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Brazilians protest US intervention in Libya/AP Photo

Media Ignore Anti-Obama Protests In Brazil, Report Him Playing Soccer With Kids In Rio

Via Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters: Another example of the State Run Media (SRM) doing their job to protect President Obama. Protestors gathered in Brazil awaiting the arrival of Obama but not to shower him with love and adoration.  Rather, they were there to protest the US intervention in Libya and had signs stating, “Obama Go Home!”.
Politico reported on the protest: Brazilians protesting the imminent visit of President Barack Obama struck the U.S. consulate in Rio de Janeiro with a Molotov cocktail Friday, prompting police to respond with rubber bullets, according to local news accounts.

Breitbart reported that Obama cancelled a public speech in Rio Square: Some social and union groups have declared Obama a “persona non grata” and called for a protest, accusing him of a “bellicose policy of occupation” in foreign countries, and of attacking people “in the name of the war on terror.”
Noel reports: “From what I can tell, through Sunday evening, not one report concerning these demonstrations was filed by ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, or PBS. In print, I find absolutely nothing including our wire services. Not one word.”
What use to be a noble profession, journalism, the SRM is now reduced to nothing more than delivering propaganda. The Fox Station in Memphis did report on the protest, as did many other Fox outlets.
Our beloved Fellowship member Dave summed it up best in his comment on Newsbusters:  “As for the MSM refusing to cover anything substantially negative about Obama, I suspect Hell itself will be frozen solid long before they really ever do.”
Indeed Dave.  We are in for a long haul and an uphill battle in 2012 with Americans receiving their daily news from so-called “professional journalists”. Therefore it is up to us to report the news that the SRM will not.
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Not just “America sucks” or “Yankee go home”… by name. Not good. (And the media will twist themselves into a pretzel before they mention it.)

Dr. Eowyn

I’m shocked, just shocked, that this isn’t being reported in America’s media!!!


I posted this over at NB on this very subject: “At least some stories about this were splattered all over Drudge this past weekend. Of course, that means the American Idol, People Magazine, and Entertainment Tonight crowd is blissfully unaware that there are actually people in other countries who are less than smitten with the traveling fashion train-wreck known as the Golfer in Chief, but who cares what they think? They are probably the same dolts who are giving Obama his 43% approval ratings. As for the MSM refusing to cover anything substantially negative about Obama, I suspect Hell itself… Read more »


If the news media had done their job of properly vetting O’Bama during the campaign, we wouldn’t have that doofus in the White House today. This business in Brazil is just more of the same O’Bama cheer leading corps and not exactly what you’d call breaking news.


Yup, I read a NYTimes articles that claim Obama is newhero of Brasilia, while many protests took place, telling Obama to go home.