the image below), I took the screenshot at 2:29 pm on 1/20/2013:

As recent as two days ago, on January 31, 2013, I again went on that page and saw that the SSDI date-of-death for Adam Lanza was still listed as December 13, 2012.
I just checked the site again.
You’re not gonna believe this –

The date of death is now changed to December 14, 2012!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a screenshot I just took, where you can see that it was taken at 1:32 PM on 2/2/2013:

Adam Lanza's altered SSDI

It is also noteworthy that of the 28 people (20 children, 8 adults) who allegedly were killed on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, SSDI had the date-of-death for 26 people (Nancy Lanza; 19 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School) as December 14, 2012. (There is no SSDI for one child victim, Ana Marquez-Greene.) Of the 28 people killed that day, only Adam Lanza’s date-of-death was December 13, 2012that is, until SSDI recently changed it to December 14, 2012.

In other words, according to the original SSDI entry, the man who we are told was the lone gunman who perpetrated the Sandy Hook massacre, had died the day before he killed his 27 victims!

Will wonders ever cease…. [Snark]

Update (Feb. 5, 2013):

As of today, another genealogy website,, says SSDI has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as Dec. 13, 2012. See “ still has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as a day before the Sandy Hook massacre.”


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59 responses to “SSDI changed Adam Lanza's date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012 !!!

  1. This just gives us “crazies” more to talk about!

  2. Clinging to my Bible and my gun all the more after this revelation.

  3. That is wild that they changed it. This has to be the strangest event I’ve encountered. May they fumble and expose all their wicked schemes, I pray.

  4. They won’t have to round us up. Heck we’ll all just jump on the crazy bus as it pass’s thru..LOL

  5. Here is the homepage fot the social security death roster:

  6. I just find it hard to believe that they could perpertrate this type of hoax on America with so many people involved. How could they prevent someone from spilling the beans on the event?

    • Money can buy anything , if not ; plane crash , fatal car crash , cops sent to the WRONG HOUSE on a no-nock warrant , …………………….get it !!!

    • By prohibiting alterations to the story under threat from the State Troopers. By placing State Troopers at the family residences to insure NO communication. By prohibiting interviews of the Fire Dept. personnel down the road. By prohibiting interviews of the EMT personnel, etc., etc.

  7. still says 13 Dec 2010 .. need to by-pass a possible change by the genealogy site staff & get the actual info from the government organization

  8. I don’t want to subscribe, but I can give you a screenshot of the record if you want it.

  9. Are you sure there are Social Security index for the victims. Do you believe that Social Security made an error on Adam Lanza’s date deceased or changed once you found out the truth! The shooting was reported on FB 2 hours before it happened! What happened to the other shooters?

    • You know that saying “seeing is believing” or other obnoxious phrases such as “You had to have seen it to believe it”? Ever since the date-of-death was changed to the 14th of December, much speculation has faded into oblivion, as our original photos of’s alleged mistype no longer seem to be convincing or provoking. Many weeks have passed, with little to no explanation. has never made any attempt to clear this speculation up, despite the impact it may have on the reputation,accuracy or reliability of the website that boasts over 1 billion genealogy records. At least not to my knowledge. It seems like many, many people can’t supply reasons for the inconsistencies provided by ALL major media outlets of AMeriKa. I was looking at some original articles posted by CBS NewYork and came across this link: I was trying to find any correlation between the SSDI error and any errors printed by media sources or newspapers. In the caption under Ryan Lanza’s picture it clearly says he was apprehended in Hoboken the 13th. I realize this is local newspaper, but I haven’t seen anything else that lists that date so far. Wreally wreally awkward and wwrong.

      • I could be wrong or just ignorant, then again, i thought New Jersey and Connecticut have the same time zone….

      • Yup. You nailed it, zoel.
        If the Establishment Old Media refuse to pick up the story that we New Media bloggers worked so hard to uncover, then it simply DIDN’T HAPPEN. We’ll just all pretend SSDI never issued Dec. 13, 2012 as the date-of-death of Adam Lanza. One would think the Old Media would at least be just a tad curious why SSDI could have made such a “mistake.” Since the Old Media are ignoring this, there is no accountability, and SSDI, and can all just pretend the “mistake” never happened.
        I think I’ve finally found the correct answer to that ol’ Philosophy 101 chestnut: “If a tree fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it fall, did it fall?” 🙁

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post, setting forth more evidence which motivates more questions with regard to the credibility of Sandy Hook. I still find it most incredible that after this alleged horrible event, everything went silent!

