Split In Tea Party Movement

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Remember this? - the historic 9.12.08 March on D.C. by independent patriots

Here’s a follow-up on my previous post “Tea Parties Hijacked By GOP?” 
I learnt from reading the following article that the grassroots Tea Party movement is now split between at least two factions:

  1. Tea Party Express, which has been hijacked by the GOP via its political consulting firm, Russo, Marsh, & Associates; and
  2. Tea Party Patriots, which remains grassroots and autonomous.

Take away thought: Tea Party Patriots are the good guys! Avoid the Express like the plague.
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
The Raw Story December 31, 2009
Revelations about the connections between a Republican lobbying firm with a long history of astroturfing and one of the two main factions of “Tea Party” protesters are raising fresh concerns that the GOP has successfully hijacked the right-wing Tea Party movement.
A Libertarian political consultant interviewed by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow agrees that in many places the tea partiers’ struggle against being coopted is already “a lost cause.”
“In some places it’s being fought out,” Stephen Gordon told Maddow on Tuesday. “In some places it’s always been a lost cause. … People are trying to do the right thing, but GOP organizations and campaigns are effectively taking over the Tea Party movement in some places in the country.”
The involvement of the Republican lobbying firm of Russo, Marsh, and Associates with the group known as the Tea Party Express has been apparent for some time, but Talking Points Memo backed up those suspicions on Tuesday with hard numbers from FEC filings. The filings show that between July and November of this year, the PAC behind the Tea Party Express spent almost two-thirds of its $1.33 million budget on payments to Russo, Marsh or people connected with it.
As Raw Story reported last month, the firm’s apparent goal is to channel populist Tea Party discontent into Republican electoral victories in 2010 and 2012. Members of the more genuinely grassroots Tea Party Patriots have been expressing their anger over this for months, and Talking Points Memo has now obtained an email from one Patriot asking, “What would the true grassroots people think if they knew their money is being spent in this manner?”
Additional analysis of the FEC reports by Mother Jones has turned up a case of the PAC spending $1600 on dinner for six at a fancy Sacramento restaurant.
“Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express have been clashing for months over which group truly represents the movement,” the article notes. “A flashpoint came this fall when a member of the Tea Party Patriots’ board, Amy Kremer, switched sides and joined Tea Party Express, allegedly taking the Patriots’ extensive email database with her and locking the rest of the board out of the TPP website. In November, this led the Patriots to go to court to get an injunction against her to reclaim ownership of the group’s electronic resources. The fight hasn’t helped the Patriots’ view of their tea party rivals.”
Gordon explained to Maddow that the Tea Party movement was vulnerable to takeover at the start, because “many of these people had no political experience … so when somebody comes in and offers to help organize and help them with these things, yeah, that’s great.”
“But what these Republican consultants want,” Gordon concluded, “they want those email lists, they want the dollars, they want to control the organization so that they can exploit it for their political purposes. … Unfortunately, the political purposes of most establishment Republicans is not the same as a grassroots conservative Tea Party person.”

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6 responses to “Split In Tea Party Movement

  1. The Tea Party Movement was hijacked by the Republican Party a long time ago. Remember, the movement started in 2007; then, its focus was on protecting the rights of the individual, not on promoting a particular political ideology. After Obama became President, it became infiltrated by racists and right-wing wackos. Last spring, Fox News took over, providing funding for numerous Tea Party events, then promoted and covered these carefully orchestrated events as “news.”
    Now the movement appears to be one that is devoted strictly to promoting only the Republican agenda and opposing the President just for the heck of it. Forget about individual rights. Many of the Tea Party groups out there seem to want MORE government intrusion upon our lives: some work to keep gays from having the freedom to marry, and one group is trying to make it mandatory to play Christmas carols in public schools.
    Those of us who truly believe in less government gave up on the Tea Parties a long time ago.

    • So did you attend a Tea Party and witness the right-wing wackos and racists there yourself? Or just what MSNBC “reporters” told you?
      These “carefully orchestrated” movements began with one woman, BY HERSELF, in Seattle, Ms. Liberty Belle. It was then picked up by CONSERVATIVE bloggers who promoted the movement via the web.
      If this is so-called news, then why did CNN send a reporter there (who was later fired for her actions). Was MSNBC covering them live – no. Was ABC,NBC, CBS? No. That’s because they are propoganda outlets and wouldn’t recognize news if it hit them in the faces.
      Get a clue and quite reading HuffPo if you want to know what this movement is all about – less government, less taxes, and the right to keep our freedoms, as our founding Fathers created.
      Gays have the right to marry…just not the same sex. They do have civil union rights. Apples and oranges…
      Heaven forbid a Christmas carol in public schools…that does recognize a little Christian holiday celebrated throughout the world (except by the current admin). But a “Safe School Czar” that is a pervert is perfectly acceptable?
      Yeah, don’t hold your breath. These Tea Parties are going to be bigger and stronger in 2010. Lest you not see them on the “news”, check back here often. I’m sure they will report each and every one of them!

