Some people are so touchy!

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Utah School Rejects ‘Cougar’ Mascot to Avoid Offending Older Women

Time:  Team mascots have a history of offending. Organizations from professional football franchises to inconspicuous elementary schools have often come under scrutiny for mascots referencing Native Americans, for example. But choosing, say, an animal, and not an ethnic group, has generally been a safe bet. Until now.

Canyons School Board members in Draper, Utah have rejected the “Cougars” as a high school mascot, deeming it offensive to older women. When granted the opportunity to vote, nearly a quarter of Corner Canyon High School’s future students opted for alliteration and settled on the Corner Canyon Cougars, Salt Lake City Fox affiliate KSTU reported. Despite the fact that the Cougar is one of the most common school monikers in the country, the board vetoed the choice.
The term “cougar” has crept into English vernacular to reference an older woman who seeks romantic relationships with younger men. When you search for “cougar” on Google, the Wikipedia entry for “Age disparity in sexual relationships” appears just beneath the traditional feline definition.
To avoid any trace of offensive connotations, the school board instead selected the “Chargers” as the mascot for Corner Canyon High, set to open in 2013. The ban does not bode well for cougars — the feline version, that is — who may also be forced to change their name to something less offensive.
To which I say:

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  1. I was introduced to True Love by a 32 yr old mum of three when I was 19. We lived as married couples do for a year before she felt she must depart me for someone else, who could be a better long-term financial support for her family. Her two daughters accepted me easily, but her son was unhappy much of the time. Mind you, I had my own business and was far more capable than 99% of 19 yr olds usually are. Although I was devastated about this, many years later as a parent I was able to understand her POV.
    I strongly feel this world would be a far better place if males were initiated into love’s mysteries by an older, experienced woman. She knows what life and love are about, and her partner will learn what a woman in love needs to be satisfied. There would be FAR less misunderstandings and needless inept moments of relating to one another, and ‘peace’ would be spelled correctly! It’s long past time we men cease believing we are “in charge” and instead let the other half of our creation simply BE. It could be Paradise, again….

  2. Ditto that, Sage!

  3. Pardon me, sage and Ivalu, but just what ‘madness’ is troubling you? Can you be more specific, to help further our understanding?

  4. these are the type of things that should just be ignored. my gosh,don’t they have anything better to do with their time? there is always someone making something out of nothing.

  5. Oh my gosh ! ….LOL ! More insanity ! Unbelievable ! Extra funny comment from Terry up there , and probably true !! ….LOL !

  6. How stupid.


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