Someone had fun on New Years…

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Remember Teddy the “talking” porcupine?  He indulged for New Years and ended up knocking over the bottle and throwing a glass!   Teddy better layoff the corn in 2012!


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0 responses to “Someone had fun on New Years…

  1. Nthing wrong with Teddy……………….

  2. Teddy must be the only pet porcupine in human history. He looks like he should be in George Lucas’ Star Wars! LOL

  3. So adorable.

  4. Sage, my father has the same problems w/the deer. He wrapped the garden in chicken wire and they still find a way to get around it. Plus they nibble all the new growth off his trees. Yet he still puts corn feed out for them 🙂

  5. I love Teddy, thanks for posting and please keep posting his videos. He is right up there with Wild Bill for America… 😉


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