Some people are seriously messed up!

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Super kind of crazy...

Super kind of crazy…

Woman who collected her menstrual blood on pieces of cloth for five years  displays stained fabric in ‘intimate’ art exhibition

Daily MailA woman who spent five years collecting her menstrual blood on scraps of cloth has turned the red-stained fabric into an art exhibition. Placed in embroidery hoops, 90 pieces of the soiled cloths hang next to dangling apples, which are meant to represent ovulation. Carina Ubeda, from Chile, then stitched the words ‘Production’, ‘Discard’, and ‘Destroyed’ below each of the stains.

‘I can not wear pads because they give me allergies,’ Ms. Ubeda, who recently graduated from the University of Playa Ancha with a Bachelor of Arts, explained to Soy Chile.

Exhibited at the Center of Culture and Health in Quillota, the everyday cloths, which Ms. Ubeda used instead of tampons or pads, are presented as ‘an abstract image’. ‘This  is a super visual,’ Ms Ubeda said, adding that she wanted to ‘mix art with  something personal.’

Fritz Demuth, the Center’s art manager,  said that since the exhibition debut on Friday, many spectators have tried to smell the pieces of cloth. ‘But the smell just does not exist, [the  cloths] are not filthy,’ she said, adding that to maintain  hygiene, disinfectant spray was applied directly to the blood and cloth before going on display.

For five years, Ms. Ubeda kept the fabrics in a cushion. ‘I keep things because I always say, “I’ll  do something with it.”‘ At first, she tried to make an artist’s book with the cloths, but said that an exhibition made more  sense. ‘When  I look at the cloth, I do not see that, but an abstract image,’ she  said.

‘Many  people have asked me why I wanted to show something so intimate. . . For me, it is simply a work of art made ​​by me, I see them as separate hings.’

Some viewers were shocked by the exhibition, calling it ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’. But  many women have come to the artist’s defense.

One woman, Francisca Torres, originally wrote  in Spanish: ‘I loved the reflection of the artist, being able to look at everyday things from a point of view much more abstract, such an act, I feel  beautiful!’


Meanwhile Marlen Virginia Huerta Mella asked  how people could be ‘disgusted’ with something that makes women  ‘blessed and  unique?’ ‘We can create life,’ she said. ‘[These  comments] are a little expected of men, however, some of the female comments fill me with sadness.’

And Silvana Sáez added: ‘Male blood is celebrated for being brave while ours is a shame. This won’t change until we release our body as the first stage of political struggle, repression and male power of centuries.’

Is this really what qualifies as “art” these days? I’m at a loss for words…


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0 responses to “Some people are seriously messed up!

  1. “Nutzzz”

  2. Only a self-indulgent narcissist would think her body fluids constitute ‘art’. Only a narcissistic culture would spend precious resources on displaying Carina Ubeda’s menstrual cloths in an “art” exhibition.

    Post-modern “art” such as this requires no artistic skills. It is all about shock and exhibitionism — and PC, because you’ll never see an “art” exhibition of, say, bloody surgical instruments or cloths from an abortion, or an exhibition of bloody aborted fetuses babies. The Left even succeeded in getting the courts to ban pro-lifers displaying pictures and posters of aborted babies.

  3. I’m surprised the N.E.A. didn’t give her a grant for her so-called art !

  4. She says: ” this is super visual”!!!! Well SO is a a deadly auto wreck, but I don’t want to see it inan art exhibition.

  5. If art is has a message behind it, a message that speaks in an abstract way of the subjective reality of the artist and their perceptions, then this composition works marvelously. It speaks of an inner cry for help, MENTAL HELP!! What is equally disturbing is that spectators actually tried to smell the exibit. Geez! Another disturbing thought? Some collector out there will actually be willing to spend “mucho dinero” to aquire this “mierda y caca del toro!” Wow, if this works, I can do one better and create a composition of poop-stained “tightey whiteys” with dangling cuccumber “phallic symbols” and WITH an interactive “scratch-n-sniff” component too! I’ll just have to switch from boxer shorts though.

    It’s not that it can’t be done, after all a number of years ago, while on a military excersise in Egypt, where many of us contracted a bad local diarhea strain, I was offered ten dollars for a stool sample by an Air Force doctor when I went on sick call. Yep, I know, dirty money, but hey, I was ten dollars richer! Still miserable though, for three weeks too, lol.

    The world has truly gone down the toilet, and there are sick people out there trying their level best to flush it down further.

  6. Oy. [Shakes head.]

  7. That lady needs a new hobbie. Seriously messed up is right! Is she a product of the Jerry Springer generation, where everybody tells & shows all their debauchery? Do they have “trailer trash” in Chile? We’re sorry maxi-pads give you allergies, but to flaunt your fleshly impurity? Puhleeeeze! I suppose next year she (or some other socially-engineered feminazi) will be back to display their used barf bags! :-/

    She fits the bill:

    “We are all like one who is unclean,
    all our so-called righteous acts are like a menstrual rag in your sight.
    We all wither like a leaf;
    our sins carry us away like the wind.”
    Isaiah 64:6 (NET) – Bible Gateway:

    (The original Hebrew is “garments of menstruation” being likened to sin, yet most translations don’t have the guts to say it like it really is. Most translate the above as “filthy rags” or “polluted rags.” And contrary to what those “art” ladies think, a woman on her cycle under the Mosaic Law WAS considered “unclean.” So she is basically showing the world her “unclean thing.” YUK!!)

    (The fact is, ladies, the more of a “monthly” one has, the more toxic the body is. So those “art-admiring” women are actually praising “toxic impurity.” Switching to an all raw diet of fresh produce coupled with a good long cleansing water-fast about once a year, & that “monthly” thing will dwindle away down to zilch, proving that if your body gets cleaned out internally via “clean food” & fasting, it won’t produce “impurities.” [No more “cramps” either!] I can attest to the truth of this, did it, & it was great while it lasted until I fell off the “health nut wagon” some years later. Oh well, nobody’s perfect in this life, as Isaiah aptly said above.) 🙂

  8. Wow – satan is definitely alive and doing very well on planet earth! Only by the sacred Blood of our Lord and Savior we are saved. This narcissistic (Eo, perfect word, covers it all) bimbo’s blood is not worth a drop of our attention. Eeeeooooow – give us a break out here, woman! You definitely need to get a life and/or a friend!
    “Used barf bags” – priceless! Don’t be surprised!!

  9. Yes, Dr. Eowyn, I agree–my first take on that was “INCREDIBLY narcisstic”. And as for art, I didn’t see any at all (in fact you could probably find something that at least had some beauty if you went through the trash at the dump), unless it could be called the art of deluding oneself. To me it is insulting when anyone puts their “personal business” on display.

  10. Sometimes, rarely, there just are no words. Wow I wish I still had all my old band aids!


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