    • Monte,
      There is evidence that a segment of the Tea Party movement has been hijacked by the GOP — the Tea Party Express. That is NOT to say the entire movement was hijacked or inauthentic. We know that the Tea Party Patriots are genuine.
      I second DCG’s rebuttal to you:
      * Are you part of a local Tea Party group ,as I am? I can testify via my direct experience that my group has NOTHING to do with white racism or GOP elitism, but EVERYTHING to do with anti-BigGovt, pro-Constitution, pro-Founding Fathers’ vision populism.
      * Why have the liberal MSM derelict in their duty? Why have they not undertaken investigative journalism? Instead, the MSM refused to even cover the MASSIVE 9.12.08 March on D.C.
      Finally, why is it that you don’t have the same outrage about the hijacking and infiltration of our electoral process — the 2008 election — by the criminal syndicate ACORN and neo-Black Panthers? Where’s your righteous anger about them, um?

  2. I get my news from more than one source, and Fox News isn’t among those I consider to be trustworthy. I occasionally look at the Fox website to see how much it deliberately distorts the truth. The coverage of the Tea Parties they funded was heavily censored; they never showed the racists and other extremists who participated. There are numerous videos on YouTube and other websites that show what really happened at these events.
    If you are concerned about “keeping our freedoms,” why do you condone denying those freedoms to one minority? You can’t call this the land of the free as long as some people are still being discriminated against.
    Forcing public schools to play Christmas carols is nothing more than promoting one religion above all others. That goes against the “separation of church and state” advocated by Thomas Jefferson. If you want children to hear Christmas music, play it at home. If you insist that it be forced upon all schoolchildren, even those who aren’t Christians, then it’s only fair to force the children listen to Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, and Sikh music as well.
    As for ACORN, Republicans have attacked the organization for years because of its successful voter registration drives in low-income and minority communities. Yes, there are a few bad apples in it, just as there are in any large organization, political parties and religious groups included. A report released by the Congressional Research Service a couple of weeks ago failed to find any instances in which ACORN violated the terms of federal funding over the past five years, nor did it find evidence of false voter registrations.
    The number of people who showed up at the 9/12 protest was nowhere near the “massive” protest Fox News claimed it was. The DC Fire Department estimated the crowd at 50,000 – 75,000, about half the number that attended an anti-war march in DC in 2005, and about a tenth of the total number of people that attended President Obama’s inauguration.
    I don’t belong to any Tea Party group, nor do I plan to join one, because they do not support freedom for all, and favor more intrusion into our personal lives. Those certainly aren’t the principles upon which this country was founded.

    • Umm, Monte, do be so good as to point to evidence (other than neoNazi skinheads) how Conservatives “condone denying those freedoms to one minority?”
      Yours is the typical tiresome pack of lies that the Left constantly peddle about Conservatives, the perennial fall-back favorite is that of racism. Don’t you get tired of repeating the same lie over and over and over again?
      I’ve signed the Conservatives’ Pledge on Racism, why haven’t you? https://giovanniworld.wordpress.com/advertising/

  3. do be so good as to point to evidence (other than neoNazi skinheads) how Conservatives “condone denying those freedoms to one minority?”
    Ever hear of Proposition 8???
    Don’t you get tired of repeating the same lie over and over and over again?
    What lie? The self-proclaimed president and founder of the Tea Party showed his true colors last year.
    I’ve signed the Conservatives’ Pledge on Racism, why haven’t you?
    I’m not a “proud conservative.”
    Park Service who does official counts for these events put it closer to 750,000.
    No, the National Park Service never made an estimate of the size of the 9/12 crowd. It did agree with a Washington Post claim that approximately 1.8 million people attended President Obama’s inauguration, though (and that estimate is also questionable).
    Note that Congress asked the NPS to stop making crowd estimates after the Million Man March in 1995.
    But you forget we were founded as a Judeo-Christian Country
    Again, no. The 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, signed by President John Adams, clearly states: “As the Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Musselmen; and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”
    [“Musselmen” meant “Muslims,” and “Mehomitan” meant either “Mohammedan” or “Islamic.”]
    As in God we trust…..Those words were put in our founding documents for a reason.
    Those words don’t appear in ANY of the founding documents. “The Star- Spangled Banner,” written in 1814, does contain the verse, “And this be our motto, in God is our trust.”
    “In God We Trust” didn’t start appearing on U.S. coins until the Lincoln administration. During the McCarthy era, Congress voted to make the motto mandatory on all coins and paper currency.
    Incidentally, the motto on the first American coin, designed by Benjamin Franklin, was “Mind Your Business.” The man was truly ahead of his time.
    The phrase “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance around the same time. It’s interesting to note that the author of the Pledge was a socialist Baptist minister.
    Today, Tea Party Nation posted this on its website:
    “You can and will be banned for being a liberal. If you wish to debate the virtues of liberalism (as though there were such a thing), there are many other sites on the web who will tolerate you. TPN is not one of those sites.”
    I consider myself to be mostly liberal, and I am also tired of the government wasting my tax dollars on unnecessary wars, unnecessary federal programs, unnecessary Congressional salary increases, corporate bailouts, etc. It would be nice if there was a group that was truly committed to cracking down on the Congresscritters, but all I see are groups whose main purpose appears to be forcing the Conservative agenda down everyone’s throats.


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