Soros-Owned Restaurant Sued for Wage Violations

do as i say
Free Beacon: A Syracuse, N.Y., restaurant owned by the liberal billionaire George Soros doesn’t pay its tipped employees fair wages, some of those employees alleged in a lawsuit filed this week.
Those employees signed on to a class suit lodged this week against the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant chain, the Syracuse Post-Standard reported on Monday.

The suit claims Dinosaur failed to properly use the “tipped credit” provision in federal law, which requires employers to make up the difference between tips and pay to meet minimum wage standard. It also says Dinosaur required tipped employees to spend more than 20 percent of their work day doing “side work,” which includes setting up dining areas, for which they do not get tipped. The suit says workers should be paid minimum wage for that work.
The suit also claims Dinosaur failed to properly pay overtime wages, “misappropriated” tips belonging to the tipped workers, wrongly required tipped workers to share tips with managers for large events and failed to properly pay workers for shifts exceeding 10 hours. The suit also claims Dinosaur failed to keep accurate records of tips and wages.
The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in New York City by the Fitapelli & Schaffer law firm, according to the firm’s web site. It says it seeks to represent “servers, bussers, runners, bartenders” and other tipped employees.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is majority owned by Soros Strategic Partners, an investment firm run by George Soros, who bankrolls liberal groups that complain about unfair wages for tipped workers.
Shocker, not.

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No surprise there. He’s a real piece of work.


Hypocrisy is for those “little people” who don’t donate to the DNC, you know…

Steven Broiles

Some men will rob you with a gun; Others with a fountain pen. Soros just can’t get enough. He told “60 Minutes” his early years of betraying his Hungarian neighbors to the Nazis were “the best years of my life.” He is a strange study in criminality.
And he’s not unique, either.


How ironic. But what more could we expect from a man that helped send his own people off to the gas chambers. He’s a psychopath. He does what he wants and could care less about people, only the current agenda before him. He’s high on money and power which he thinks entitles him to behave however he chooses.

MA in MO

All comments so far or right on. Typical liberal “do as I say, not as I do.” Gotta make everybody else pay.


When Jesus manages the true World Order, the Soros types will have gone the way of the animal for which that restaurant was named.
Just an aside, there was a time (which lasted) when the supply of petroleum was declared at its peak because it came from the dinosaurs of long ago. Hence depletion allowance. What a bunch of those fluent in Luciferianese.


Philanthropist NOT! He meddled in Greece, put 1billion in Ukraine; caused Ferguson probs where 3 our of 4 people there now have arrest warrants using his non-profit industrial complex Open Society huge web; he has Alt Media monster (PLEASE check list of Soros owned when you read the alt news); he recruits socialist intellectuals from Harvard, Columbia etc to airbrush marxism; The Prez plug at the Grammy’s was for his alleged ‘helping’ organization; FCC has his organization included in the plan to control interne and bleed the public; his specialty is poverty capitalism; he is probably connected to JH15 as… Read more »


Between Soros and Bloomberg,we have a crop of real winners here. There HAS to be a way to power them down. Maybe the White Hats?


Poor Old George Soros…..
They’re picking on him because he’s foreign-born…. intolerant zenophobes!
He’s only trying to make a (dis)honest dollar……
Ingrates…. they ought to thank him for giving them a job. Next thing you know, they’ll be demanding some ungodly wage…. like…..$15.00 an hour!!
Poor Old George…..
Poor, Poor Old George….. living a hand to mouth existance ……
Why must he suffer so…..?
The bastard!