South Africa prelude to genocide: gun & land confiscation; racial quotas in new mining charter

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All signs are pointing to a looming human rights crisis of white genocide in South Africa:

(1) Land Confiscation

In February 2018, South Africa’s new president Cyril Ramaphosa made land expropriation a key pillar of his policy platform after taking over from ousted PM Jacob Zuma.

This was followed by the South African parliament’s passage, by an overwhelming majority of 241 to 83 votes, of a motion to begin the process of amending the country’s Constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation.

The motion was brought by Julius Malema, leader of the far-left Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters political party, and supported by the ruling African National Congress. (

(2) Call for White Genocide

In June 2018, Julius Malema made a barely-concealed threat of white genocide in an interview with TRT World News.

He said, “We have not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I can’t guarantee the future.” When the reporter mentioned that some people might view his remarks as a call to genocide, Malema responded, “Crybabies. Crybabies,” then warned white South Africans that the masses are on board” for “an un-led revolution and anarchy.”

H/t TrailDust’s “White Genocide Looming in South Africa“.

(3) Gun Confiscation

On June 7, 2018, South Africa’s Constitutional Court unanimously ruled that sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act (2000) are constitutional. Sections 24 and 28 require firearm owners to renew their licenses every five years; failure to do so meant an owner is in the illegal possession of a firearm, which is punishable by 15 years in prison. (Daily Maverick)

A year ago, on July 4, 2017, the North Gauteng High Court had declared sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act unconstitutional. Before the Firearms Control Act of 2000‚ a license to possess a firearm lasted for life. (Times Live)

Section 24 of the Act requires that any person who seeks to renew a license must do so 90 days before its expiry date. Section 28 stipulates that if a firearm license has been cancelled‚ the firearm must be disposed of or forfeited to the state. A 60-day time frame is placed on its disposal, which is to be done through a dealer.

The Constitutional Court’s ruling means that South African gun owners who fail to renew their firearms licenses must hand in their firearms to the nearest police station, where authorities will then presumably destroy them.

José Niño of Gunpowder Magazine rightly observes:

The history of gun confiscation is one of repeated cases of tyranny.

From countries such as Cuba to the Soviet Union, aspiring demagogues have used gun confiscation to disarm the populace. Logically, an unarmed populace will put up little resistance against their tyrannical acts.

(4) New Mining Charter

The economy of South Africa is the second largest (after Nigeria) and one of the most industrialized in Africa, due in large part to mining. Though mining’s contribution to the national GDP has fallen from 21% in 1970 to 6% in post-apartheid 2011, it still represents almost 60% of the country’s exports.

But the South African government is radically revising its Mining Charter, which will be published this November. (Reuters)

The new Mining Charter will require racial quotas in the form of minimum percentages of Black ownership of shares, Black supply of mining goods, and Black employees.

As described by Chris of (via ZeroHedge), Aug. 24, 2018, the changes to the Mining Charter include:


  • A new mining right must have a minimum of 30% Black Persons’ shareholding, with the 30% shareholding to be apportioned between employees, communities and entrepreneurs in a specific manner.
  • A minimum 8% shareholding is allocated to mine communities, to be held through a trust.
  • A minimum 14% shareholding must be to black entrepreneurs.

Annual Turnover

  • Holder of a mining rights must pay 1% of its annual turnover to the 30% black persons’ shareholding prior to, and over and above any distributions made by a Holder to its shareholders. This 1% payment is always subject to the solvency and liquidity test as provided for in the Companies Act but is not negotiable under any other terms.


  • The Charter requires 70% procurement of mining goods and 80% procurement of services from BEE entities (Black empowered entities); it also requires that analysis of 100% of mineral samples be done by South African based companies. This is mandatory and in place no matter how incompetent or expensive these protected companies services may be.

Employment Equity

  • At board level, a minimum of 50% black representation, 25% of which must be both female and black.
  • At executive/top management level, a minimum of 50% black representation, 25% of which must be both female and black
  • At senior management level, a minimum of 60% black representation, 30% of which must be both female and black
  • At middle management level, a minimum of 75% black representation, 38% of which must be both female and black
  • At junior management level, a minimum of 88% black representation, 44% of which must be both female and black

Human Resource Development

  • A holder must invest 5% of the leviable amount on essential skills development.

Chris predicts:

This mining charter will eventually lead to South Africa becoming a mining backwater, a shadow of its former glory.

Even the average village idiot could tell you that the South African mining industry is going to follow a slow and painful decline with the “irony” that the very people that the mining charter is purportedly going to “empower” will be those worst affected, along with all the businesses surrounding this industry and, in turn, those businesses surrounding the mining service businesses. In short, the whole of South Africa.


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13 responses to “South Africa prelude to genocide: gun & land confiscation; racial quotas in new mining charter

  1. I would advise white gun owners in South Africa never to surrender their weapons. I would advise whites who do not own guns to buy them and plenty of ammo. When the ‘authorities’ come to confiscate the weapons or the spear chuckers come to kill you, send as many of them to HELL as possible.

  2. My heart goes out to the white farmers there. I was looking up South Africa on Gab and saw some truly horrifying photographs that I wish I could unsee.
    The situation is dire, and of course the msm is keeping us in the dark.

  3. Malema is a very, very dangerous man.

    And where’s the UN on all this? Crickets…

  4. Here is an email from a Christian friend who lives in South Africa. I asked her if the above video by Steve Cioccolanti was accurate. I received the email yesterday (25 March):

    Hi Tim! Nice to hear from you
    Yes I haven’t posted in ages it’s been a hectic time

    I watched the video and yes there is currently white genocide happening here–not just against farmers but all white people. We’ve resorted to getting a gun.

