Something Peaceful

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Just because:

Should the above fail to work, perhaps this will:

Enjoy, as I am pretty much done with the hard stuff, as our America is deader than frozen dog-squeeze on the Siberian Tundra.

And please spare me the bullshit about how we are going to “fix” all this next November.

Sorry, but I no-longer have the intellectual patience to entertain such fantasies.


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  1. Your feelings are shared by many more than you think or know, because so few of us take the time to speak our truth to one another, and to speak of what really matters. And what really matters are not things, but feelings, being, and sharing: in other words, the community spirit we let die because some fools said it was communism, and we should follow their agenda instead. Well, look about, and see how well that’s worked these past 70 years I’ve been around!

    Now we’ve a President who doesn’t know how to stand and place his hand when the flag is raised and we honour it! If that happened when I was a kid –and I grew up in immigrant neighbourhoods in Chicago– there would be a LOT of talk and people asking “What’s wrong with him?” If new immigrants understand this, why can’t he? My parents were not native-born, but they knew what to do, and so did I. WHY doesn’t he?

    You’re right, nothing will change in November, because if voting changed anything they’d cancel it. Damn near have, with unnecessary electronic voting machines, make it SO much easier to get the right results, don’tcha know? In Canada we still hand count the ballots, while scrutineers stand by and watch this take place. There is very little they miss: why not do the same in the US? At least it is employment in useful work!


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