Spooky coincidences of Sandy Hook and Aurora massacres

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This is a follow-up to our lowtechgrannie’s post of yesterday, “Two Mass Shooters and Banking Fraud?,” which debunked the rumor on the net that Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes — the fathers of mass murderers Adam Lanza and James Holmes, respectively — were both due to testify before the U.S. Senate on the Libor banking scandal. (Read more about the rumor hoax here). The Libor scandal refers to a number of high-profile banks misreporting interest rates on transactions.
Lanza, 20, is the alleged gunman who killed 20 first-graders and 6 adults in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, last Friday. Holmes is the alleged gunman who killed 12 and wounded 58 moviegoers at a premier midnight showing of the third Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” in a Century theater in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012.
Michael Brown of Spirit Daily points to five other spooky coincidences of the Sandy Hook and Aurora massacres:
1. The name “Sandy Hook” is written on a map in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” — the same movie shown in the Century theater in Aurora.
In “Dark Knight,” when plotters are determining where mayhem will erupt, police commissioner James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman) points to a map showing a targeted area identified as Sandy Hook, also known as “Strike Zone 1” where Gotham Stadium is located. where there is a Sandy Hook Bay. (Source: Digital Journal)  While not Sandy Hook, Connecticut, it’s still kinda spooky that “Sandy Hook” is the only name penciled in large letters on the map.
2. Sandy Hook — a 6-miles-long barrier spit in Middletown Township in Monmouth County along the Atlantic Ocean coast of eastern New Jersey — was hit quite hard by last summer’s Hurricane Sandy. The barrier spit encloses the southern entrance of Lower New York Bay south of New York City.

3. The name “Aurora” appears on the top of a skyscraper in the backdrop of another scene in “Dark Knight.”


4. Suzanne Collins — the author of The Hunger Games, about young people who have to hunt down and kill each other, which was made into a recent movie with the same name — resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.


5. In the 1999 movie “The Matrix,” there’s a scene showing the passport of Neo expiring on September 11, 2001.


Are these mere accidental coincidences?

Are they instances of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s synchronicity? Synchronicity refers to temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events (i.e., the events are apparently not causally related) which reveal an underlying pattern or a larger framework.  If they are, what is the underlying pattern or larger framework?

Or are these not coincidences at all, but rather signs of a hidden hand manipulating events, which some attribute to the Illuminati or the shadowy Powers That Be?

You decide!


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  2. Great sleuthing, Eo! Move over Sherlock, you have to share the bench with her!

  3. There were at least 2 people caught fleeing from outside the school. One was caught in the woods and the other was caught closer to the school building. Who are they and why have we not head anything about them? These two were men and if they were school employees just trying to escape harm, then why not give the public these details? The teacher who reported she saw two men outside running from the school didn’t appear to recognize them as school employees. And, if they were law enforcement, one would presume they would not have been apprehended by other law enforcement, handcuffed and made to lie on the ground for so long as shown on one of the videos taken from a helicopter.

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  5. Laurel Federbush

    Fascinating! The above comment is interesting, too. Wasn’t one of the other mass shootings like that, where witnesses insisted there was more than one shooter, but it was all pinned on one guy?

    • It was the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, where eyewitnesses said there was a 4-men team, not a lone gunman.

    • Fort Hood, Texas = TWO shooters – 1) Major Nidal Hasan – and – 2) shooter in the housing compound – that got away. The Media did initially report TWO shooters were involved.
      Members of our US Military – came forward – anonymously – to speak about Hasan’s background and expose how Top Brass ignored what he was saying and doing as a “radicalized” Muslim serving in our US Military – When the Democratic Party’s Obama Administration began confiscating alll information on Major Nidal Hasan, refusing to turn it over to our US Congress – within Seven days of the event – as required for Congress to conduct its own investigation.
      Obama and Holder operated to conceal all the extensive complaints against Major Nidal Hasan – and to decevie the American people – as a Madman Usurper posing as POTUS.
      This is how The White House and Eric Holder as US AG = TRAITORS to our country – and as RADICAL MUSLIM SYMPATHIZERS – falsely portrayed The Fort Hood Massacre – was “just” workplace violence.
      btw, Major Nidal Hasan was on Obama’s Transition Team.
      Coincidentally, the Fort Hood Massacre occurred at the time there was PUBLIC OUTRAGE over Pelosi and Reid – forcing the vote on Obamacare – in cloture – without the legislation being conclusively written.
      If the shooting at Fort Hood, Texas — by a RADICAL Muslim going on a KILLING RAMPAGE – to be downplayed by Obama and Holder as just workplace violence, then the kid who shot at the windows of The White House – while The Obamas were on vacation,
      should only get a Criminal Mischief charge, Criminal damage to property – not an “assassination” charge – when it is “just” workplace violence.

  6. Please remember the two little nanny-murdered girls in NYC last summer whose Dad is involved in Libor somehow. And I saw reports of a second suspect at Sandy Hook school, found in the woods I think, who was taken in by law enforcement. We’re not getting the whole story…

  7. Spooky. There’s been an abduction. Apparently every investigative reporter has been kidnapped. Anyway, they’ve vanished.
    If we had any of these people, they would be camped out in front of the police station, DEMANDING answers to these questions. Where’s that guy you arrested?????
    (Somebody ask Woodward and Bernstein to explain how it’s done. Reporting, the lost art.)

  8. I hope I’m not double posting, but it looks like my previous post didn’t come through. Just to add to the “coincidences,” which I do not believe in, is from the London Olympics ceremony. They had a Batman, Robin, and a villain with a bright orange, curly mop. Not to mention the Sikh dancers. Coincidence? I say no. There is an evil force at work in this world. Far more sinister and all-encompassing than we could ever imagine.

