SRM keeps people uninformed

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We all know of the murderous “Dtr.” Kermit Gosnell. Yet the SRM has gone out of their way to not report the horrors that came out of his trial. Need proof that Americans are being dumbed down by the SRM? See the video below.


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0 responses to “SRM keeps people uninformed

  1. Sylvia Watkins

    I’ve heard of MSM (main stream media) aka: lame stream media, but what is SRM?

  2. They should have explained what SRM is. I’m curious. The whole article is meaningless without this information.

  3. At least a couple of people have their head screwed on straight . Notice all the idiots knew of Witherspoon’s problems >>>>>>>>>Just goes to show you the moronic class in society are suffering from a bad case of anal-cranial inversion .

  4. I used to think the POS was elected thru voter fraud. This changes everything. He never needed one fraudulent vote as long as the voting public was this stupid.

  5. How about the lame stream media…


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