Son of Demonrat Congressman caught on tape plotting voter fraud

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Patrick Moran is the son of Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va) and his dad’s campaign’s field director.

In the video below, you’ll see Patrick Moran advising an undercover reporter how to fraudulently cast ballots in the name of registered voters by forging utility bills and relying on the assistance of Democrat lawyers. Moran was videoed by the undercover reporter Oct. 8 at the Cosi Restaurant in Arlington, Va., just across the Potomac River from the nation’s capital.

Art Moore reports for WND, Oct. 24, 2012, that James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, known for its hidden-camera probe of the controversial national community organizing group tied to Obama, ACORN, carried out the undercover investigation of Patrick Moran and provided the video exclusively to WND.

Jim Moran (photo left), 67, a controversial figure in Congress, has been criticized for his collaboration with Islamic leaders with ties to terrorism. In 2003, Moran, then a regional whip in the House of Representatives, was punished by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi after he suggested Jews were responsible for the push for war against Iraq.

The Project Veritas video shows the undercover reporter posing as a citizen concerned that the Democratic Party might lose power in the upcoming Nov. 6 elections. The reporter explains to Moran that he had been apolitical but got his girlfriend pregnant and was concerned about the political threat to the funding of “reproductive services.”

The reporter, who approaches Moran at the restaurant, says he has a friend who found the names of 100 Virginia residents who have been registered the past three elections but have not voted.

Moran initially thinks the reporter’s intent is to offer the registered voters a ride to the polling place on Election Day to ensure they cast their ballots. But the reporter states he and his friend actually want to vote in the name of the Virginia residents.

The conversation goes like this:

Reporter: There are 100 people who don’t vote. He’s looking for two guys to help him with. …

Patrick Moran: Crank it out?

Reporter: Yes. He’s got a van and he and me were going to go around. …

Patrick Moran: Rally these people up and get them to the polls.

Reporter: Well, he was actually going to get in a van and vote for them.

Patrick Moran: Ohhhh

Reporter: I know, but –

Reporter: It’s scary, but I’m not. … I don’t want to lose, and I’m frightened.

Patrick Moran: Yeah.

Later, Patrick Moran explains to the undercover reporter that although a new Virginia voter ID law requiring identification will make his effort more challenging, the new law does allowsa broad range of forms of verification, including utility bills, bank statements and library cards. So Moran suggests creating fake utility bills to serve as voter ID. But he warns that there will be “a lot of voter protection” at the polling places to enforce the identification laws.

“So, if they just have the utility bill or bank statement – bank statement would obviously be tough … but faking a utility bill would be easy enough,” Moran says.

The reporter asks: “How would you do that?”

“I mean, I would just find, I don’t know,” Moran replies. “I guess. …”

“Microsoft Word and type it up,” offers the reporter.

“Yeah, something like that,” says Moran.

Moran emphasizes that the poll workers will be “trained up” on the new law to protect voters and “be cracking down.” If there’s any trouble, he says, an Obama for America lawyer, or another Democrat lawyer, will be on hand to provide help, he said: “You’ll have somebody in house, that if they feel that what you have is legitimate, they’ll argue for you.” But he warns the reporter that the utility bill has “got to look good.”

Later, at the Arlington County Democratic Party office, Moran advises the reporter to contact the registered voters on the list to make sure they don’t plan to cast a ballot Nov. 6. He suggests obtaining the information by posing as a pollster.


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0 responses to “Son of Demonrat Congressman caught on tape plotting voter fraud

  1. This is going on all the time, and without voter ID, it will get worse. It may very well make the outcome of this election false, in Obama’s favor.

  2. He seems to have no connection to the root immorality of stealing votes! The whole conversation revolves around what you can do, right or wrong.

    Very troubling stuff. Thank you Project Veritas. And thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for posting it.

  3. Is it “enticement” if Trump’s offer of $5M is not to enrich Obama, but rather to a charity (or charities) of his choice?

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for exposing this fraud, and also thank you, Project Veritas, “Project Truth”, for your through handling of this and for your courage.

  5. Voter fraud: Demo-rat integrity.

  6. I’ll just be glad when this whole mess is over with. I’m growing weary of it all.


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