Spelling Lesson

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A short spelling lesson:
The last four letters in American……….I Can
The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
The last four letters in Democrats………Rats
And the last two letters in
End of lesson. Test to follow in November.

November is Rodent Extermination/Rino Hunting Month!

H/t beloved fellow May.

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0 responses to “Spelling Lesson

  1. Darn good lesson,I think opening day is NOVEMBER 2nd!

  2. The Reader Philip Ben Marston

    While the Dems offer almost nothing that I consider politically worthwhile, the Republicans have been doing me too but less for one and one half centuries. It was Republicans that committed the Social atrocity of Sherman’s march to the Sea through Georgia and the horrible cultural vendetta of Reconstruction. Republicans have said NOTHING concerning the monstrosity of the FED, nor of the sham of the illegal application of the Income tax. It was Nixon who took us off the silver standard. Bush Number One was an open advocate of the NWO, and Bush II, gave us the repeal of Habeus Corpus with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security , a tripling of the size of the Federal Government. It was Gingrich who gave us NAFTA. The Neo-cons were on-board when they worked the false flag, insider WTO in 9-11, and also rolled over and played dead to wars without any Christian justification, put in place torture and advocated for it, and allowed the Administration to execute wars without any declaration thereof. It was the Republicans who sat around and did nothing while the Mortgage Bubble developed, though there were sound minds warning about it for the entire time they had been in office. And the Republicans for the main are CFR, Bilderberger, BrettenWoods darlings. To pit Dems vs Republicans is to fall into the NWO trap of distracting us while they continue enslave us.

    • Hey, Ben, don’t you ever get tired of coming on my blog with the same rant? You need to re-read the post. I’m not, as you put it, “pitting Dems vs Republicans.” RINOs are also targeted. It’s about Conservatives (pro-Consitution) vs. non-conservatives by whatever name (Democrat, liberal, RINO, socialist, commie).

    • While I appreciate your rant, I’d like to rebuke your claim that “Republicans did nothing while Mortgage Bubble developed”…
      US Senate Banking Committee Chair – Dodd (D); US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs – Reed (D); Financial Institutions – Johnson (D); Housing, Transportation, and Comm Dev – Schumer (D); Economic Policy – Carper (D): Security and Intnl Trade & Finance – Bayh (D); House Financial Services Committe Chairman – Frank (D); Subcommittees and Subcommittee Chair: Capital Markets, Insurance – Kanjorski (D); Housing and Community Opportunity – Walters (D); and Oversight and Investigations – Watt (D). See a lot of D’s here don’t you? In 2005 Republicans introduced a bill (co-sponsored by McCain) to reign in Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac. The democrats blocked it. As much as Republicans would like to have tried to reign in the financial mess, Democrats where in charge and took no steps to try and fix it. It’s a political messy game that they are playing in DC and all incumbents need to get their arses voted out in November so we can get this country back in the right direction.


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