  9. White Knuckle Driver

    This is the final step, my fellow Christians. 9/11 set the precedent for the gun grab. DO NOT GIVE THEM UP NO MATTER HOW MANY ORCHESTRATED MASS SHOOTINGS!

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post, again motivating interesting and noteworthy comments and responses. We can certainly list the facts of the points made by Dr. Eowyn and the commenters, finding all of it noteworthy and important. It has been my personal and professional experience that the devil motivates complication and confusion. The devil is a murderer, a fraud and a fake. Nevertheless, the truth always comes out and it is good to set out what we do know and also the timing of the facts.

  11. * hunger games are a rip off from battle royale.

    • The Hunger Games ROCKS. I can’t wait for the movies based on the other two books to come out.

    • yeah “meh” that is true maybe but battle royale sucks and is a rip off of “the most dangerous game”. Nothing new under the sun. good point though.

  12. I have been following this story closely and all the loose ends are endless! I also read an article where a delivery man was at the school and saw some of the children’s dead bodies and he stated that his child attended there. Then there’s the janitor that was apparently running in the halls alerting everybody-where is he? There’s a YouTube video where a guy is being interviewed by a reporter and he states that they have a guy in the police car who was dressed in camo and he was telling people ” He didn’t do it!” And why wouldn’t Lanza’s father claim his body? There’s articles saying they (?) are going to use his body for science. And the car Adam used wasn’t registered in his moms name but to a Christopher Rhodia? Then of course the gun indiscrepancies! There was also someone saying the school was predominantly Jewish? It goes on and on! Why can’t someone give an honest testament!!

    • Laurel Federbush

      What does the school’s being “predominantly Jewish” have to do with anything?

      • The claim (true or false) that sandy hook is predominately
        Jewish could be used to gain sympathy towards Jews. This
        group has many in the media, entertainment and political arena who often claim persecution…..

        • Jews actually deserve sympathy, it’s Muslims who try to garner undeserved sympathy.

          • Julia, you are seriously one sick, twisted and retarded individual. People suffering no matter what race or group they belong to – deserve sympathy. I hope that one day you open your eyes and wake up to how lovely Muslim people actually are.

            • Victoria….Muslims are liers and are the devils army……read about them in their Koran or Quarn or however it is spelled and then tell me they are lovely people!!! Muslims are a totalitarian governmental group that hide behind Islam that believes they are the only people that should walk the earth and all should be of Islam or die. That lieing to cover up their tracks of a right thing to do to promote Islam……evil evil people!!!! Read and listen to all that they do to their own people if they do not follow Isalm and what they do to all other people’s who stand up against them!!!!!.

          • How did my comment supporting Jews get SIX thumbs down?!?! It would APPEAR that regular readers of Fellowship of the Minds hate Jews!!!!

            • Or maybe the 6 thumbs-down are for the second half of your comment, about Muslims. Don’t female Muslim victims of that culture deserve sympathy? Bernie Madoff is Jewish. Does he deserve sympathy?
              Evil or Goodness is not exclusive to any one racial, ethnic, gender, national group. There are good and evil in EVERY group.

        • Laurel Federbush

          No need for anti-Semitism.

      • I was wondering that too!

      • Because Zionism = Luciferianism and Zionism is at the root of the NWO.

  13. Sandy Hook is in New Jersey, not New York. Sandy Hook is part of the Raritan Bay which connects wtih Staten Island, NY.

  14. Here’s my best Sandy Hook research collected on a webpage at: https://thewayoftruthandlife.wordpress.com/sandy-hook/

  15. I dreamt of this event just as it was taking place or soon after. i am in the southern hemisphere. i saw two predators, people of suspicion, that were very uncomfortable about my being there, they were exiting the scene.
    I have no doubt that this was a soul harvesting, terror inducing, confusion inducing, ritual of mass torture….i was shown landmarks that are undoubtably sandy hook markers; such as the bee hanging over the local newspapers building, a building like the lanza home, …emergency services. and associated with this there were some kind of ‘shadow’ beings that were harvesting souls just at the point of terror or mortal fear. i survived this dream through my capacity for life…

  16. In the article written by your group: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2012/12/21/spooky-coincidences-of-sandy-hook-and-aurora-massacres/
    Look who the author is of the Spirit Daily– Michael Brown. Now the link does not work either.

  17. Michele, there is both a Sandy Hook in Conn. and one is in NJ. The location you mention is correct in NJ but look up on a mapping program the
    Conn. location. And Sandy is often used in lieu of being able to state a town in any place for example Sandy Utah not real city. or Sandy Texas
    Happy Hunting.

  18. I believe that the manufactured “American” families (the media whore ones) children were trained and coached on what to do when the government snipers came in. Likely that immediately prior to the real shootings the child actors were called to a staging area to be splattered with paint. The government snipers came in, killed any kids and adults who could tell, and took photos of the REAL victims as well as the staged actor’s whose commie families would later use for the propaganda videos and interviews. They used much psyops and symbolism to viciously touch the hearts and minds of a gullible American public. These people need hung it assassinated. Trouble is they actually DID kill SOME innocent babies to make it believable and have genuine backup for their deception. Pretty much can narrow down the guilty and complicit by who are the media whores. Like “laughing man”, who is such an incredibly bad actor he actually performed his diaphragmatic breathing technique actors use, prior to his little grieving act, while the camera was running! Guess he thought they wouldn’t click it on until he began speaking. Damn that video couldn’t make this lie any clearer!


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