Someone thinks it’s a brilliant idea to have Lena Dunham be a swimsuit model

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The owner of Inamorata swimwear line believes that Lena Dunham is the perfect womyn to model and sell her fashions. The swimsuit Lena is modeling costs $160.

From Lena’s Instagram post:

“That time @emrata made me a full oiled up swimsuit issue chick for @inamorataswim  I’ve loved Emily forever because she’s wise, kind, gets how complex feminism and femininity are and gives the perfect amount of f*cks. Honored to get behind her”

Just be thankful we didn’t see the backside of Lena’s swimsuit. Because there literally is NO backside (link NSFW).

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21 responses to “Someone thinks it’s a brilliant idea to have Lena Dunham be a swimsuit model

  1. I’ve seen it all! Dis gus ting! Droopy boobs, fat hanging down must be covering her you know what, the bottom of her foot is filthy, who in his/her right mind would go to “sleep” with her? I have to laugh,

  2. Well, I heard that Rosie O’Donnell was the second choice, so there’s that. 😳

  3. Nice hat

  4. Don’t look for her on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

  5. Vomit inducing.
    Dunham is an attention whore.

  6. They must be in competition with Nike to see who can go out of business the quickest. “Miss Qinker” award goes to Lena the Sow. She is truly an insane attention whore.

  7. Is there a hole for me to get sick in?

  8. Sports Illustrated already featured the porcine Ashley Graham-bone on its cover – Lena can’t be far behind.

    They need to be fat-shamed.

  9. I could have lived the remainder of my years not seeing that……. either. Have people no shame?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  10. Truly terrifying. Frightening to all sensibilities and to sensitive human beings made in the image of God.

  11. Noone really wanted to look, but noone could help themselves, it just had to be done. Pass the bleach please

  12. I think there is a circus missing one of it’s attractions. And my goodness, please don’t let her ever do anything like this again. I mean never, ever let her do this again. It was worth repeating.
    I mean, I get it, fat shaming is simply rude, and cruel, and unkind. And no one should do it. Do people not think that fat people realize that we are overweight? Like, you say ” you are fat”, and the person suddenly goes, ” why, so I am. Thank you so much for pointing that out, now I will have to get motivated and do something about it.”
    Nice thought, but no, most fat people have spent their entire lives dieting, counting calories, etc. I know, I have been there. I am still at least 30 pounds over what I would be comfortable with. But you must realize that people are not all the same. We don’t all have the same metabolism, but mostly, we don’t all have the same will power to keep on fighting the battle with our weight. I mean, it’s not like one can simply say that they are going to stop eating cold turkey, like with cigarettes or booze. You still must eat to live.
    All of that being said, why do these overweight women continue to pose like this, and then force it upon our unwilling eyes? It is one thing to be comfortable in your own skin, but you don’t have to force me to look on your body that is obviously not made for the type of clothing that you are wearing. I don’t like this trend at all. I think it has something to do with the entire harvey weinstein incident, and overcompensating. We know that hollywood never does anything part way, but they always go too far.

  13. Caption Contest:
    How did I get here? What the hell am I doing? And where did all these fattoos come from?

  14. Man, that was DISGUSTING-ick! I’m glad I ate breakfast long before seeing this THING…

  15. Oh thanks, I can never unsee that. I am sure woman will rush out and waste $160 to look like that.

  16. Bikini Swimsuite: $10.00
    10 Dozen Donuts: $150.00
    Glamor Shot: Priceless

  17. Someone call Ahab, quickly! Moby Dick has been spotted!


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