Someone in Congress posted Republicans’ home addresses & phone numbers on Wikipedia

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There is no limit to how low Democrats sink.

During yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, someone(s) using a House of Representatives computer edited Wikipedia‘s article on the U.S. House of Representatives by posting the home addresses and phone numbers of Republican committee members.

Politico‘s congressional reporter Burgess Everett tweeted:

Someone is doxxing GOP senators on a computer from the House of Representatives, began shortly after the Graham speech. I’m not going to retweet the account where this is posted.

Victor Morton reports for The Washington Times that committee members who were doxxed included Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah).

Independent Journal Review editor Caleb Hull said Mrs. Hatch has been receiving “nonstop” harassing calls nonstop on her birthday, and that their home address was made public.

The doxxing came from an IP address associated with the U.S. Congress. We know this from CongressEdits, an automated TwitterTwitter account (@congressedits) created in May 2014 which tweets changes to Wikipedia articles originating from IP addresses assigned to Congress.

White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah tweeted:“This is outrageous. Please stop.”


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28 responses to “Someone in Congress posted Republicans’ home addresses & phone numbers on Wikipedia

  1. This is one more piece of evidence proving the Democrats are no longer the Democrats of our parents’ day. These are the new Bolsheviks, 100 years after killing millions of Russian Christians, now attempting to repeat their demonic work in a new country, the United States.

    Stay prayed up, and keep your powder dry.

  2. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Well, a quick search of Graham’s home address showed it (& phone #) was published online at least once before (2007) by an angry right-winger mad about immigration issues, along with a “call to action” on MANY such Senators listed from both parties, many of whom are no longer in office.

    I would think such info is public? But the call to harass/attack is reprehensible.

    • Soros paid to have busloads of instigators brought in for this event. They are putting them up in an Episcopal church. They’ve been training all week.

      They like to pass out the addresses of their intended targets. The release is probably just to cover up the fact that they’ve already targeted them.

      • Two years ago I got up and walked out of the Episcopal Church. For a while I had some second thoughts but they ceased once I realized that I never got any follow-up calls from the clergy.

        I miss the liturgy of the Anglican Communion … but not enough to go to Hell for it.

  3. Alyssa Milano was in the hearings yesterday. You can see her behind Judge Kavanaugh in pictures, along with Dr. Ford’s newest attorney, Bromwich. She had two signs that were taken away from her, and she was filming with her phone, which was also taken from her. She was invited to be there by Feinstein. There is something wrong with Alyssa; she’s more than just a Democrat activist. I don’t trust her and she should be barred from attendance. As a child star, heaven only knows what has been done to her. MK Ultra? Plus, she is married to a man that is closely connected to Hollywood pedophiles. Just saying…😎

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Thank you!
      So it was her *phone* that I saw taken — I’d wondered what she got upset with the guard over. I didn’t even see the signs, but I’d seen the guard approach her a few times. How funny…

    • She was filming Kavanaugh, which is illegal in the Senate chambers.

  4. Yes, I saw this too. This is no longer a country that has at least two parties allegedly representing the people in the interests of advancing the country’s interests. This is a “winner-take-all” battle for total, absolute control. They do not believe in respecting other’s opinions.

    This is what tyrants do. These are Socialist Marxists. The young are too ignorant to know what they’re dealing with. Their behavior is intolerable. No matter what, things like this should never go uncommented upon.

    This is hard to do since they control the media. More than the issue itself, this is about acceptable behavior.

  5. Please be fair, post the Democrats home addresses and phone numbers…

    • Well, since it appears that we’re entering a period of having them stalk people down in restaurants and such, maybe that’s not such a bad idea. At least we could post a watch so we could eat in peace.

  6. Wikipedia has an audit trail of people who modified articles. If this was a security issue the cops could get a search warrant and FORCE Wikipedia to reveal that audit log and find out who did it, then charge them. But its DC another liberal haven smart people stay away from because of the looneys that always protest.

