Son of President Reagan says he's not afraid to burn in Hell

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Ron Reagan, the younger (and biological) son of the late President Ronald Reagan, made a 30-second ad campaign to promote atheism for the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).
FFRF ran a radio version of the ad last year on “The Randi Rhodes Show.” A TV version has been broadcast more recently on “The Daily Show” and repeatedly on CNN. ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox declined to run the ad.
In the ad, with a mocking sneer, 56-year-old Ron proudly declares that he’s “a lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in Hell.”
Ron has been a nonbeliever since childhood and is surprised when people react negatively when they hear about it. He told the L.A. Times last year, “I think when you hold an opinion that you find entirely reasonable, you are surprised when you discover that other people don’t also consider it reasonable, and kind of get up in arms.”
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0 responses to “Son of President Reagan says he's not afraid to burn in Hell

    Enjoy the ride Ron 🙂
    I am sure your Dad will be there to welcome you !!!

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    I wonder what he thinks he evolved from?

  3. This is pathetic. I am so glad that the other channels decided not to run this ad. I really did not know they still had some dacorum left. I feel so sorry for you Mr. Reagan. There will come a time when — a lot of us think not to far in the future — you will kneel before God Almighty and his Son, Jesus Christ, and declare them Lord of Lord’s and King of King’s and worship them, because every knee shall bow. By then it will be too late for you to realize the error of your ways.

  4. “Young” Ron makes me very sad. It’s interesting that Ronald Reagan’s adopted son, Michael Reagan, has all the integrity and gratitude for his father’s legacy that Reagan’s natural son lacks.

    • About as extreme an example of sibling rivalry as you can get, I think Mike was the favored son.

    • It’s interesting that Ronald Reagan’s adopted son, Michael Reagan, has all the integrity and gratitude for his father’s legacy that Reagan’s natural son lacks.
      I immediately had very nearly the same thought — did you know that Michael is a Christian too? His book about some of his troubled life, and his conversion, is entitled Twice Adopted, and it’s definitely on my list to grab when I spot it in a thrift shop. (I’ve already read Making Waves and found it to be quite interesting as well.)

  5. Ron, wishing God away won’t make God go away. You may as well try to wish away an approaching tsunami.

  6. I pity his soul. Somehow, I think he’ll have a change of heart when he gets there.

  7. According to Traditional Catholic teaching, unbelief and sin are our natural default position. Thanks to Original and personal sin, we are all separated from God, and would never seek out God unless He reached out and touched us first. And it is VERY DEPRESSING to report that a LARGE NUMBER of Catholic writers, saints and Doctors of the Church have taught and written, over the centuries, that “the number of the elect is few.”
    God gave Adam & Eve free will and they fell. It was not their sin in and of itself that got them expelled from the Garden of Eden; It was their self-righteousness before God about their sin and their refusal to repent that got them expelled. (St. Ignatius of Antioch). God could have ended the human race right then and there—and He would have been within His rights—but He not only allowed Adam & Eve to live for a long time afterward, but He planned from ALL ETERNITY to enter human history itself PERSONALLY in the Incarnation. The mere human reaction to the Genesis Account and His Economy of Salvation is also merely human, merely Natural: It sounds too good to be true.
    Many people today seem to think that if we turn religion into an ideology it justifies our faith. Not So: When John XXIII announced the Vatican would convene a Second Council, it would be a New Age for the Church. The Church and the world would be friends. We had a False Council forced upon us, and the deflation and depletion of the Church began almost immediately: As early as 1968, thousands of priests and nuns had left their orders, hundreds of Catholic schools closed forever, and the pews of churches across the world emptied. MAKE NO MISTAKE: Vatican II had a LARGE ROLE in destroying my faith, and it has had the awful result of making a large part of humanity itself lose its belief, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.
    I WILL BE CLEAR AND PLAIN: Vatican II has led to the loss of over ONE BILLION souls.
    When we think of classical atheism, we are very likely prone to think of the cynical and sneering Voltaire, or of the existentially alienated and indifferent Sartre. Maybe a few of us will recall the stoic resolve of Camus. But the atheism of Ron Reagan, Jr. is more the norm. Like Katherine Hepburn, who in a “60 Minutes” interview years ago, she said, quite matter-of-factly, “I’ve never given God a thought in my life,” both his and her indifference are the default position. It is up to each person to humble himself and seek out God, to respond to His invitation. The ideological church the Catholic Church has become since John XXIII has made our “job” of belief—our vocation and our God-given calling—all that much more harder. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE: John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I have not made our predicament any easier to navigate. I WILL BE CLEAR: The Catholic Church has rolled out the red carpet for every lunatic fringe group for more than 50 years now. I can see the ideology and lack of genuine belief for most of my life, and it is SICKENING.
    (The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Illuminati Freemasonry and it shows).
    As for Paul Begley, I have tried to listen in earnest to him, and he has the mentality of a cynical 14-year old. Rather than resort to Scripture and argument like Aquinas—or Steve Quayle or Pastor David Lankford—all he can utter is his incredulous “Wh-a-a-a-t???” and it seems to me that he suffers from ideological unbelief himself—only he doesn’t know it, yet.
    We must pray for the conversion of people like Ron Reagan, Jr., Henry Makow, Brother Nathanael Kapner and all the rest, whether they believe or not. But it seems to me that Reagan and Begley suffer from the cynicism of ideologically-driven bad faith, but they just don’t know it, yet.