    The only thing not accurate in the video is the “who”. It’s not black Christians against white people. What the world doesn’t understand is the culture of black people here. Their culture is rooted in witchcraft and ancestral worship–those are the ones who want us dead, not the black Christians.

    The government follows the same culture, so while they are denying this to the world, they are in the meantime calling to “kill the Boer” (kill the farmer). Our former president, who was recently kicked out publicly, said the other day that they have to get back at us because
    one day when they die their ancestors will ask why they never wiped out the white people when they were exposed to better education and guns.

    The leader [Julius Malema] of the evil political party EFF [Economic Freedom Fighters] delves into witchcraft heavily. He has dedicated land to Satan. There is a voice message going around at the moment from a Christian lady. She explains that one day in prayer the Holy Spirit showed her in a vision that we all have to lay our hands on the ground and give the land back to the Lord because currently it is in the hands of Satan, due to the blacks dedicating it to him. He said if we don’t do this we will lose everything.

    The country is currently in a terrible state of terror and time is running out. We’ve been trying to get out ourselves but Australia and New Zealand say we don’t have enough points. So Europe is next.

    Thank you for posting the video on your blog and bringing awareness!

    Kind regards
    Mary (not her real name)

    • Thanks for sharing the letter Tim. There is so much about SA that is unknown here- both past and present. I have listened to multiple people from SA on radio telling the history etc. One well know story is that when the Boers were forced over the Transvaal by the British ( who on behalf of the banking oligarchy ) forced them off the land on the cape and eventually killed 20,000 people including women and children by putting them in concentration camps, they met up with the Zulu. I am butchering this story, but long story short the Boers being very religious prayed constantly and in a major battle the Zulu fled even though they way outnumbered the Boers. The Zulu eventually divulged that the White peoples Gods ( angels) were in the sky above them and it scared the hell out of the Zulu. So there has been indeed been a spiritual battle going on on that continent for a long time.
      I think I have mentioned this before here, but the story of Seiner Van Rensburg and his prophesies are well worth looking into, not only for South Africans but for anyone who is interested in world prophesy from a Christian perspective. Rensburg according to some had prophesied that when the President of the US with the yellow hair came to power that it would be the beginning of the turn around for the Whites in SA and everywhere. We shall see.
      As to the land confiscation, there are White farmers and game reservists who purchased their land after Apartheid ended, and are paying loans to the bank on these properties. That may be one reason Ramaphosa has been told to back off.
      Malema and the lot of the heathen savages who are advocating and carrying out the slow motion genocide are pure evil. No doubt he is working for Satan, however I am curious that you mentioned it above as if Malema truly believes in Satan as the concept of Satan is a Christian religious concept. If this scum was praying to some God I would imagine it to be some hoodoo voodoo dark Gods of his people.
      I also have it on good word from another SA that the the Koy are endangered too. So the color of the skin is actually secondary to tribal loyalties and hatreds.

  5. It is rooted in ignorance and a desire for wildness. I read that the confiscation (property) act had been “suspended” temporarily. It seems that it didn’t go over well even with the Odorists.

    Anyone living there unarmed is insane. I wouldn’t live there if you paid me. That’s why people have to install those gas-powered flame throwers on their cars to keep the locals away at intersections. The rhinos are a minor problem.

  6. The great nation of South Africa will be right beside Venezuela and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) as examples of what happens when marxists take over. There’s no major racism in Venezuela, but the driving force of Zimbabwe and South Africa is not racism, but marxist provocateurs using race issues.

  7. This is horrible.

  8. The liar Julius Melema, (leader of EFF party in South Afirca):
    “Whites must be happy we are not calling for genocide’: Malema on land expropriation”

  9. I appreciate President Trump drawing attention to our folk in SA. I was a regular reader of the old Africa Crisis website which has been moved to and he has produced some EXCELLENT videos and news coverage of what is really taking place in SA. He’s originally from my beloved Rhodesia, which stood virtually alone (Portugal & SA helped) against the Global Zionist Agenda for 14 years. And in itself a fascinating read on the courage,bravery, & ingenuity of the Rhodesians, and what White people can do great things against insurmountable odds when we are free of our liberal/Bolshevik chains.
    I would expect to never see a “Marley & Me” movie since dog & animal movies are so very popular, but this tragic story of a loyal dog to his murdered Farmer friend, epitomizes the truth about what the traitors of the US & UK government along with their UN, & terrorist friends from China, & Bolshevik Soviet Union brought to Rhodesia & via the liberal cultural marxist “Democracy”=Zimbabwe. A clear warning of what “Democracy” really is. “Lord Robert Mugabe” the darling of the Liberal cultural marxists who was even knighted is one of the most evil creatures to ever live.
    Terry Ford & Squeak

    Hundreds attend funeral of murdered farmer (Ian Smith is in attendance)

  10. Nelson Mándela the greatest Marxist was a traitor to the people of South Africa

  11. I read this story last night, it seems the bankster, are all for it the white genocide

    Lets not forget everyone favorite S African predudent, Morgan Freeman, 🤣 was a Bolshevik

  12. The (((IMF))) has placed themselves on-board with the genocide of White South Africans. We have many enemies but the most dangerous is the one we aren’t allowed to notice, let alone name (in case they get upset).


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