Special Army Unit to Be Deployed Before Nov. Elections?

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A big h/t to beloved FellowshipOfMinds members FS and May.
Ever since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, skeptical Americans who are knowledgeable about his radical associates and secretive past have thought  that this pretender, when faced with massive domestic resistance to his destructive policies, might resort to force. Our fears were heightened by the provision in the ObamaCare bill of special corps comprised of medical personnel with military training. [See HERE and HERE]
Now, Anthony Martin writes that there is a special army unit that may be deployed within America and against fellow Americans just before the November 2nd elections — in the name of quelling civil unrest due to a declared emergency. Called the Consequence Management Response Force (CMRF), this special army unit of 80,000 troops is in training at Ft. Steward, Georgia, and has been in existence since 2008 under the Bush administration. [See Bush’s Directive 51]
Martin is not some conspiracy theory wingnut. In fact, the existence of such a military unit was noted by Gene Healy and Benjamin H. Friedman in the Orange County Register on December 26, 2008. Healy is the vice president of the reputable libertarian thinktank, the Cato Institute. According to Healy and Friedman:

…the Pentagon has assigned active-duty troops to a homeland defense mission, a historical first. On Oct. 1, the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, freshly redeployed from Iraq, began a year-long assignment as a domestic “chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive Consequence Management Response Force,” or CCMRF (“Sea-Smurf”). The 1st BCT is the first of three CCMRF teams, who will comprise 15,000-20,000 soldiers, according to the Army. The other two will come from the Army National Guard or reserves.
Neither the terrorist threat nor the hazards of bad weather require rethinking our traditional reluctance to use standing armies at home. We need not fear a coup, but we should worry about misusing our busy military for civilian tasks and developing an tendency to rely on the troops to answer every scare.

This afternoon, as I was writing this post, I happened upon this fascinating comment made by a soldier on military.com’s discussion forum. At 06:05 PM, Tue, 13 April 2010, RBDawson posted the link to Anthony Martin’s article (see below) together with this comment :

This was pretty freaky. They’re not telling the troops much.

So we know at least one soldier is perturbed by the existence and possible domestic deployment of this special army unit.

Special army unit ready to be deployed on American soil just before Nov. elections

By Anthony G. Martin Conservative Examiner – April 13, 2010
In October of this year, one month prior to the November midterm elections, a special army unit known as ‘Consequence Management Response Force’ will be ready for deployment on American soil if so ordered by the President.
According to the Army Times,

They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.

The key phrase is ‘may be called upon to help with civil unrest.’
This afternoon a local radio talk show host reported that he had been in contact with a member of the military. This military source stated that the armed forces have been alerted to the strong possibility that civil unrest may occur in the United States this summer, prior to the midterm elections of 2010. The source described this as ‘our long, hot summer of discontent’ that could be eerily reminiscent of the summer of 1968 when riots broke out in many of our largest cities. 
However, the summer of 2010 could well be much worse due to the players involved.  In 1968 the major players were war protesters. This time, the outrage simmering beneath the surface of American society involves a broad cross-section of the heartland, and most of them are heavily armed. It is highly unlikely that these citizens would ever initiate armed conflict of any kind. In their view, gun rights are for self-defense–and for defense against tyrannical government, which our Founders regarded as the most dangerous force on earth.
However, it has become clear that other groups may well initiate violence in order to start an ‘incident’ that would give Obama and a rogue Congress a reason to implement martial law, confiscate the citizens’ guns, enforce curfews, and suspend all future elections until such time as it is deemed ‘safe’ to proceed with human liberty as encapsulated in the right to vote.
Tea Party members, for example, have been warned in recent days that members of Andy Stern’s SEIU union and members of the organization formerly known as ACORN plan to infiltrate Tea Party gatherings in order to incite some sort of incident that could result in armed conflict.
In addition, all indications point to a humiliating defeat for the Democrats and Obama in November. Not only will the House in all likelihood transfer to Republican control, but it is increasingly possible for the Democrats to lose the Senate as well. And there are Leftwing groups in this country that would use whatever means necessary to prevent that from happening.
ACORN has already gone underground, changing its name so as to fly beneath the radar screen. How many people will the group register to vote illegally? And with Obama’s plan to naturalize between 10 and 20 million illegal aliens, a brand new voter base for the Democrats will be in place prior to November.
Add to this the growing unrest over continued high unemployment, the coming spike in interest rates and inflation, and the still-boiling outrage over the manner in which Obama and the Democrats shoved ObamaCare down the throats of the citizens, and all of the ingredients are present for a major F-5 tornado to sweep across the heartland.
To what extent would soldiers use deadly force during such ‘civil unrest’ should the Consequence Management Response Team be utilized?  During the anti-war riots of the 1960s they killed student protesters. What about now? The military source cited by the radio host today was asked this very question. He would merely say that the culture of the U.S. military is changing — half support Obama and the other half are dead-set against him.
His conclusion? There is no way to know for sure if they would obey an order to open fire on ordinary citizens. 
Update:  The Cato Institute published this warning when the program was launched in its first phase in 2008 (the program has been updated and expanded since 2008).   The Founders insisted that standing armies were never to be used against American citizens on our own soil, no matter what violations of this principle have occurred in the years following.  In the spirit of the Patriots and of real journalists, government must be questioned constantly and held to intense scrutiny in order to preserve liberty.