  11. Regarding the ssdi for Adam P. Lanza… I too observed the date of death to be the 13th, not the 14th. I saved the original snapshot as well. I inquired about the liklihood of errors or mistypes and they claimed they are merely a host site for such information, however it did verify that this information was accurate. In order for a mistake to be changed someone would have had to contact the local SSA and report it , which obviously has happened. I do not believe this was an error. The sole responsibility for the information is to verify people’s lives and deaths yet there is only 1 adam lanza and someone negated the fact that this particular adam p. Lanza. Just slaughtered a whole class of children..??? I can see forgetting a small detail but that date, if not in error, proves so much that any and all information given to us via the media is concocted to frighten a very vulnerable and disillusioned people. Adam p lanza was dead prior to the 14th! This information must not fade into some hair-brained explanation offered by “legit” sources only after the fact. Something is very wrong with all of this.

    • I apologize for not being more specific in my first post. What I meant by the SSDI information being accurate, states they are simply a host site for the SSDI information and is not responsible for any clerical errors, mistypes, etc. This makes it even more unlikely for the information to have been misprinted in the first place, if sites such as geneologybank are merely hosting direct data from the actusl SS datsbase…

    • kab, I never thought this could get any murkier, but you my friend have just thrown a whole new twist. LOL

  12. Police have never officially named the Sandy Hook school shooter. Sooo IF the SSDI info is correct, that implies that the mother came home & shot her son Adam in the face 4 times & then then the next day, SHE is the one who shot the 20 school children.

  13. My theory accounts for the 2 dead Lanza bodies & agrees with the SSDI records. If you disagree then you are saying there should be 2 dead Lanzas & some unknown dead shooter for a total of 3 … that is NOT what we have.

    • Since we’re spinning alternate hypothetical scenarios here —
      If the real shooter(s) is not Adam, that implies the govt and media had told us a lie, which means they have a reason to conceal the real identity(ties) of the killer(s). Why would you think the killer(s) would be dead? Remember those two men seen fleeing from the school, including one guy in cammo pants whose identity, according to two different accounts, is alleged to be a student’s dad helping with a school project that day, or an off-duty SWAT-team member who just happened to be wandering in the woods that morning?
      If Adam wasn’t the killer but was himself murdered a day before, his body was then transported to the school on Dec. 14 to be the fall-guy. But Nancy would have to be killed because she certainly would know her son was not the mass murderer. As for Adam’s dad, Peter Lanza, media reports are that they hadn’t been in communication after Peter’s and Nancy’s divorce several years ago. Adam’s older brother, Ryan, whose ID was found on Adam’s body (for which we don’t have a satisfactory explanation), also was gone from Newtown for some time. Neither would know much about Adam to dispute that he was the shooter. Peter cared so much about his son that it took at least two weeks for him to finally pick up Adam’s body for burial.

  14. quote> “If the real shooter(s) is not Adam, that implies the govt and media had told us a lie”
    NO it does NOT imply that … just like you said before …
    there are a number of possible scenarios :))
    How I would analyze it is this …
    #1 Law enforcement has NEVER NEVER NEVER released the name of the shooter … just the 2 dead Lanza bodies.
    #2 Journalists want to get the story out … they will try to get the facts right. But when there are NO facts, journalists will give the public the most likely story they can figure out about what happened.
    So I think the journalists merely ASSUMED that it was MOST likely that a 20 year old male was the shooter because of recent past news stories.
    But given that the SSDI record says that Adam Lanza died before the mother … then the only logical conclusion is that the mother is the shooter.
    Remember police have NEVER given the public a name for the shooter !
    So where did journalists get the name … from the dead Lanza bodies.
    So journalists GUESSED which Lanza was the shooter !
    Here is a story about a mogue staff member showing her husband a Lanza body … which I think she did to proove which one was shot in the face 4 times & thus is not the one who committed suicide …
    The shooter was said to have dressed all in black & wore a bullet proof vest (which would conceal a female’s breasts). if the shooter wore a hat, it would have been hard to tell the difference between the mother and son.
    My theory is ONLY based on the SSDI record which says that Adam died before his mother. But I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle of Occam’s razor … before you start involving a whole multitude of people in a conspiracy … is there a simple explanation that fits the facts … well I believe that if the mother killed her son Adam & the school children, it accounts for all the dead bodies with no loose strings … and no conspiracy by many.
    ALso remember that the mother grew up in a rural setting and had used guns all her life. She WAS the registered gun owner & it was HER car at the school.

