Spain in Turmoil


The RT News Agency posted this video of the protesters who surrounded the capital building in Madrid yesterday.  The situation is horrific and likely to get much worse.  How much longer can the European Union hold together when the whole economy goes under?  It’s front page news everywhere over there.

As with Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring protests, Reuters reports, “The protest, promoted over the Internet by different activist groups, was younger and more rowdy than recent marches called by labor unions. Protesters said they were fed up with cuts to public salaries and health and education.”

Der Spiegel elaborates, “ Some 6,000 people marched before Spanish Parliament on Tuesday against the belt-tightening measures and several grew violent. Police beat back demonstrators with batons and fired rubber bullets on the crowd, according to several news reports. Protesters retaliated by hurling rocks and bottles at authorities and tearing down barricades. The violent clashes led to 22 arrests and 32 injuries, including four policemen

What next?



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7 years ago

Yep, my thoughts too. This is what happens when socialism controls education. You get dumbed down youth with no grounding in reality.

Harriet Nelson
7 years ago

The sad part is that this just the beginning. People please pray that we in America get a new president. This country is so stockpiled with ammo.Barry is planning on this here. Also not well known is the new bunker built below the White House to protect that freaking POS.