Spring is here!

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Yesterday, March 20, was Spring Equinox — the official beginning of Spring and the end of Winter.
Days are getting longer.
Trees are leafing, and flowers are beginning to bloom.
If you’re still stuck in the dreariness of snow, ice, and cold, take heart!

1st roseFirst rose

Spring4Photos from Eowyn’s garden, March 2013. Click pic to enlarge.

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0 responses to “Spring is here!

  1. We have an azalea in the backyard that blooms once a year for about 3 weeks . Beautiful bluish-purple flowers . Same time every year . Easter it starts and continues through the Masters golf tourney .

  2. Beautiful, Dr. Eowyn!

  3. Thank you – gardens are messages from God!

  4. Beautiful, I have been working on my yard for a month and a half… I love dirt!!! And I am probably one of the few humans that actually likes to weed…

  5. no flowers here we still have snow on the ground (global warming) but the birds at the feeders ( cardinals, black capped chickadees, nuthatches, cowbirds, purple finches, woodpeckers and others) have been singing up a storm and acting like hey this is spring

  6. Snowed last night. Minus 2 windchill this am. I am suffering but now through you lovely pictures, I have hope. Thank you!

  7. That’s beautiful, Dr. Eowyn!
    We weren’t so lucky in the Boston area.

  8. Spring ain’t made it to Atlanta yet, as we had a couple of warm days but are expecting sleet tomorrow morning.

    • Even in Hotlanta? Amazing! When I worked in the ski business, we would be thrilled, but these days, I’m dreaming of palm lined avenues and beaches.

  9. Forgive me, folks – I live in FL where we have had the most amazing winter, warm, beautiful. Sorry for rubbing the joy in! But then summer comes and we FRY! As I said to someone, God compensates – you freeze there in the winter, and we melt here in the summer.


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