    • “then the only logical conclusion is that the mother is the shooter.”
      Adam’s body placed at scene. His mother killed by perps?
      Police had to break front door glass to gain entry. Shadows of two men seen under door. Janitor missing (opened back door?). Two men chased out back of school. Let go because of classified ID’s?
      How did SSDI get the 13DEC2012 information?
      Messy business.

  15. quote> “If Adam wasn’t the killer but was himself murdered a day before, his body was then transported to the school on Dec. 14 to be the fall-guy. But Nancy would have to be killed”
    NO forget that the shooter is Adam’s body ,,, It was a case of mistaken bodies … MISIDENTIFICATION !
    It was not until the morgue took the clothes off the dead bodies that the police realized the shooter was a FEMALE & the body at the Lanza home was a 20 year old MALE with 4 gunshots in the FACE !

  16. kab, can you show me some evidence that Nancy’s body was found at school.. All I’ve read said her body was at home.
    This could be interesting. Hell why not? It’s as nutty as anything else.

  17. No nobody has ANY proof about WHICH Lanza body was found at the school … not even the journalists. I mentioned in one of my messages on this website that my theory was solely based on the SSDI record which says that Adam Lanza died BEFORE his mother. If the SSDI record is wrong, then my theory falls apart.

  18. When it happened, I watched CNN every day & no reporter
    was allowed into the school or the house. As far as we know,
    NO journalist has seen either of the dead Lanza bodies.
    We should look if Law Enforcement has ever made a public declaration
    AFTER the morgue examined the dead Lanza bodies …
    I have not seen one … if anybody has, please let us know.
    So far what I have seen is the journalist’s opinions.
    The SSDI record is the ONLY public document we have to go by.
    The SSDI information should come from what the medical examiner (who actually saw the dead bodies) & signed his name to the death certificates.
    So everything depends on whether that record is accurate.

  19. If Lanza’s mum was the shooter, I can’t imagine that they’d have failed to force feed us the evidence…

  20. The media, alleged officials etc. Have given us no reason to believe in anything but conspiracy.This could be intentional mass produced disinformation or just the opposite. Either way no one seems to hsve fed our beliefs toward logic. No one has answered anything regarding direct inquiries toward obvious indescrepencies. Seems we, the ones looking for truth are being manipulated even more than the te ary eyed parents of the world. I have to ask why?

  21.… really beginning to agitate me. This sort of motivation comes along with either a price tag or a sincere need for truth. How much are metabunk and co being payed to deliberately sabotage every aspect of free-thinking anyhow? In fact, debunkers seem to be the minority this time and I’m beginning to suspect this operation was deliberately launched to be a conspiracy. “So if you think it’s a scam, it might be a scam or someone mightc try to turn it into a scam.. but that in itself could be the scam” David Cross, Mr. Show

  22. It’s called a correction. They make mistakes all the time. The system automatically updates every so often and corrections are implemented then.
    My dads date of birth was wrong. It got fixed. No underhanded schemes.
    Take your tin hat and go home.

