Spawn of the Welfare State

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37-year-old Angel Adams is a single mom in Florida with 15 kids. Adams has never worked a day in her life, but supported by taxpayers. Even that isn’t good enough for Adams.
She was evicted from the 2-bedroom apartment she was living in, the rent and utilities paid for by taxpayers, because she ignored multiple warnings by the landlord. So, Social Services put her and the kids in a motel room.
But Adams blames “the system” for her kids not having food or a change of clothes, angrily demanding that “Somebody needs to pay! Somebody needs to pay!”

Why must taxpayers support a healthy able-bodied woman who chooses, again and again, to get pregnant?
How did America get to this?

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18 responses to “Spawn of the Welfare State

  1. Anyone feeling the need to pop out 15 kids because she’s ignorant or stupid doesn’t deserve the help. Where are the daddys? You KNOW there’s several if they didn’t even mention a dad in the article. Dumb broad. Used to be a time they’d take the kids and put them in homes that could raise them. Why not now? I mean, THERE’S your help! Then she could go to school and get a clue (after getting a menial job for awhile, mind you). Some of us actually have to TRY to survive. AGHHHH! It makes me so d*mned mad!!!!

  2. I should’ve watched the vid – I guess they did mention dad of most. Either way, they were stupid.

  3. Ok, now that I’ve watched the whole thing finally (nur!) I see they did get the kids in homes. Good. This woman is just a greedy slob who thought the government would keep handing out money as she became a baby mill. What a MAROON!!!

  4. Bet she voted for Skippy…
    Amazing difference between her and the Duggars who have more kids and don’t receive any federal assistance.

  5. approximately $1,500.00 per month – per child = FIFTEEN children =
    a vulgar amount of money not to live in a two-bedroom apartment.

  6. There was a man who was walking across the countryside. He was getting thirsty.
    He came to a small farm where he saw a woman with 25 kids running all over the place. As he came up she was yelling at the kids. She said, Leroy stop that, Leroy leave your brother Leroy alone, Kerrigan go and get the bucket.
    The man said, mama could I have some water to drink. She said Leroy get this man a cup of water. A kid ran into the house and got him a cup.
    While he was drinking, he asked the woman. I notice you called all you children by the ne Leroy?
    Well she said I named them all Leroy because; when ever I need something, there is always a Leroy around to get it done.
    The man was perplexed, and asked.
    What if you want one specific Leroy? How do you do it?
    Well, shesaid, I just call him by his last name.
    It’s kind of the same thing with this Adams person.

  7. The father of TEN of her children – her “fiance” – got arrested – for what?
    Twelve children – under Eleven years old?!

  8. Sad, statistics show that 70% of all blacks will do jail or prison time in their lifetime. Absolutely mind boggling.
    It is the welfare slave nightmare that perpetuates this behavior.
    This socialistic chain has to be broken. And it is going to hurt but that is real life reality.

  9. more babies mean more money.. give me give me you owe me
    this brainwashing starts early and continues throughout their schooling
    education in america has become an oxy moron she should be shot

  10. White men are forced to pay child support, black men get a free pass.

  11. Notice how the news edited out exactly what she was getting evicted for and why she was in court to be asked if she were pregnant to begin-with… the apartment complex wasn’t kicking her out for having a dozen kids nor is that a reason for being in court in front of a judge. Methinks any sympathy (what they’re going for) would be out the window if they led with the straight story.

  12. Pretty much… it makes condescending white left/libtards feel needed and good about themselves without pot.

  13. WTF??? This is insane!!! Why other people have to pay for the children she decided to have??? What is she thinking?? What about be responsible about our own decisions?

    • Personal responsibility? Foreign concept to proggies…govt is their solution to all of life’s problems afterall…

  14. I’ve got news for her, we have paid and paid and paid for her. Women like her make a strong case for forced sterilization. Now if she was responsible for, and supported her off spring that would be different. But the people pay through the nose for her to keep getting pregnant.
    I sense nothing really maternal about her. If was said that the last time they were in someone else’s care, she didn’t even visit them for ten months. I think the harsh reality is that she will nto change, and that her kids need to be taken away from her. She will go on pumping out babies as long as her body will let her, and this scene wil be repeating itself in a few years, when she has another brood she can’t take care of. She’s a defiant grasping woman.

  15. Walt Sydney had 16 children and he was responsible for more than his own . This mentality is gone from America and we pay people to be irresponsible. It is insane.
    Return to pay as you go and let charity take up the slack responsibly.
    No more free loaders and loafers.

  16. And, today…
    “Mom Shoots Self, Kids After Being Denied Welfare,” by AP via Yahoo! News, 6 Dec 2011


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