Something Tells Me Obama Will Bow to China

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Today, China’s President Hu Jintao begins a 4-day state visit of the United States. 
China is a rising power made rich since its market-based economic reforms began some 30 years ago. But China’s new wealth is not simply due to its people’s hard work, for that hard work could generate wealth only because of America’s and the West’s trade with and investments in China, which in turn, are the product of our fantasy that economic “engagement” with China inevitably would lead to its political democratization.
Now, through an aggressive policy of investing in Africa and Latin America, China is securing those continents’ natural resources — including oil. With a new blue-water navy and weapons acquisitions that include a new stealth fighter aircraft and a new anti-ship ballistic missile targeted on U.S. aircraft carriers operating in the Western Pacific, China is pursuing its territorial claims to the East China Sea (the Senkaku islets), Taiwan, and the South China Sea rich in undersea oil and natural gas deposits.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to deliver a major speech on U.S.-China relations on Friday, Jan. 14, in Washington. (Read the text of the speech HERE.) I’ve read the speech and applaud its clear-eyed view of China and the problems in our relations.
Having said that, something tells me the Fraud in the White House will not stand up to this rising power. Here’s why!

And Taiwan knows it too!


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0 responses to “Something Tells Me Obama Will Bow to China

  1. something tells me that the white sauce on Obama’s suit isn’t mayonnaise.

  2. He is so embarassing,”The Fraud” is saying this morning he is going to look into unecessary gov. regulations {what a joke} hang on if he is saying this he is going to go as fast as he can in the other direction. I’d like to fix both of these guys dinner-think they’d let me. LOL!

  3. On CNN, you heard it here first…
    “With both a creditor-debtor and seller-buyer relationship, the two world superpowers are strange bedfellows to say the least.”
    “Why China Matters,” by Annalyn Censky, CNN Money, 18 JAN 10,

    • Yup, that’s right “the TWO SUPERPOWERS”… CNN has just declared the PRC to be a superpower. (You know left/liberals were just pining away, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, for someone to keep nasty ol’ America, with its freedoms and so forth, in check… they’re probably all ecstatic now.)


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