    • Hey, stuckintexas with delusions of grandeur (calling yourself “goddess of Lubbock“):
      If you’re gonna insult us, at least get it right. We don’t wear tin hats. It’s tin foil hat. Some “goddess” you are.
      Curiously, for a goddess, you sure wallow in victimology: “I have been wronged, significantly, by almost everyone ever in my life.”
      In all seriousness, since you describe yourself in your Gravatar profile as “A mother of 4 trying to survive with diabetes and pulmonary arterial hypertension,” and despite the fact you are a bitter angry fallen-away Catholic who blames the church and God for fallen humanity’s foibles and sins, I will pray for you and offer tomorrow morning’s Mass for your healing — body, mind, and spirit.
      Lastly, in all sincerity, my humble opinion is that going onto a conservative Christian blog to hurl insults really is not good for your health.

  23. I watched a video from a local cable channel and it seems like another conspiracy… I bet if you see the fb page it will have a date before it happened.. I don’t remember too much, since it was played once.

  24. When you look at a conspiracy theory the first thing that comes to mind is “Three can keep a secret…”

  25. Aidan David Moreau

    It’s interesting that one can go shake the hands of children that supposedly died in the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting. One such child was very much alive when I met him in February of 2013 at a progressive organizing event in New Jersey. His parents became disturbed and unresponsive when I asked them what they were promised by the national security council to keep their mouths shut about the events at Sandy Hook. No doubt they realized I wasn’t part of their groupthink tyrannous treason event. Did the poor brainwashed fools never think they could be infiltrated? Score +1 for truth.
    I’m part of a movement to destroy this treasonous occupation and their lying media machine. We have growing numbers in every state and are looking for truth-seeking individuals willing to travel, investigate, journal, and discredit the lies this occupation disseminates to the people. We must expunge the occupiers. They seek totalitarian control and do not support free people or our Republic’s Constitution. They are malicious and organize at socialist-collectivist events. Infiltrate these events, build trust relationships, journal the names and talks, collect their propaganda materials, then transmit those materials and goals to disseminating outlets like Wikileaks, Infowars, other media outlets, Pastebin (monitored by freedom groups), and freedom-oriented irc channels and servers, and this email address I’ve been told to use: info @ .
    There isn’t central leadership I am aware of, nor is there a name, but we work with each other to release facts and evidence. Nothing we openly do is illegal, and nothing we do illegally is prosecutable. Everything we do is for the moral right of getting facts to those that need them. You will be working against the goals of the US Government corporation. While this work will soon be classifiable as espionage and looked upon as treason by the enemy, you work for a true freedom movement. If seeking truth is outlawed, then so be it, we become outlaws. This work is dangerous. People get angry if they discover you’ve betrayed their confidence. Any risks you take are your own; please don’t put your safety at risk if you’re not comfortable. Many events may have their participants sign NDA’s, but since you “work in the gray”, you may ignore the agreement if it conceals a great truth. This work does not pay currency, but building hope for a future of freedom is payment enough for me. Good luck and take care.
    -Aidan Moreau

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  27. you people are fucking idiots.

  28. Was someone posing as Adam as he was dead. did Adam act as if he were dead but didn’t really be founded that way . who killed all those innocent children? find answers please may God bless those mothers and fathers of those children with peace and feel their love open up their children will always be in their heart.

    • I’ve got good news, amariah. No one was killed.

      • How was no one killed all those little children are dead because of a dead man that he probably or not killed them

        • What little children are you talking about? No one was killed at SH. Read some of the articles on this site.

          • What is the talk about adam during the day before the killing at Sandy hook. he killed 27 children then they change his death to the day after or on that day?!?!?!?

            • Amariah, if you’re not going to read the articles on this site and educate yourself, then I can’t help you. Adam didn’t kill anyone. No one was killed that day. It’s a hoax.

  29. I wish at least one of these articles would link to the actual Social Security Death Index, if it’s supposed to be free and public, rather than just the wikipedia page (which also doesn’t have a link) as Google isn’t coughing it up either. Free and public, huh?

    • I did provide (embed) the link to’s SSDI for Lanza, but you have to register with them to view it. I also took screenshots from GenealogyBank.

  30. Wow. I’m just realizing now that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

  31. The names of the nuns are Richard Fecteau and John T Downey, 2 CIA operatives. Judge Downey actually presided over Adam Lanza in a CT juveneille family court. Judge Downey was a married man and you can see him wearing a wedding ring in the Sandy Hoax pics. He died about a year later after a very brief illness.


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