  7. It is because of this shameless, ignorant self righteousness, blatantly evil deeds of the current crop of Democrats, I am reluctantly afraid is going to lead to a physical Civil War. As much as I hope & pray that Free & Open Dialogue (what leftist are doing their best to stifle!) may save our republic, I am becoming more disheartened every day.
    Bloody wars have been fought for less differences than are what is dividing our country now. Right now, we who behave civilly like Tea Party/Trump/Pro-Life rallyists are confronting those that behave like “Anti-Fa”/Fascists. REASON & logic & truth & genuine “justice”, doesn’t phase them.
    I wonder how long our patience with these children will last?

  8. Nah, we already know Israeli’s edit Wikipedia. Below are not live links. But, go here, you will find out the Dept of Defense in USA, are 57 IP addresses of the editors of Wikipedia.
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:
    Wikipedia edit history – IP Address:

  9. Here are the 57 LIVE Links to Wikipedia history of editings on left, and the IP location on blue links on the right

  10. Yes, and Jeff Sessions will jump on this faster than you can say…

    Oh, who am I kidding?

    That useless POS is too busy padding his pension to be bothered with little things like actually enforcing the law.

  11. I saw several tweets last night saying the doxing came from Maxine Waters’ office.

    I have no idea if that’s true, but it sounds “reasonable.” Israeli IDF/Mossad running Wikipedia sounds good, too.

    • Well, if she could get her staff to do it. I don’t think she’s that ambitious. But, in a real world, where a certain political party had the majority, you would expect a fair amount of screaming and demanding investigations, etc..

      But back her in The Odor, crickets. So, there’s a lot to what you postulated about them not really wanting to “win”. They certainly have no consideration for their alleged constituency.

      I doubt that anyone here would have handled this the way that it was. That isn’t because they’re smarter than we are.

      • Updates 9/29/18 re “Mad Maxine”:

        Mike Tokes
        Replying to @MikeTokes
        UPDATE: I have reached out to Kathleen Sengstock, the Maxine Waters staffer who is associated with the House of Representatives IP address used to dox the Republican Senators. She was very nervous. She said she is not authorized to comment & said to call Maxine Waters PR office.
        12:15 PM – 29 Sep 2018

        [Notice the time stamp. It took Maxine less than an hour after the above tweet for her to tweet this]:

        __Maxine Waters
        Please read my statement on false allegations regarding the leak of the personal information of U.S. Senators:
        1:10 PM – 29 Sep 2018

        __Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit
        Sorry Auntie @RepMaxineWaters you have to Prove Your innocence before a Senate Panel! #Guilty Until Proven Innocent! It’s the @TheDemocrats way!…
        4:59 PM – 29 Sep 2018

        • I found this today. It seems likely that the “leak” came from her office. I can’t say “who” in her office. It IS consistent with what she’s been pushing.

          I’ve run into other pieces claiming that there are “squads” of loony leftists hunting “conservatives”. I guess they’re all about “democracy”.

          • Glad the word is getting out. So Maxine’s office it is.

            If she’s too ditzy to have done it herself, maybe it was a set-up to force her out of office. “Intrigue.”

            Somebody plays dirty. What if we find out it’s our side? Not muh-Russia but maybe muh-Israel helping Trump to force out Dem cockroaches(?) That would make Sessions’ job easier, lol.

            • It appears that it traces to a Kathleen Sengstock but there is some confusion over whether or not each staffer has their own router. If something bad were to happen to one of these over having their addresses and other information leaked it could get ugly fast.

              I think you can forget Sessions. Trump is surrounded by insurrection and seems not to notice. I wish he’d stop praising his opposition. “She’s very credible”? Wow.

    • Oh, and as to your comment about Wiki, sure, who do you think “The Odor” is?

  12. Wikipedia Editing Courses Launched by Zionist Propaganda Machine

    Wikipedia is my very LAST choice place to find information. That is IF I even choose to use it at all. I do not.

  13. Curious Q: Does the new FOTM blog platform accept comments with a few links by saving them for moderation like the prior WP platform? Or does the new system auto delete comments if they have a few links?

    (I just replied to Lophatt re Mad Maxine w/three tweets/twitter links. No msg appeared afterward that it is “awaiting moderation” as at prior WP, so I’m just curious for future reference if such comments get saved for moderation or are they auto deleted thinking they are spam? Or maybe the comment didn’t even “go through” & needs to be resubmitted.) Thank you!!


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