Some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it…

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This is a heart warming account we all need to see. I take no credit. All I did was snatch and grab this article by Joe Kovacs at World Net Daily.  ~TD

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40



author-imageby JOE KOVACS
Did you ever wonder what homeless people do with the money they’re given?
While some may squander it on alcohol or cigarettes, others may do something beneficial, at least according to a video posted on YouTube.
The possible case in point comes from California, where YouTube star Josh Paler Lin, who is known for his viral video pranks, recorded an experiment to see what a homeless man would do after being given $100.
After giving the man, whose name is Thomas, the cash, Lin secretly followed him to the Euclid Liquor Market.
A few moments later, Thomas emerged with his bag full, and Lin presumed there was alcohol inside.
Watch the video:

However, as he kept following, he watched as Thomas went to a park and then began handing out food items to other people in need.

“I feel I owe you an apology,” Lin told Thomas, as he finally let him know he had been secretly recorded on video.
“You thought I was gonna get all smacked up drunk, huh?” Thomas asked.
“Actually, I thought you were going to buy alcohol or something,” Lin admitted.
“There’s things money can’t buy,” Thomas explained. “I get a happiness out of what I’m doing.”
When Lin asked Thomas how he came to be in dire straits, Thomas explained: “Basically I was living with my parents and my stepdad had cancer, and they were getting hospice, but it didn’t cover … the insurance only pays so much. I quit work because I had to be available. So, he passed away, then two weeks later my mother passed away from kidney failure. The building they’re in is being sold, the condo, and I all of a sudden found myself homeless.”
Lin was so moved, he pulled out another $100 to give it to Thomas.
“I’m stunned,” said Thomas.
“I’m stunned,” responded Lin.
Thomas told Lin, “There’s a lot of people that are just victims of circumstance and they didn’t go homeless because they’re lazy or … it could be a divorce, one thing leads to another and the man sells his boat, his home, everything, and all of a sudden he finds out he’s got no money. There’s a lot of good people that are homeless.”
Thomas greeted by Josh Paler Lin who informed him he was secretly recorded on video.
The YouTube video has gone viral, with more than 5 million hits in just two days.
Meanwhile, Lin has set up a fundraising page for Thomas at Indiegogo, saying, “We want to help him to get a fresh start. 1) Help Thomas to get a cellphone so that he can keep in touch with me, 2) help him to either get his condo back or get him stay at a place that he can call ‘home,’ 3) help him to get a career that he deserves and start his new life again.”
The campaign has thus far collected $31,000 and rising.

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” –Hebrews 13:2

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0 responses to “Some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it…

  1. Yes and so true… you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… although people do it to me all the time…

  2. I know someone like that. Always trying to help others,has a list of only two or three people she’ll ever ask for help from. People like that must be treasured.

  3. That is great! Sometimes it is very easy to distinguish the sheep from the goats. The goats may rob everyone, even the poor; the sheep help everyone, especially the poor. Anyone can become a goat, rich or poor, and so can anyone become one of the sheep. I said sheep, not steeple.

  4. My last word was NOT typed “steeple.”

  5. Beautiful and heart warming. I’m glad to think that he will get his second chance. Good people do deserve it!!! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to all Fellowship of the Mind’s writers and readers!!! May God bless you all!!! Thanks for another great year with awesome content!!! 🙂

  6. I believe that we will all one day be judged according to how we treated people while we were here and no excuses for bad behavior will be accepted. I think we are called to treat everyone as a child of God regardless of how poorly they may behave themselves. This does not mean becoming their doormat but rather we pray for them and extend human compassion and kindness their way.

  7. Wonderful post, TD! Restores my faith in humanity. 🙂


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