Some seem to believe that “lacy bras” for men is now a thing

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No, it isn’t.

From Daily Mirror: Ladies, if you’ve ever looked at your man’s underwear and thought it was a bit dull, then you’re not alone.  There’s so much choice when it comes to women’s underwear, from thongs to Brazilian and Bridget Jones -style pants, not to mention strapless, multi-way and water bras.

Mostly men only have boxers or briefs to choose from. However that’s all about to change, as one lingerie company has created a unique line of bras and knickers especially for men.

HommeMystere is selling lacy bras, matching knickers and for the male who wants to wear something a little more sexy under his clothes.  If that’s not enough, men can also get their own silk nighties, baby dolls and body suits.

The company’s bras don’t come with actual cup sizes, but some padded options are available and sizes range from small to extra large.

According to the website, it’s not just the men getting a kick out of the soft, luxurious underwear – the women love it too.

A review posted for the turquoise Annabelle bra said: “So sexy, my gf loves me in this and the matching panties.”

One man reviewing the Tiffany sleepwear set commented: “The material feels so soft and sensuous to the touch and feels so comfortable. You could sleep in it all night, if it wasn’t so sexy!”

HommeMystere was established in 2009 and their aim is to design and make “fun, comfortable, unique lingerie – for people with packages.”

Products from the website can be shipped worldwide, including the UK, the US, France, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

People on social media have mixed opinions on the idea of their partner wearing underwear. One woman said: “Oh…I think my guy and I will pass on this trend.”

While another joked: “Now we can go bra shopping together, yay.”


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7 responses to “Some seem to believe that “lacy bras” for men is now a thing

  1. Since men have no boobs, what’s the point of a bra?
    Oops, sorry. I’m thinking logically again. /Sarc

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    I think we all know what kind of ‘people’ will go for this nonsense. I’m sure very few will refer to them as “men”.

  3. I’ve seen men with bigger boobs than mine, no kidding!

  4. They can try and pass this off any way they want, but I like my man to be more masculine than me. Just another gimmick to neuter men.

  5. Do these work for those with or without “front holes”? Just asking’.

  6. I dont have a problem wearing pink to show my support for the ladies..
    But, I draw the line at wearing a pink shirt.

  7. This marketing idea must have been invented by the same people who invented the thousands of dollar-plus need per household to “wall-to-wall carpet” over hardwood floors….so that we had to vacuum every day, sponge up pet mishaps and kid puke on a daily basis… and still suffer the lingering consequences until we ripped it all up. So, let’s see— sell half of America on the need for a man-bra? Whole new (stupid) market. But—-will it sell? Probably……to all those guys with the “man-buns.”


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