    • So if you have lost so much faith in the Catholic church, and I think we all noted your referencing of Catholic scholars and fathers, why not read the Bible itself as a source , as it is the actual word of God. Vatican II did one good thing. It made the reading of the Bible legal to the rank and file.

      • “Vatican II did one good thing. It made the reading of the Bible legal to the rank and file.”
        Not true.
        According to
        before Vatican II the church did not encourage people—especially lay people—to read and study the Bible. This attitude is reversed in this document.

      • It was never “illegal” to read Scripture. The Church somewhat discouraged laymen from doing so because of the wacko interpretations that often resulted and continue result from literalists.
        I really don’t care if someone hates or misrepresents the Church out of malice. At least we should try to be accurate. This portrayal of Catholicism as merely another “denomination” and as “the enemy” is disgusting. Always has been and continues to be.

  8. If only it could be televised for the consumption of arrogant gay

  9. who cares ,he is irevallent

    • I find that I care; he is a son of the same Eternal Parentage that I claim. He is just one of the confused, wondering lost souls upon this earth.

  10. No one can call themselves a Christian unless they love the whole human race as Christ did. As part of the Mystical Body, we pray that atheists convert, we pray that sinners repent. The more of us that pray, the more good is accomplished.

    • Yes pray , but if they in their arrogance and rebellion refuse to understand the love of their Creator, our hands should be washed of them. I prayed for my mother and tried to talk to her pretty much until her dying day. She would have none of it. And after her death I had to burn a lot of occult books and her projects of voodoo curses on her neighbors. Broke my heart. And torments me that she is in Hell.

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. We must pray for this man. He is self-destructive and downright stupid.

  12. yep, beast of the field created for destruction; as examples for the elect. when studied closely one will find that Washington DC is designed in pentagram with white house as satan’s seat. from the city’s inception of the layout, one would be quite fool hardy to believe that anyone not of the luciferian church/conscription would ever be welcomed or ordained to possess any of the seats/controls of power. a house divided against itself will not stand.

  13. There used to be a saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes”…..
    We’ll see what the younger Mr. Reagan says on his deathbed……

  14. Being an atheist this man doesn’t believe there is a God or hell ! What a fearful thing when he has no choice but to bend his knees before God & face judgement for his sins then thrown into the lake of fire and there he’ll be forever . REMEMBEING HIS WORDS “NOT AFRAID TO BURN IN HELL” not afraid to burn in hell , not afraid to burn in hell !

    • maybe he’s more of a satanist than an atheist….same difference I guess, because they are both going to hell. For me, you are either for Christ or against Christ and this ignorant, attention-seeking, egomaniac is definitely against Christ.

  15. Can a father experience eternal joy in Heaven, knowing that his son is in hell?

  16. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord—then the judgement –good luck Ron on not being afraid!


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