Somebody's Had Too Many Holiday Cookies

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Those naked arms, again.
Washington, D.C.’s been snowing and freezing, but Queen Michelle simply must expose her arms.
Alas, they don’t look quite so toned and lean as yesteryear….

Official holiday pic of the Obamas, before they took off for balmy Hawaii.


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0 responses to “Somebody's Had Too Many Holiday Cookies

  1. I will not say anything bad on Christmas…just glad I don’t have a dress like that…

  2. Now, her arms look more like my arms. That said,I would NEVER wear a sheer dress that looks like someone threw globls of rasberries at it.

  3. Michelle Antoinette must have plundered the flagship branch of DC Goodwill.
    Only a style challenged creature would think a bordello shower curtain and Christmas bling make a great outfit.

  4. Is that an Alaskan flag in the background on the tree…the one w/a bear? Just wondering…


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