Initial reports were that the 1st BCT might be used to deal with civil unrest and crowd control, missions that would be in severe tension with the Posse Comitatus Act, the longstanding federal statute that restricts the president’s ability to use the U.S. military as a domestic police force.
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12 responses to “Special Army Unit to Be Deployed Before Nov. Elections?

  1. The marxists will lose big in November. Their only hope is a Reichstag Fire or an OKC event. They just need to manufacture the crisis.
    Stand by for heavy rolls.

  2. My son was with the 3rd ID through 2 tours in Iraq. Upon return from his last 15 month tour, he was part of this “emergency contingency force”. Their training was entirely centered on humanitarian aid in the event of a wide-spread disaster, such as the world saw displayed by the American military during the initial disaster in Haiti. No other force-for-good in the world is better equipped or trained to establish order and deliver aid in a safe environment following disaster than the U.S. military. I haven’t read anywhere that the American military took over Haiti, installed any tyrants, or destroyed anyone’s liberty while they were there. Those of you who think our sons and daughters in the military are puppets for despots or traitors to The Constitution are certifiably insane. If I were trapped in New Orleans after a hurricane, I would rejoice at the sight of a squad of Army soldiers. Of course, left-wing nuts like Nagin & Blanco, suspicious that the evil military will take over the state, wouldn’t let them across the state line. We saw how that played out, keeping those blood-thirsty child-murdering rapists military types out of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Paranoid and still stuck on stupid.

  3. to all of you and Obama too.
    I’m not one for violence. I’ve been known to defend myself in the past with whatever force needed to alleviate the immediate situation. I served my country as a WWII and Korean combat vet. I did my job for my country and my neighbor. I traveled behind certain enemy lines in order to gather info for my country, but I am also a constitutional nut case. I believe wholeheartedly that we the people are obligated to defend the constitution of this great country and if it means removing garbage and refuse from our government buildings then I say ‘out with the garbage.’ Those who mess with the rights of the people might just find the people willing to fight and die for those rights. I feel sorry for any adversary who messes with the people of this country.

  4. To Twolaneflash,
    Remember what Ron White said. “You can’t fix stupid.”

  5. To Steve,
    I believe in subterfuge. If this country has a military coup no one will see it coming. I remember a number of nations who pushed the people too far. They are now controlled by different people. The good thing about this country is the people demand freedom and they will not rest on a dictator. If the idiot in charge goes too far—he will be removed.

  6. To Eowyn,
    I actually served during the Korean war but I came in on the tail end of WWII and became one of the occupation forces in Germany. Most of my duty was gathering information. I was very good at my job.

  7. Ron,I second Eowyn,we all owe you eternal gratitude. You are what made our Country a beautiful place to live.

  8. Tina,
    I only wish that was true. I was one of thousands doing a job. Over two thousand in my old unit, some of them buddies, died in Korea. I was one of the lucky ones. I never had to go there. Yes, my job was critical but it related to the cold war, not the hot one.

  9. Ron, I must beg to differ with you. You served our country in a capacity to which you were suited. Even though you didn’t serve in the “hot” war, you still served our country faithfully. We can only admire you and thank you for performing your duties admirably. I am saddened that you lost some of your buddies, and I can understand how you feel by them giving their ALL for our country. But, think of the countless lives you saved by the job you performed. You must not belittle yourself, Ron. I hope I haven’t offended you, but I had to say this.
    Vox Populi

  10. Hi Muffin,
    I am not offended in the least. My position in the military was crypto espionage. I listened to the chatter of the East Germans and the Russians, deciphered their messages and got the results back to our people as quickly as possible. The messages were in CW and coded. I had to break their codes and send the clear text messages back to my superiors in a new code that they couldn’t break.
    I actually thought it quite fun, for the most part.

  11. Thank you Ron for your courage, bravery, loyalty and goodness! God bless you!
    As to the issue at hand, it is possible for this administration and leftists involved, to threaten the American people with a contrived crisis as set out above. Remember, the conservatives who are pro-life and who wish our Constitution to be followed, have already been branded right extremists! Watch out-we must not be paranoid, but we also must be realists.


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