Some Honorable Government Employees

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Just doing their job…

This is a good story to report:

WSDOT team refuses prize money for saving taxpayers millions

Via KOMO News: A group of state workers, recognized for saving taxpayers millions of dollars, has rejected prize money for their innovative efforts.The praised workers managed to save taxpayers some $6 million by figuring out the hidden costs behind deicing salt. And the plan they put in place will save additional funds over the coming years.
“A lot of state’s paying $30 to $60 a ton when we were paying $150 a ton,” said Chris Christopher, director of maintenance operations for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Turns out it’s freight and not salt that drives up the cost. Contract clauses and rigid specifications limited the number of vendors competing for Washington state’s salt business
The winter warriors changed proposals, more than tripled the number of vendors bidding, and now has salt barged in from Chile or Mexico instead of railed in from Utah. The difference for taxpayers has been about $6 million over the past three years.
The state productivity board honored the WSDOT team last week, and was willing to pay each team member $10,000But this team refused the reward.
Really couldn’t, in good conscience, take what we felt was a very hard reward for essentially doing our jobs, what we felt was our responsibility to the public,” said Monty Mills. “It’s a lot of bucks, yes, and we had a little explaining to do at home.” The snow and ice team still divvied up a smaller reward of $1,000, but says the real reward is knowing they’re saving the rest of us taxpayers $2 million in salt costs this winter.
Kudos to these men for doing their jobs and finding ways to reduce costs to taxpayers! If only that was the mindset of every government employee, especially at the federal level.


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19 responses to “Some Honorable Government Employees

  1. These men give us hope.

  2. This is hysterical. Outsourcing is the problem. Off shoring corporate profits is just exacerbates the budget.

    So let me get this straight. They wanted to reward workers for saving the tax payer six million dollars. And how did they do that? They took the bread away from Americans by giving the business overseas.

    If these guys are worth six million in prize money Walmart, Nike, and for crying out loud, (notice no “J” word), all the fascist blue chip companies should get an award for a billion.

    • “They took the bread away from Americans”. It’s called a free market, yank. I’d rather my tax dollars be spent wisely, where ever they can get the most bang for the buck. It’s how I operate with my budget as well.

      • That makes sense on the surface. It’s a quick fix. But with the large sums of money going out, year after year, you think they could come up with a solution for the problem that would save money as well as give them self dependence?

        What happened to American ingenuity, and self dependence? Another words, to make it easier for you to figure it out, the fish is cheaper in South America but why can’t you guys learn how to fish?

        Invest in America. Create jobs by looking for a joint venture to make your own damn salt.

        • That’s the beauty of the free market. Maybe someone will read this story and try to figure out a way to make salt even more cheaper for WSDOT. Until that happens, I still want my tax dollars spent in the most efficient way.

          And BTW, I do know how to fish, so save me the story on how to “make it easier for you to figure it out”…

          • The beauty of your free market has forty eight million Americans on food stamps, thank you very much. I don’t want tax dollars spent overseas. I want my tax dollars invested at home to create jobs, self dependence, and with a little ingenuity, cost savings to boot, and forever.

            • The state of our economy hasn’t got anything to do with the fact we can choose where to spend our money where we want. It’s has to do with Obama’s job-killing policies, his massive amount of government spending, O’s policies on drilling at home, EPA’s regulations that kill industries, the fraud of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the bogus “green job” movement, etc. etc. Maybe you should take a course on Econ 101 TYVM.

        • I already did answer your question. But you know, there should be an edit button. For example, my response would have been edited to read,
          “…You can take the American out of the States to China, but you can’t take the American out of the Chinese girls.” lol

    • I live and work in China. I like it here very much. I’m sure you would hate it. They eat dogs here.

      You can take the American out of the States to China, but you can’t take the American out of the Yankee.

      • Oh excuse me. It’s OK for you to outsource your tax dollars overseas for a quick fix, but it’s not OK for me to outsource my talent for long term enjoyment?

        Hey, when you guys “legalize freedom,” maybe I will come back. Until then, I like being up wind from Fukushima.

        • “Hey, when you guys “legalize freedom,” maybe I will come back. Until then, I like being up wind from Fukushima.”

          This, from a man who says he loves working in China, a country that doesn’t even pretend to “legalize freedom.” I had thought that panda-lovers such as you had gone extinct after Edgar Snow, Norman Bethune, et al.
          This, from a man who says he’s a patriot, but he likes “being up wind from Fukushima” instead of being stuck in America with the rest of us.

          Since you have declared you won’t “come back” until conditions here in America better suit you, we at FOTM now bid you farewell. Just be sure not to suck in too much of that super-polluted Beijing air. If I were you, I’d also watch what I say, or you just might find yourself a political prisoner in one of China’s many (unmarked) reform-thru-labor camps.

          • OMG. I missed his “you can’t take the American out of the Chinese girls” comment !!!

            That simply confirms my suspicion all along — that he’s one of those American men who go to China because too many Chinese women will fling themselves at any “big nose” yankee — no matter how ugly or old or without $ — seeing in them a plane and meal ticket out of China. There’s a nickname for both the American man and the Chinese woman: “panda-hugger” and “fortune cookie,” respectively. But then there are also those tales of American men discovering, after marriage, that their seemingly loving and compliant “fortune cookie” turns out to be a cold ruthless user.


            Karma’s a bitch! 🙂

            P.S. Now “beijingyank” is bitchin’ that his “First Amendment rights” are violated because he’s banned from posting comments on FOTM. Not only is he confusing a privately-owned blog with the U.S. Constitution (no blog owes him any 1st Amendment free speech rights), he also suddenly discovered some merit in that good ol’ US of A, which he abandoned for that one-party-dictatorship paradise called the People’s Republic of China. Too funny!

            • yank is complaining? waaaahhhh. too bad, so sad.

              • His latest spam comment claims “This former drunk, disc jockey, no talent is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.”

                Not just MILLIONS, but HUNDREDS of millions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Sure you are, beijingyank. Looks like my comment about Chinese “fortune cookies” setting out the honey-trap for American “panda-huggers” hit a nerve. LOL

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Two or three winters ago, Seattle was paralyzed for a couple of weeks with below freezing temperatures and more snow than we usually see in a decade.

    Our Agenda 21 poster-boy Mayor, Greg Nichols, had mandated “no salt” to be mixed with sand for de-icing and snow removal. I hate to think how many millions of dollars were lost in productivity and road accidents due to that a$$hat’s politically correctness. I know it was a major factor in his loss in the following election.

    When you need salt, YOU NEED SALT! If these guys figured out how to get it cheap, they deserve a medal!

    • Yeah. LTG, Nichols was a freaking idiot for doing that. That was the biggest joke of all time. Course I heard his neighborhood roads were cleared though….sigh

    • It comes to thought it snows every year, so I think they need salt every year.
      So why not joint venture with the other government purchasers of salt and think about creating jobs and self dependence by making American salt. It would create jobs and help the deficit. Should be cheaper too. It can’t be too hard to make, they have been making salt for thousands of years.

      Come on American ingenuity, innovate! Don’t outsource!

  4. And these firemen, too…


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