Soon to be the most hated sports player

I’m a big Seattle Mariners fan.  This gives me another reason to hate the Boston Red Sux even more…
Boston Herald: Given the circumstances, it was arguably the best start of the season for John Lackey.  But he had no interest in discussing it. 
After Jacob Ellsbury’s three-run homer gave the Red Sox a had-to-have-it, 7-4, 14-inning victory in the finale of a doubleheader last night at Yankee Stadium, Lackey snapped at a team official, then lashed out at the media for an off-field incident that occurred before the game.
Let me tell you the truth,” Lackey said after being asked a question about his performance, “Thirty minutes before the game, I got a text message on my cellphone from somebody in the media talking about personal stuff. I shouldn’t even be standing here having to deal with this. I’m sitting here listening to music. I don’t know who got my phone number, but that’s over the line.”  Asked if the text message was a distraction during the game, Lackey said, “This is unbelievable I’ve got to do this.”
It’s believed that the text message was sent from a gossip Web site. On Monday morning, TMZ posted a story yesterday about Lackey filing for divorce from his wife. The report said that Lackey filed on Aug. 30 in Texas. The couple was married in 2008.
During spring training, Lackey disclosed his wife, Krista, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but he has declined to discuss her condition. After a start in May, he said, “Everything in my life sucks right now,” but wouldn’t elaborate.
Reports indicate Krista had a double mastectomy and recently had chemotherapy treatment in June.
“Unbelievable he’s got to do this”?  Um, what about what your wife is dealing with?  
Or maybe I’m being too judgemental.  Maybe their wedding vows didn’t include the words, “in sickness and in health”.

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I wonder what Pat Robertson would say about this?
And what a scumbag this guy is.
I hope she takes him to the cleaners financially.

Dr. Eowyn

Another pathological narcissist.
How dare his wife get breast cancer and a double mastectomy! After all, it’s all about him. Everything’s all about him!


A prime example of the loss of the sanctity and sacredness of a thing called “vows”…what a cold natured individual.
And I’m NO fan of the Red Sux either, lol. … Cardinals anyone? 😉

Dennis H. Bennett
Dennis H. Bennett

Another “Lance Armstrong-Cheryl Crow” story No wonder the sinful perversion of God’s creation, be it homosexuality or dumping the woman He created for man in marriage, is trampled on by the most selfish of all people.. Said another way, apparently he just married her tits.

Vic Bailey
Vic Bailey

Just one more greedy SOB to join the ranks of people that will be made Heroes, by the media, and then wonder WHY our children have NO-ONE to look up to. No wonder the young people vote for people like Bama and Newt Gingrich, they think these are good people, NOT, NOT, NOT!!
Semper Fi.

Dennis H. Bennett
Dennis H. Bennett

I’m grateful for your devotion to freedom and political incorrectness.